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Monday, January 31, 2011

Impala Crochê

I got this cream dream from my gorgeous friend Sarah over at Them Pretty Colors. It's from Brazil and is sooooo pretty. That girl knows what I like that is for sure! Crochê is a pale grey brownish color. The formula was a little watery, as I think these are non big-3 free, but totally workable. This is three coats.
I love the bottle shape of Impalas, they're like little rockets! And the label design reminds me of something, like a cigar wrapper haha. Totally cute.
I'm going to be guest blogging later this week on Them Pretty Colors, reviewing another gorgeous Brazilian lacquer, so be sure to subscribe to her feed and keep an eye out for it :)


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Revlon Streetwear Drab

I'm feeling a bit drab today, so it's only fitting to post the ugly-beautiful Streetwear classic Drab. Olive green before it was cool. Slight shimmer. Non big-3 free. Awesome. Love it. Three coats.
I hope your weekend is going well :)


Friday, January 28, 2011

Misa Spring Wishes Sneak Peek

When You Wish Upon a Star…You Get the Ethereal Shades in Misa Cosmetics’ Wishes Collection

January 2011 – Philadelphia, PA. From Harry Potter to vampire drama, no one can resist a little fantasy in life, an escape from the everyday. Usually, going from the doldrums of reality to fantastical imaginings on cloud nine takes a little effort, but Misa Cosmetics makes the flight exceptionally easier with the Wishes Collection, six pie-in-the-sky hues that evoke otherworldly beauty with delicate shimmer and alluring iridescence. Thanks to these gorgeous shades—all satin matte with sparkling effect finishes—you’ll be ready to believe in magic again!

Spring 2011: Wishes Collection
Never Say Never: All you have to do is believe—in this frosted ice-princess silvery white, that is—and your nails will transform as you never thought possible. Never say never; just enjoy the cool effect of painting your nails the color of falling snow in moonlight.

Pixie Princess: Fairies are known for their playful, mischievous demeanors, and you won’t find a shade more naughty-but-nice than this soft beige with the subtlest sheen of glitter. It’s no folklore—this delicate hue instantly gets your nails ready to soar above the earth.

Touch the Rainbow: Like a sky after a rainstorm, this baby blue suggests a sense of peace, tranquility and calm. And, just as a rainbow shows off its spectrum of colors, this shade offers an ever-changing opalescent sheen that takes nails to unbelievable heights. Forget the pot of gold; grab this lacquer instead.

Fountain of Youth: We’d all love the ability to renounce the effects of aging, but this shimmering pastel will never grow old on your nails. With a hint of the sheerest springtime green, this polish makes any look brand-new again. Drink in the color and indulge in lasting longevity.

Genie in This Bottle: Do you dream of genies? Once you unleash the fairytale wish-granter from his magic lamp, you’ll never experience life in the same way again. But as you contemplate your three wishes, you might want to make one of them a request for this glittering lilac—it’s one wish that will never backfire!

Whimsical Wish: Blow out the candles, wish upon a star or toss a penny in the fountain. Whatever your method of securing your greatest desires, ensure that your nails are eminently wish-worthy with this pearl shade shot through with pink iridescent undertones.

Not sure if you can see from the picture, these colors have a satin matte with a twist of sparkles finish.

This second spring collex from Misa looks stunning! I'm so down with these pretty pastels!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hard Candy Sky

The "new" Hard Candy's take on their old classic Sky. Prettier in my opinion than the original version, this is basically a dupe of Chanel Riva. Baby blue with slight sky blue shimmer. Chalky and thick and real hard to paint with unfortunately. But look how pretty!! This is three painstakingly, craptastically applied coats.

FingerPaints Palette of Petals Sneak Peek

Well I'm super excited for this collection, especially the orange and blue! I love FPs :)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BB Couture Opposites Attract

I have been involved in a deep love affair with BB Couture for some time now. This gorgeous polish has only furthered my undying affection for the indie brand. Opposites Attract is a creamy medium grey with silver sparkles of micro-glitter. Two coats *siiiiiggghh* heaven.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zoya Intimate collection

