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Thursday, October 15, 2009


i was given this award and tagged by miss maria from polishign the nails!, who i've come to know and luv soooo much-o! thanks again hunny bee ♥

  • You have to put in a song that makes you happy.
  • You can tag as many people as you like, there is no limit.
  • Say at least one thing about each blog you tag, that will make them smile, something nice about their blog that makes you smile when you read it!
ok the song i'm choosing is "A Little Respect" by Erasure. it's one of those that gets stuck in your head until you feel like you want to literally smash your head on a desk or something (wow graphic sry) but for some reason, i LOVE this song. it makes me laugh and smile. i liked it even before they featured it on an episode of Scrubs, which is where the video below is from.

and I'm tagging:

Viola (i think this is your name haha) from Killer Colours
she does amazing things with her face and hair, stuff that have always had an urge to do but dont think i would ever have the guts to do. she does awesome tutorials as well, go check them out! i also looooved the post with the different pictures of the hair changes she's gone thru. and she does polish photos, so bonus!

Nicole from Magic Maid
of COURSE! this is my GUUURL! nic has got to be one of the nicest most genuine gals i've never met haha. lurrrve her to death and the girl has got a polish stash anyone would be envious of, *cough* i'm mainly talking about me being jealous haha :)

Liz from Iceomatic's Nails
i know, i know, i've sung liz's praises many times, but i'm doing it again cuz she's THAT cool. i love her sense of humor! totally smile when i go to her blog page. she has an infectious grin in her profile picture and she's such a doll! i love how she ties in her polishes with a picture or an object. very fun and very smile worthy.

Zaz from Les ongles de Zaz
her nails are super beautiful and she has amazing technique with application. also her blog design is just simply so lovely and her descriptions of the polishes perfectly describe them. i always smile when i see her talons pop up in my google reader because i know i'm in for a real treat :D

the Recessionista over at Nouveau Cheap
i am a recent reader of her blog, but am so happy to have found it. we have so much in common and we're both avid bargain hunters but won't sacrifice our style haha! i loved reading her reviews and it's so great to have a little forum on her "wednesday question" posts. she's a sweetie-pea!

Brooke from Getcha Nails Did
this gal is super super superwomen incognito. i'm convinced. she seems to be an awesome mom, a great lady, a rockin' dog caretaker, and a fabulous blogger with PERFECT application and photographing skills?? how can she do it? i call foul. she MUST be from another world. planet AWESOME. seriously though, Brooke has been nice and sweet to me from practically day one since i started my blog. and she's always ready to lend a hand with anyone's questions or troubles, cuz she's that dope. and she doesn't even need wonder women's whip ;)

there are many many more blogs that i adore dearly but i read about a million and i wanted to leave a few so other would have someone to tag haha ;)

happy friday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

massini neons

i love neon polishes. i just have to say it. i la la LOOOOVE neons. i wish they were more wear-able. but i do what i want. so i wear them :D mary from body and soul blog gifted me with these in a contest win a while ago and i adore these massinis! they wear really well and have amazing colors plus a fun bottle shape. first pictures, then we talk.the first neon is a drop dead bright day glo called orange sunset. it dries matte as most neons do (first picture), and looks awesome that way, but really really looks unbelievable when covered with a topcoat. i used seche vite (second picture) and guuuuuurl, my camera couldn't HANDLE the hotness! look at that ethereal glow! i swear i glowed (glew?) in the dark with these tips. and flawless, flawless as could be, these looked like glass with topcoat. i wore this color for a WEEK.

this blue is called lightning blue which is such a cutie name. it went on sheerish looking and kinda jelly like but only two coats were needed for this opacity. i definitely don't have anything like it. another bright bright and matte w/o topcoat (first pic) . but of course i had to top it with my beloved seche. and again, it turned out looking completely flawless (second pic). how? idk cuz i'm no queen of application like some of the other bloggers around here ;) but if i can make these babies look this grand, so can you!

i think mary is selling massini polishes on her blog so head on over and check it out if you want to get your paws on some. i have some glitters and shimmers from them that i won too so i need to get swatching (and posting, i am so behind)

peace & love dear readers!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

reposting magnificence

go see April and Ashley's latest post on movie monster manicures HERE. really spectacular job girls!

a little update, i'm in the process of spring cleaning a few months too late, and i'm moving to another room in my house, also been cramming/studying for midterms and pulling extra duties at work so again, i'm apologizing for being behind on the b-loggin. and sad truth be told, my nails have been naked a few times this week YIKES! sick. i am forever shamed.

xoxo, hope your weekends are starting out wonderfully dears!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

kaleidescope craze

i was so in love with my first kaleidescope from china glaze, kaleidescope him out, that i had to get my hands on a few more. this is visit me in prism, a lavender-ish holo sparkley gem that is soooo lovely and set the sun bouncing off my tips wherever i went. the thing i love about these polishes is that they look holo even indoors, unlike some other collections.the second one i got was let's do it in 3d which is a dark grey/coal holo that is awesome awesome!! i am convinced this is the greatest holo known to man. i'm in utter love with this guy! both of these polishes apply super super SUPER easy as well, these were 2 coats i believe.
sorry i'm so behind in posting kids! school is school is school and you know it's hard, but just know there is a lot more pictures i have tucked away just waiting to be posted so don't give up on us baby ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

orly matte couture

i bought two of the new orly matte couture polishes on sheer whim. because truth be told, i don't really like matte polish. they dry to darn fast and i like to take my time and be gentle and loving with my brush strokes. that's why i have my trusty essie matte about you topcoat, darn it! so i wouldn't be suckered into buying these matte polishes! but hey what can you do, when the polish-frenzy urge strikes, it strikes. these orlys really weren't that bad, as you will see below, if applied thickly and quickly *le sigh* they look pretty dope. the finish isn't chalky matte like the opi collection, but rather sort of vinyl and soft looking rather than stark.

purple velvet
this polish had a bit of shimmer in it which i liked a lot and was a more dark reddish purple than this picture shows. of course, my camera like most, doesn't play nice with purples and this is darker and more blue than it should be. :(

blue suede
the blue of this is also unique to my collection, but the finish didn't do it for me so much. it looks dusty, hence the "suede" name but i didn't really like it. so what do you do with a matte you don't love?? put seche on it! which i did--then promptly messed up all to hell. so no pics sorry i was fed up as it is taking pics of my right hand. please forgive.

ALSO, the finish on these is SOOOOOO fleeting! i think i've mentioned that i run my tips over my lips to check if they're dry or not and just that made my ring fingernail shiny and no matter how long i waited it didn't go back or dry or whatever made it change looks. the purple kept getting prints or smudgy looking marks on the top too, although it wasn't dents in the polish, it was just on the finish. like smudges on your windshield. NO BUENO!

so i decided to fix this crap up and put polka dots with my china glaze kaleidoscope visit me in prism on the purple velvet and use seche on top to salvage the wreck. it was fun, but i would definitely file this mani under a big fat FAIL. *humph* well they can't all be winners!
a big smooch to all you polished ladies!
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