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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Hungry Asian Dream Glitter Toppers Swatches & Review

Hi friends! Today I have two new polishes from the indie brand The Hungry Asian. They are both fine holographic glitters in clear bases designed to be layered over other colors.
The Hungry Asian - Dream House & Dream Car //

On my pointer and ring finger is Dream House, which is gold and on my middle and pinky fingers is Dream Car, which is silver. Both are super densely packed and easy to apply. This is one thick coat each over black. They dry slightly matte so you'll need a shiny top coat over them.
The Hungry Asian - Dream House & Dream Car //

I put a short video on my instagram a while ago to show the blingyness a little better. (Sorry, I didn't know how to mute it or add music or anything so you can hear me mouth breathing, I think I had a cold or something at the time haha.)

You can purchase these from The Hungry Asian's Etsy store for $9.25 each for a full size bottle or $4.50 each for a mini. Or you can buy both full size together in a set for $16.50, which saves you $2.00! Everything they put out is of excellent quality and these are no exception. I think they're really must haves for anyone who likes to layer with glitter. What do you think of these?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

OPI Halloween 2014 Peanuts Collection Swatches & Review

Hey guys! I have a Halloween collection from OPI to show you today! Halloween collections might be my favorite of the entire year, I just love Halloween and all the awesome polishes brands come out with! This collection is inspired by the Peanuts, ya know, Charlie Brown and Snoopy? What a fun theme! There are two solid colors and two glitters in this collection, shall we have a look at them?

First is Good Grief! which is Charlie Brown's favorite saying. This is a bright sunny yellow crème with a super subtle almost imperceptible shimmer. I used three coats here to best level it out and for maximum opacity.
OPI - Good Grief! //

Next is Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? named for that spunky raven haired Lucy. It's a straight black jelly crème hybrid that is quite shiny. It was opaque in two coats.
OPI - Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? //

And now for the glitters! On my pointer and ring fingers is To Be or Not to Beagle, a colorful glitter to represent Snoopy's happy dance. It's a clear base with washed out red, yellow, blue, green and white matte hex glitters and black hexes, small bits and bars. On my middle and pinky fingers is Where's My Blanket???, named for Linus and his security blanket. This is a mix of black, pale yellow and pale orange matte hexes and small black glitters in a clear base. Both colors are shown at one coat, both are nice and dense.
OPI To Be or Not to Beagle & Where's My Blanket??? //
(My nail beds look kinda purple because of the base coat I use for swatching called Yellow Stopper and it has UV protection so it glows kinda blueish in the sunlight.)

I layered one coat of Where's My Blanket??? over Good Grief! here. I love this combination, so cute!
OPI - Where's My Blanket??? over Good Grief! //

Here I put a layer of To Be or Not to Beagle over Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? just to see how it came out. I realize the black glitters are not as visible as they'd be over another color, but I actually like this pair together!
OPI - To Be or Not to Beagle over Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? //

OPI nail polish retails for $9.50 each. There is also a "Little Peanuts" mini set available for $13.95 that includes some nail decals. What do you think of this Halloween foursome? I don't know if it screams Halloween to me, so much as just Peanuts, but it's pretty cute. Thanks so much for coming by today!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Essie Fall 2014 Dress to Kilt Collection Swatches & Review

I'm so excited you guys. SO excited. I have fallen head over heels in love with this collection. I haven't bought a lot of Essie polish in the last year or so. We haven't been getting along because their formulas just haven't been up to snuff for me. Beautiful colors, but I don't want to have to struggle to get a crème to look decent. There's just no reason for it. So when I saw pictures for their Fall collection, I was like, oh pretty but they'll probably have not-so-great formulas again *le sigh*. Until I started seeing blog posts and YouTube videos about it, and color me surprised, they were being reviewed as having awesome formulas! I must've watched Total Polish Junkie's live swatch video on them at least three or four times, I was just hypnotized! I had to buy them immediately, and I was not disappointed. :D

First in the collection is Take It Outside, a taupey grey neutral crème. This is a perfect Fall neutral, very work appropriate and chic. I adore this color. The formula on all of these is a little thicker than we're used to with Essie, but it really works for me. Thick but not goopy. Very shiny. Two coats here.
Essie - Take It Outside //

Next is The Perfect Cover Up, a deep slightly dusty teal green crème. I love colors like this, it's very cozy and so pretty. It is another perfect for Fall color too! This is ONE coat! Amazing!
Essie - The Perfect Cover Up //

