June 28, 2011

Hot New Deborah Lippmann Shades: Sneak Peek!

Hey friends! I have the inside scoop for you for a bunch of new Deborah Lippmann shades, these look a-maaah-zing!

I have worked directly with some of the world’s top fashion designers on everything from ad campaigns to fashion shows. When I set out to select nail looks for the fall 2011 collections, I noticed a common theme among all of my collaborators: warmth. The clothes featured vivid, lush earth tones—think lush greens, rich reds and intense golds.

I wanted to capture a similar heat and earthiness in the accompanying polishes, but with an added punch. BILLIONAIRE, a moody hunter green, BRICK HOUSE, a shimmering rust, and SINGLE LADIES, a flirtatious red, all have warm undertones, which give them a beautiful intensity, but also have a jewel-like quality so they really make nails pop. 
Billionaire: moody hunter green (creme)
Brick House: shimmering rust (shimmer)
Single Ladies: flirtatious red (creme)

Deborah Lippmann’s new shade, STORMY WEATHER, is a collaboration with fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez.
Usually Narciso requests a nude nail to complement his minimalist designs, but for fall 2011 around he wanted something bolder—a color with strength and edge to offset both his collection and the softness of the hair and makeup. For the perfect custom finish, I mixed (and mixed) a new shade by hand in just 24 hours. The final product: an edgy granite that emanated power and intensity. The models who walked the show (and who rarely, if ever, comment on the nail color) gushed over the shade. And so STORMY WEATHER was born an edgy granite (crème) for a strong fall statement.

Just in time for the holiday season,
Deborah Lippmann Gets the Party started

Nothing says ‘Party’ like the magnetic sparkle of glitter. So for the biggest party season of the year, I’ve created shades that truly dazzle. Get This Party Started, a set of three glitters, was inspired by the overwhelming demand for my best selling Happy Birthday, a glittery party in a bottle. The set includes Happy Birthday, along with two new variations of the sparkling shade: Forget You and Candy Shop. They’re both packed with the same unique hexagon-shaped glitter that gives Happy Birthday its magnificent glint, only Forget You has a sheer black base and Candy Shop a bubblegum pink.

I love how festive all three look and feel, whether wrapped a round a champagne glass or peeping out of a glamorous pump. But what I truly love the most: how a few coats of any shade instantly transform you into the life of the party.

Happy Birthday: a party in a bottle (glitter)
Forget You: party all night (glitter)
Candy Shop: bubblegum pink (glitter)

For these next shades, I have no press information right now, but they look unbelievable! Can't wait to see them in person :)

Top: Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Glamorous Life, I Love the Nightlife
Bottom: Shake Your Groove Thing, Good Girl Gone Bad, Stairway to Heaven

Images provided via manufacturer/PR.


  1. the last set are the ones calling my name!

  2. Billionaire and Stairway to Heaven!! Especially STH, wow!

  3. They are all gorgeous! I want them!

  4. Ashley Haddock6/28/11, 7:46 PM

    Oh my goodness!! That last collection looks amazing!!! Especially the red glitter!! Why do they have to be so expensive?!

  5. i just died and went to glitter heaven

  6. I see so many of those that I'm going to need. I need to find a job that'll pay for all of them! LOL

  7. OH MY GOSH. The ones at the end... DEAD <3

  8. Omg! Stairway to Heaven looks awesome!!! Most have!

  9. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy and Stairway to Heaven look a-MAZIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!

  10. I can not WAIT to see what the new glitters will look like!

  11. OMFGponies!! Those are all freakin' GORGEOUS!! I need Do You Think I'm Sexy!!! And I Love the Nightlife! And... oh hell, ALL of them!!! *DIES*

  12. Stairway to Heaven looks reaaallly promising.

  13. *gasp*...speechless ;)

  14. I Love the Nightlife and Stairway to Heaven look awesome. Do You Think I'm Sexy also looks interesting, I don't often wear red but that glitter has me intrigued :)

  15. I think I just drooled a little bit!

  16. Holy mascarpone! These colours are gorgeous! Stairway to Heaven has my mouth open! *sigh* Beeeutiful :)

  17. Billionaire looks exactly like what I'm already lusting after for fall. And I can't wait to see swatches of those glitters! Lippmann glitters are the ONLY glitters I like.

  18. your blog is sooo lovely!

    love the colors of the nail polishs!

    kisses from germany
    ♥ ina

  19. I love the candy shop, cant wait to see that one!! I think it shiuld have been called happy birthday!

  20. No repromotes then! Slightly bummed but these new shades make up for it, don't ya think?!

  21. @kittypolishnbags GAAAGGHH actually it was in the press photos, i just FORGOT TO INCLUDE IT!! i suck. it's up now :)

  22. @Micki aww there is a happy birthday already! candy shop is a 'spin off' of that one :)

  23. Can't wait to see swatches!

  24. Too many gorgeous shades! Oh man my wallet. Love those glitters. I've got to get Stairway To Heaven. Being a Led Zeppelin fan, I have to put this on my nails.

  25. Although a red is quite a predictable color, I noticed that I don't have many reds to chose from in my collection, and I just fell in love with "Single Ladies".

  26. You have a great blog!

    That said, I am really curious to these polishes!

  27. what to say? they are nice, but not all of them. I wouldn´t wear Brick House, since it´s orange shade (I dislike orange colour). Other two are fine.
    Stormy Weather is pretty, good for autumn rainy days (I wish it was already :D )
    I´m not sure how I feel about those glitters (Happy Birthday and so) It either for New Year´s party or for teenage girls...I feel too old for them :D
    The same goes for Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, I Love the Nightlife, Shake Your Groove Thing but they are better, I would actualy wear them :) Stairway to Heaven looks very pretty.


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