I, along with everyone who's heard about it I'm sure, have been anticipating the Intimate collection from Zoya since we first started seeing promo images around the end of last year. This spring collection was 
designed to recreate the custom looks developed for and inspired 
by the runways of New York Fashion Week.
I should start with my favorite of the collection, Caitlin. She looks like a lighter and more spring-y version of my absolute favorite Zoya polish ever, Kelly. Two coats equal magic for this light smokey blue-grey crème.
Marley is a polish whose name I totally dig, being a die-hard Bob Marley fan of course :) Very pretty and angelic, she is the lightest baby lavender touched with a hint of gray-silver and a subtle pearl finish. Two coats.
Gemma is definitely another gorgeous pick. I actually wasn't sure I was going to like this color at all, it looked like it was going to be my least favorite from the early pictures I had seen. It is described as a light muted olive green with an overlay of blue and violet duochrome shimmer. Very unique. I adore it and her name! Three coats.
Dannii is a real star and is sure to be a favorite of many ladies out there. Zoya describes her as a medium orchid purple with pink and champagne highlights and flecks of silver metallic shimmer. Three coats for this sexy girl.
Dove is a cousin to Zoya's Harley. She's a light, neutral grey crème that is both trendy and workplace appropriate.  Three coats.
Jules is a color I thought I would absolutely love but I ended up not liking it as much as I thought I would. It's still pretty, but I don't care for it on me. It's a glimmering neutral light taupe with gold, silver and champagne metallic shimmer. Three coats for this sparkler.
All in all, this is a really superb spring collection, with everything you could want really, a duochrome, a purple, a green, a blue, and a variety of finishes. Intimate is available now at or at select salons and retail locations.


These were sent for review.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Misa Spark My Interest collection

Misa's winter 2010 collection "Spark My Interest" is all about the glitz and glamour of nightlife and romantic intrigue—because nighttime nails should never fade into the background. The six brilliant hues are saturated with shine, thanks to the thousands of glittering particles packed into each polish, guaranteeing that nails remain the center of attention. These were all two coats.

Glitz, Glamour, Smile for the Camera is a foil plummy magenta. This shade slid on like glimmering butter.
Spark My Heart, That's a Start is one I've shown you before, and one of the three polishes I'm giving away in my January Misa Giveaway! A zesty bright coral-pink shimmer stunner.
Date Nights to the Twilight is a royal purple foil. This one is really nice and although it's not my favorite, I'm sure will have a lot of fans. The name is a little weird though haha.
Pink Bling on my Ring is a really bright pink metallic shimmer. Very girly pretty and the formula is unbelievable.
Red Pumps at the Nordstrom is the other polish from this collection that I have a new bottle of as a prize for my newest giveaway. I've showed you this one before too, but it's so gorgeous, another picture can't hurt. Ruby red lit from within with a pink flash, oooh hot stuff!
Wink, Blink, Let's Get a Drink is a berry colored magenta with metallic shimmer. Like the others in this collection, this color went on amazingly smooth and easy.
This collection has some similar colors, but that insures that every skintone will find a color that looks great on them. All of them have fabulous coverage and amazing pigment. You can get Misa from or at e-tailers like Head2Toe or Transdesign.


These were sent for review.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zoya Crystal vs. OPI Reflecting Pool

I got Zoya's Crystal from the Flame collection in their 3 free promotion a week or so ago. And I then I realized that I had just gotten OPI Reflecting Pool, a European exclusive, in a swap a few weeks earlier. I'd heard they were dupes, but wasn't sure. So I had to compare them.
Turns out, yes. They are dupes. Depends on whether you like the OPI pro-wide brush or Zoya's brush. And of course, Crystal is much easier to find than Reflecting Pool.


Misa What I Like About You collection

Misa came out with six phenomenal shades last fall, that I only got one of at the time, but I'm so happy to be able to share them all with you now. I cannot believe I didn't have all of them before, because they're pretty amazing.
Quirky Smile is a shimmering Prussian blue, on the teal side and delightfully metallic. Just enough to have glimmer but not enough to cause irritating ugly brush strokes. All the shades in this collection only took two coats. I would say this is darker indoors but the sun makes it ridiculously brilliant.
Spinning Out of Control is a royal purple with crazy shimmer. I am not really into blue-toned purples (I think there is WAY too many of them out there too) but even though this polish isn't that unique, I actually loved it on me. Great coverage too.
Like It Like That is an über sexy candy shell green metallic with a slight blue-green duochrome. *PHEW* I had to take a step back and fan myself, cuz this is one HAWT polish!
It's You is seriously my BABE. This polish was freaking made for me. The name is pretty ironic haha. It's a dark charcoal metallic with an emerald duochrome shimmer and a shy bit of pink shimmer. AND this is one of the polishes I'm giving away (a new one, of course) in my latest reader giveaway! Ahhh I can't stop staring!!!
Perfect Kiss isn't really my style; a magenta/fuchsia never is, really. However, the brightness and shimmer is something I can totally appreciate. And really could there ever be a collection without a pink or a red? I think not.
When U Say My Name is just.....luscious! Rusty brown metallic sultry richness. Just the right amount of warmness, without making it too red.
I really can't say enough good things about this collection. It's fantastic. We all know that I am head over heels for Misa's bottle design and brush, and honestly the formula wears so well on me that it's ridiculous. The best wear I get is only from non big-3 free polishes and Misa is second best to that--and they ARE big-3 free. This collection was pretty thin but not uncontrollably so, and the pigment on them was great. You can get Misa from or at e-tailers like Head2Toe or Transdesign.


These were sent for review.
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