Here is Dress to Kilt, a yummy ripe red crème. Not super unique but how unique can a red really be these days. I love this on me, despite me not being the biggest lover of reds. Two coats. Also, a little side note, am I the only one who keeps saying this name as "Dress-ed to Kilt"? Idk but I seriously thought that's what the name of this collection was for a long time, it just sounds better to me.
Essie - Dress to Kilt //

This is Partner In Crime, a deep rich dark chocolate brown crème. A lot of brands are coming out with dark browns for this season, it must be quite fashionable. It is clearly a pronounced brown and doesn't look black on the nail, which I appreciate. Two coats.
Essie - Partner in Crime //

Fall in Line is a dusty camo-like cool toned green crème. Freaking fabulous! I'm a fan of these types of dusty shades so of course I love it. Two coats.
Essie - Fall in Line //

And last is Style Cartel, described as an inky cobalt blue, this shade just screams my name! It's a bit sheerer than the others but I was still able to use only two coats. It does stain the nails/cuticles however, which is just a damn shame. I got a tip during the last #NailGlossip chat on Twitter to try and use a nude creme or an opaque ridge filler underneath it to prevent staining, which I will next time!
Essie - Style Cartel //

Karen from Beauty Geeks sums up the formula on these pretty well, they have a plasticized shiny finish that I guess requires a thicker consistency; it worked out just so perfectly for me. It reminds me of some of the jelly crème hybrids from KBShimmer but a tad thicker. If you like one coat capable polishes that don't streak and are super shiny, you will love these. I was a little worried about bubbling because of the thicker consistency but I didn't have a problem with that at all.

I purchased these online, but they should be in stores like Ulta and CVS for around $8.50 per bottle now, if not soon. What do you think of these staple Fall shades? Are you in love with them as much as I am?? Trust, they may seem like basic colors, but their formulas just made me flip. Let me know what you think and we'll see ya soon!

❤ Kellie

Monday, September 22, 2014

China Glaze Summer 2014 Off Shore Collection Part 2 Swatches & Review

Hey guys n' dolls, today I have the second half of the China Glaze Off Shore collection, the Dune Our Thing set! I reviewed the first half HERE if you missed it. This set is more cool toned and the other ones are on the warmer side. Half of this collection I purchased and half were sent to me for review. So, let's dive in!

Dune Our Thing is a medium berry magenta crème. Beautiful shade, I love this and wouldn't reign it in as just a summer color. Wonderful formula, really buttery. This is two coats, but you might be able to get away with one.
China Glaze - Dune Our Thing //

Here is Feel The Breeze, a baby pink neon crème. I knew I needed this color when I first saw pics of this collection, it is just meant for me! A little thick but manageable in two coats. This one dries satiny so use a top coat for shine.
China Glaze - Feel The Breeze //

Now Wait N' Sea is a freaking fabulous color! It's an aqua turquoise slightly teal crème with an impeccable formula, dries shiny. Two coats. And no staining!
China Glaze - Wait N' Sea //

X-Ta-Sea is a medium purple crème that is not really bright still manages to be radiant enough to fit in this collection. Thin formula and a little patchy, dries shiny. I used two coats here but I think I should've used three.
China Glaze - X-Ta-Sea //

This is Float On, which is the name of one of my favorite songs, but also a really great polish! Neon pink, in my opinion, can't ever do ya wrong. Two easy breezy coats, dries satiny.
China Glaze - Float On //

And last is I Sea the Point, a lovely bright cobalt blue crème. I swoon over blues like this, I can never have enough of them. Perfection in a bottle, two coats. Dries slightly satin.
China Glaze - I Sea the Point //

This collection is a total must have to me, I think there's only one I could do without (X-Ta-Sea). Great, great collection. Sally Beauty stores might still have these in stock, but if not you can search for them online and probably will be able to get them easily. What do you think of this collection? Do you wear seasonal colors in the "correct" season or do you make your own rules? Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have a great week :)

❤ Kellie
Some of the products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

China Glaze Summer 2014 Off Shore Collection Part 1 Swatches & Review

I know it's not summer anymore (well I guess technically Fall starts on September 23 with the equinox?) but I am not through with summer collections! I don't have rules when it comes to what polishes I wear when, I will wear a neon yellow in the dead of winter if I get the urge! But of course we know we will most likely see brights and neons released during summer and I'm always eager to stock up on them.

