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Friday, December 30, 2016

OPI Holiday 2016 Breakfast At Tiffany's Collection Swatches & Review

Hi there beautiful! I have the Holiday 2016 collection from OPI to show you today, the Breakfast at Tiffany's collection! This has to be one of my all time favorite movies, it's soooo good! There are twelve colors in the regular polish line and six in the Infinite Shine line, so you're in for a long post today because I'm giving them to you all at once, yay!

Breakfast At Tiffany's is a pinky pale pearl with iridescent shimmer. Goes on a bit streaky, but evens out in three coats. This dries very fast because of the matte finish. I covered it with a top coat, I wasn't sure if it was meant to stay matte or not, but either way I prefer it shiny.
OPI Breakfast At Tiffany's

Apartment For Two is a vibrant raspberry pink crème. Very easy, smooth formula and opaque in two coats.
OPI Apartment For Two

Rich & Brazilian is a luxe and lustrous eggplant purple with tons of shifty shimmer and flakie particles. Went on a little uneven at first, but I got full coverage with two layers.
OPI Rich & Brazilian

I Believe In Manicures is a light blue crème, not quite Tiffany blue mind you, but similar. I believe there is a copyright on the exact Tiffany blue shade so no one can use it but them. This was quite thin. I almost got full coverage in two coats, however I needed three for complete opacity.
OPI I Believe In Manicures

Got The Mean Reds is a mid-tone red crème. This has a great formula, a one coater! I used two here like I usually do. This color is not particularly exciting to me personally, but I like the name.
OPI Got The Mean Reds

Black Dress Not Optional is a dark charcoal almost-black with a gossamer glaze of silver microshimmer. This was lovely to apply, thin but easy to manipulate. Slightly brushstrokey due to the shimmer, but these types of colors don't look bad with them in my humble opinion.
OPI Black Dress Not Optional

Meet My "Decorator" is a bright warm red jelly crème, squishy and a little bit streaky, surprisingly. I used three coats to get full coverage on this guy.
OPI Meet My "Decorator"

Sunrise... Bedtime! is a glitter bomb with a slightly pink tinted base filled with pink holographic glitter. Most people will probably layer this but I had to try to build it up to see if I could wear it on its own. Kinda thick and there may be some texture pieces in here, because it eats top coat like crazy. I put on three coats and it looks pretty great, blings so hard you probably wouldn't notice any open spots anyway!
OPI Sunrise... Bedtime!

Can't Read Without My Lipstick is a deep maroon jelly crème. Quite opaque with that shiny squishy quality I adore. Two coats.
OPI Can't Read Without My Lipstick

Five-and-Ten is a pale champagne foil with a pink tinge full of shimmer. I am in love with this, it's classy but still flashy! Makes me think of New Year's. The formula is on the thinner side and I needed three coats here.
OPI Five-and-Ten

Fire Escape Rendezvous is described as a matte glittering ruby. Assorted sizes and shapes of shard glitter pieces punctuate the base and make a chunky problem child. *sigh* I really, really don't understand why they keep trying this "glitter in a metallic base" formula thing. I had to shake this up a lot before I put it on because all the glitter pieces sink to the bottom. Dries matte, but I put on a thick shiny top coat (Pretty Serious Cosmetics Plump Up the Volume for the win!).
OPI Fire Escape Rendezvous

Champagne For Breakfast has a clear base filled with silver holographic glitter and maybe some texture particles, but I can't be sure. I layered one coat over Rich & Brazilian and I love it. I actually did try to get this opaque on its own, but after the fourth coat my nail bed was still peeking through pretty obviously. You could try the sponge method if you really want to wear it alone though.
OPI Champagne For Breakfast

Now on to the Infinite Shine colors! These are the first ones I've tried from OPI so I can't speak to their wear time or the difference in formula. They are a bit more expensive though, and are designed to be used with the Infinite Shine prep and top coat.

Party At Holly's is a vampy, deep oxblood jelly crème. Quite opaque, I found this to be lovely and plush, and very shiny. Two coats.
OPI Infinite Shine Party At Holly's

Girls Love Pearls is a pearl white metallic. This is the shimmery, silk type of metallic, not a foil and not a frost. Very brushstroky, but surprisingly easy to apply. With two coats you can still kind of see my nail line but these type of colors look ok like that to me. I thought I was going to hate this, but I actually think it looks pretty good on me.
OPI Infinite Shine Girls Love Pearls

I Believe In Manicures is the only color that overlaps both polish and Infinite Shine. Almost identical to the polish version, it's a light blue crème but this one was a touch lighter and shinier. Seemed less streaky too, but I still needed three coats.
OPI Infinite Shine I Believe In Manicures

Can't Tame a Wild Thing is an orangey red jelly crème. Thin but easy to control, which I appreciate in a shade like this because no one wants to have to clean it out from under their cuticles, am I right? I used three coats for full opacity.
OPI Infinite Shine Can't Tame a Wild Thing

I'll Have a Manhattan is a midnight purple jelly crème. Another nice opaque formula, easy to apply and dries nice and shiny at two coats.
OPI Infinite Shine I'll Have a Manhattan

Ring The Buzzer Again is a scarlet jelly crème. On the thick side, but in a good way. I used three coats here because I could still see my nail line a little bit, but you may be able to get away with two.
OPI Infinite Shine Ring The Buzzer Again

OPI polishes can be purchased at professional salons and retailers like Trade Secret, Sally Beauty, and Ulta. Let me know what you think of this collection! I get what OPI was going for, classic colors for a classic movie, but I still wish they would've thrown in a few adventurous shades. Do we really need soooo many such similar reds?? I think not. Anywhoooo, my favorites are Breakfast At Tiffany's, Black Dress Not Optional, Party At Holly's, and Five-and-Ten. Tell me yours! Are you a fan of the movie too?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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