Thursday, November 10, 2011

Icing Halloween Polishes

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I wanted to show you some polishes I got at Icing before Halloween. They are "themed" a bit for Halloween but they would be equally enjoyable at any other time of the year as well. I found I liked them much more than I expected to. The colored glitter in a dark base is really kinda been done, and they always seem to look cooler in the bottles than on the nail. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to try them out anyway, not expecting the fab payoff that I got. I really love both of these.

Vampire's Blood has a black cream base with oodles of tiny magenta dark pink glitter. It looks great on and it was flashy and blingy but not knock-you-over-the head type of glittery. Very nice! It is a topcoat guzzler though, I used two coats of polish and two coats of topcoat.

Witch's Brew is equally awesome, with glitter in a greeny-blue turquoise shade. This one I think looks killer with my skin tone. It reminds me of a galactic nebula or something like that! Two coats on this one too.

I am guessing you'll still be able to find these at your local Icing stores, considering it hasn't been long since Halloween and their stock usually tends to be pretty abundant. Hope you have a great Friday everyone!!

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