One collection I was especially excited for this year is China Glaze Off Shore, 12 eye popping summer shades worthy of hanging ten on our tips and toes. I got six of these shades for review and I purchased the other six myself. Here is the first half, the Stoked to Be Soaked set.

First up is Sun Upon My Skin a bright sun bleached yellow crème. This one was thin and not super self leveling. After three coats it ended up looking pretty good. I love yellow polishes and this is a super pretty one.
China Glaze - Sun Upon My Skin //

Next is Shore Enuff, a bright lime crème. The formula was on the thick side but it wasn't hard to make work in two coats. Dries kinda satiny, so use a top coat for maximum shine. LOVE!
China Glaze - Shore Enuff //

Next is If In Doubt, Surf It Out, a soft sun bleached peachy orange crème. I usually love soft oranges so I figured I'd adore this, and I do! Another thin formula but it wasn't difficult, two coats here.
China Glaze - If In Doubt, Surf It Out //

This is Sea's the Day, a berry red crème. I love this tone of red, kinda pinky rather than a straight blue red. Makes it more wearable to me. Nice formula and very shiny finish. Two coats.
China Glaze - Sea's the Day //

I really love Be More Pacific, a sun bleached lime crème. This color seems pretty unique to my collection, which is a feat, and I like it with my skin tone. Same formula as Sun Upon My Skin, not the easiest. Three coats.
China Glaze - Be More Pacific //

Last is Stoked to Be Soaked, a bright juicy medium orange. I've noticed on some blog reviews that some people have a version with shimmer. I bought this one, it wasn't a press sample so maybe that's why? I'm not sure, but either way, it's a great color with a great formula. Two coats.
China Glaze - Stoked to Be Soaked //

Again, I know the sunny summer season is mostly over, but just know that you can wear "summer colors" any time you want! You might still be able to find these in Sally Beauty Supply stores, but can definitely still get them online at various e-tailers. What do you think of this half of the collection? Did you pick up any of them? How do you feel about wearing brighter colors outside of the warmer months? Stay tuned for the second part of the collection, coming soon!

**EDIT: Part 2 is located HERE  :)

❤ Kellie
Some of the products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Color Club Look Don't Tusk Review & Swatch

Hi there! I wanted to show you a polish I bought a few months ago but haven't tried until the other day. It's from the Color Club Safari Garden collection that came out for this spring. Look Don't Tusk is an off white crème with a beigey yellow tint. I imagine that it's inspired by an elephant's tusk. Sort of streaky on the first two coats but the third layer mostly fixes it. Not the worst pale crème I've used and not the best. I do really like the color though, very pretty.

You can purchase Color Club on their website for $8.50 per bottle. What do you think of this buttery cream color? I know it's quite basic, but it's very chic and would be a great alternative to white under some nail art. Until next time, have a good one!

❤ Kellie

Sunday, September 14, 2014

KBShimmer Fall 2014 Collection Swatches & Review

What's up chickadees? How is your day going? Mine is going pretty well because I have the 9 new shades from KBShimmer for Fall 2014 to show you! Plus a previously released polish is back for a limited time! Let's check them all out :)

This is Up & Cunning, a dark/medium teal linear holographic. Excellent coverage and beautiful rainbowy holo payoff. Super beautiful. I used two coats here.
KBShimmer - Up & Cunning //

Next is How You Dune?, which reminds me of Joey from Friends and makes me laugh every time. This is a light putty grey crème. I really like this one, great neutral. Awesome formula, two coats.
KBShimmer - How You Dune? //

And this guy is Kiss & Spell, a glitter topper with stars, circles, and hexes in acid green, purple, yellow, black and orange. The base isn't completely clear, there's a bit of a yellowish green tinge to it. I used my favorite method of applying chunky glitters and put one coat over How You Dune?.
KBShimmer - Kiss & Spell //

Here is A Raisin to Live, a deep eggplant violet jelly with tons of holo glitter. Looks a little lighter and brighter purple in real life. Delightfully vampy and perfect for fall. Very smooth, not chunky at all. Great coverage in two coats.
KBShimmer - A Raisin to Live //

Flannel Surfing is a faded blue crelly with grey undertones filled with white, orange, and aqua hex glitters. I love this shade of blue, they describe it as well-loved pair of pajama pants and that totally captures it! Two coats.
KBShimmer - Flannel Surfing //

This guy is called Leaf of Faith, a wine red jelly filled with hex glitters in red, orange and gold with a sprinkling of holographic bits. I got awesome coverage in two coats. I want to layer this over a black for a more vampy look, like Makeup Withdrawal did!
KBShimmer - Leaf of Faith //

