Hi! My name is Kellie and I'm a little obsessed with nail polish. I majored in Behavioral Science in college and now work in administration for a human services resource center. I'm in my late 20s and I still feel like a teenager with nothing figured out. I live for Bob Marley and The Black Keys and most (good) music in general. I love horror movies, alligators, sleeping, and my favorite food is sushi.

I started blogging about nail polish around May of 2009 and have fallen deeper in love with everything to do with nails ever since. I have about a gazillion polishes in my collection and the stash just keeps on growing. I wish I had three hands on each arm for all the polish I want to wear! Welcome to my world of color and phalanges!

Any questions? Concerns? Requests? Email me at kg(a)kelliegonzo(dot)com !