Next is Hugs & Wishes, a blue toned pastel lavender crème that brightens the deep fall color palette a bit. I love lavenders so this is perfection to me! Wonderful creamy formula, two coats.
KBShimmer - Hugs & Wishes //

Rust No One, another excellently named shade, is an appley orange rust linear holographic. I don't think I'm in love with this, but it is perfectly autumnal. This is two coats.
KBShimmer - Rust No One //

Another fabulous crème, Stonewashed, is a medium/deep blue denim teal. One coat wonder! I used two coats here because I always do but it was truly completely opaque in one. Really lovely shade.
KBShimmer - Stonewashed //

And last is Jack, a classic KBShimmer shade that is back for a limited release. It's a black jelly with orange hexes, shreds, micro bars, and even some black hexes. Really a perfect Halloween shade. I used three coats here; you could get a similar look with less coats if you layer it over a black crème.
KBShimmer - Jack //

These will be released on September 15, 2014 on the KBShimmer website and if you're not in the US, Harlow & Co ships from Canada worldwide. The crème shades will be $7.50 and the glitters are $8.75 each. Jack is limited edition, so get your mitts on him quick before he disappears again! What do you think of KBShimmer's fall offerings this year? I'm a fan :)

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Friday, September 12, 2014

OPI Designer Series Fall 2014 Swatches & Review

Howdy, good to see ya! OPI has brought us two more shades in their Designer Series, formulated with diamond dust, for Fall 2014. They say these two lacquers have a "polished quartz" formula, a semi-matte finish with intense three-dimensional sparkle.  Let's take a look at these two semi-precious stone inspired shades!

DS Titanium is a medium/light charcoal jelly with holographic and iridescent glitters. It does dry down to a satin finish, but I prefer it with a shiny top coat. It was pretty thick, I used three coats here. I could've stopped at two but the charcoal seemed like it should've been darker to me so I used three. The sunlight flattens out the glitter a bit so I showed you a shade picture as well, to show the depth.
OPI DS Titanium //
full sun
OPI DS Titanium //

DS Tourmaline is a rosy pink jelly with the same holographic and iridescent glitters as the previous shade. Also dries semi-matte, but I used a top coat here. Also quite thick but the color built up nicely in two coats for me. I really like how sparkly it is in the sun.
OPI DS Tourmaline //
full sun
OPI DS Tourmaline //

DS Tourmaline and DS Titanium are available at professional salons, including Beauty Brands, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA and for $12.50 ($14.95 CAN) suggested retail for each nail lacquer.

These two shades remind me of Zoya's summer Bubbly collection, the jelly base with the holo/iridescent glitter mix seem very similar to me. I like both of these polishes, but I'm not wowed like I hoped to be. I might try to layer them over similar base colors if I wear them again. What do you think of these DS shades?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

China Glaze Boundary of Memory Swatch & Review

Hey there! Today I wanted to show you a polish from China Glaze's The Giver collection, inspired by the movie The Giver. I only purchased one from the twelve piece collection, but it had some great staple colors that have gotten some great reviews from my fellow nail bloggers/vloggers.

This is called Boundary of Memory, a full coverage glitter polish. The glitter pieces are silver, copper and charcoal giving it a deep blingy effect. It was thick but not unmanageable. I used two coats and a thick layer of top coat for this swatch as it dries kind of gritty.
China Glaze - Boundary of Memory //
full sunlight

In the sun the charcoal pieces seem more prominent but in lower lights it leans more brown. I love how earthy and rich this looks while retaining an awesome effect from the packed glitter particles. China Glaze does these dense full coverage glitters really well.
China Glaze - Boundary of Memory //

You can purchase this at Sally Beauty stores and online. I hear this is a very limited edition collection, so be sure to grab some while you can. Did you pick up any colors from The Giver collection? Did you see the movie? It was one of my favorite books as a child so I was excited to see the film. I quite enjoyed it but I've heard mixed reviews from others. Let me know what you think of this polish and have a great day!

❤ Kellie

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nail Art with Megan - Stripes & Roses

Please enjoy another guest post from my sister Megan, she's recreated an awesome vintage rose and stripe design this time!


Hey all, I'm back with another nail art design to tickle your fancy. This one combines two of my favorite things; roses, which I am a total addict for--the way they look and the scent, and what I consider the iconic Burton-esque style, black and white stripes. In my first post I mentioned how I do a ton of Google and YouTube searches for inspiration and I was lucky enough to stumble upon this perfection of a design from I fell in love the second I saw it and knew I had to try this look for myself.

I made the stripes using Wet n' Wild Black Creme over one coat of Wet n' Wild French White Creme using a small nail art brush. The base color of the roses is medium pink Pure Ice Flirt Alert and the petal details were done in light pink Pure Ice Love. For the leaves I used bright green Pure Ice Free Spirit, which added the perfect finishing detail. I finished off with KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat. This design is the closest I've ever some to 100% recreating another's design and I think I did pretty well! I absolutely love the result.

Big thanks to my awesome sis for letting me come back, much love until next time!


I was head over heels in love with this design when Megan showed it off to me and I think it is so well executed! I really thought she was wearing nail stickers at first. What do you think of this design? Would you try it out on yourself? Talk to you soon friends!

❤ Kellie

Friday, September 5, 2014

OPI Damone Roberts 1968 Swatch & Review

I have wanted this nail polish for a loooong time. It was one of my biggest lemmings up until recently. Limited edition OPI Damone Roberts 1968 had even been repromoted a few times but I had missed every launch. I heard during a session of #NailGlossip that it was coming back once again, but before it was released, a good friend and fellow nail polish blogger offered to send me one of her extra bottles of it. Of course I said yes! Thanks again, girl!

Damone Roberts 1968 is a collaboration shade OPI created with salon owner and entrepreneur Damone Roberts back in 2009. According to his website, the color was matched to his salon walls described as "a different green with undertones of a soft grey, and a warm brown that works well on every skin tone". The formula is overall pretty good, it was a bit streaky on some nails. This is two coats of mint pistachio heaven! I am seriously in love.

It is on the pricey side, being $20 instead of OPI's usual $9.50, but it's worth it in my opinion. I might even buy a back up bottle because I love it so much! You can purchase this directly on the Damone Roberts website, but hurry because supplies might not last much longer, it has sold out three times before. I hope you enjoyed this and we'll see ya next time!

❤ Kellie
The product mentioned was received as a gift.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Guest Post on Polish Chest

Hi there and hello :) Today I wanted to alert you to a friend's blog that I'm guest posting on, Polish Chest by Danny. She is located in Germany and is not posting a lot these days due to her exams, so she asked me to put up something. I loooove her nails, they're seriously flawless, so I feel very privileged to be posting on her blog. I reviewed a polish from LCN called Some Like It Hot.

This black and white photo is just a teaser, see the full color pictures HERE! Please stop by her blog and subscribe because she's awesome! See ya next time :)

❤ Kellie
The product mentioned was given to me as a gift.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Color Club Summer 2014 Poptastic Collection Swatches & Review

Greetings my fine friends! I'm still hanging on to the edge of summer with this collection from Color Club, it's their Summer 2014 Poptastic colors. Six neon lacquers that will make you want to grab your sunnies and hit the beach!

First in the collection is Kapow!, the quintessential neon pink with a slight purple shimmer. I adore pinks and this is just right up my alley. Great formula, thin but not too thin and easy to manipulate. This is two coats.
Color Club - Kapow! //

Next we have Bell Bottom Babe which looked out of place in this collection to me at first, but I think it ends up fitting in pretty nicely with that shimmahhh. It's a medium purpley blue with purple shimmer. Thin formula, I needed three coats here.
Color Club - Bell Bottom Babe //

My favorite of the collection is Foxy Mama, although the name is pretty corny haha. This retina-searing neon orange is so perfect, with awesome golden orange shimmer it just screams LOOK AT ME! Thick-ish formula, two coats.
Color Club - Foxy Mama //

This is Right On, a pretty neon purple with a blueish purpley shimmer shift. Really lovely, I adore this and I don't usually love purples. Thinner formula, but opaque in two coats.
Color Club - Right On //

Not So Mellow Yellow is right, it's anything but mellow! Another blinding neon, this one is a classic highlighter yellow with some added shimmer. Kinda thick but not unworkable.
Color Club - Not So Mellow Yellow //

And last is Peace, Love & Polish, a slightly coraly light/medium pink neon with awesome warm gold shimmer. Instant love! Also on the thick side, this is two coats.
Color Club - Peace, Love & Polish //

I love that a white base coat is not needed for these neons! The three thicker ones take a light touch for application but the thinner ones are pretty easy to apply. These can be found on Color Club's website for $8.50 each. What do you think of these hawt neons?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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