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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tagged! 7 things in green

i was tagged by Liz from Iceomatic's Nails to do this fun tag! :) the tagger chooses the color (Green, Liz picked my FAVORITE color!) and the tagee (me in this case) has to take a picture of 7 things that fit that color.

1. my fav harry potter book, #6 the half blood prince! awesome awesome book, and the movie just came out which was also my favorite of the ones that have come out so far
2. hair one hair cleanser/conditioner for dry hair, a curly girl's number one friend
3. garnier fructis curl scrunch gel which smells awesome and is cheap cheap
4. china glaze emerald sparkle oooo to die for sparkly green polish
5. sinful colors san francisco polish which is kind of sheer but builds to an awesome final product
6. bicycle lime green playing cards which are super fun, but only the one color so not so good for playing pounce or gin or games where seeing the two colors in a hurry are necessary
7. the background for the picture, my gorgeous dusty green martha stewart bedspread, which i love. it took me forever to find a comforter design loved this much. and i take my bed seriously people. you have to when you spend as much time in it as i do, hahaha! i just got a "better than down" comforter quilt thing for underneath from Brookstone the other day and it is like sleeping in a cloud filled with whipped butter. so boss.

i pick ORANGE and i tag:

maria at polishign the nails!
kae at the hungry asian
danielle at the diva's polish
jacieo at you've got nail
helen & sheenie at nice things
all you desire (i don't know your name sorry dear!) at all you desire
edit: also tagging my sister clarrisa on her blog (wanted to check to see if she'd want to do it or not haha)

lots of love and kisses! just to let you know, i'm totally behind right now in blogging, it's like my blog has mono :( i've got a few papers and a midterm coming up due in school so i've been hellza busy. but just know i've got a bazillion swatches to show you kids! so wait for me, cuz i'm like the wind...or something ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

giveaway winner!

and the winner is....
(modeling & winner picked by my friend john who occasionally lets us try nail polish on him)

drum roll please...


photo credit

from Nihrida's Blog, who is a loyal follower and an awesome chick. i love her blog and her video tutorials. I'm so happy for her and thanks so much to everyone who entered and i appreciate your support with my blog! there will be many more giveaways in the future, so please stick around :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

guest hands & secret periwinkle

these lovely hands are appearing courtesy of my bff mickelle, who is also my co-worker, partner in crime, desk mate, and fellow polish addict (i converted her to the dark side). i'm trying like a dirty dirty ninja to convince her to start a blog of her own or to join mine :D but until then i will have to settle for having her tips appear in my posts every so often.this color is her favorite at the moment, china glaze secret per-wink-le (again, which the punctuation in the names, geez). a lovely creme soft periwinkle blue from the operation color collection. looks great with her skin, which is more pinky pale than mine. i don't know if i could pull this one off :) i'll have to double check w/ her again but i think this is two coats. she topped off her ring fingers with some precious little nail art stickers on the tips. aren't they just adorable! she does such a good job. bravo bff!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

tropez aqua pearl

i found the brand tropez in walgreens in a tiny area near the back of the wall of cosmetics and i swear if i would've blinked, i could've missed them. i was actually looking for milani, which someone told me was there even though i swore that only CVS carried them. (they were there but wasn't impressed by any of them) anyway, i fell in love with the super pearl series bottles, they're square bottomed and tall rectangles kind of like i imagine barry m's to be so i knew i had to get one. this color is called aqua pearl and rightfully so. aqua is the perfect description as i can just feel myself diving into the ocean of the color. the brush, bottle, and formula were all spot on and worked awesome. there weren't a ton of color choices, about 6 and they were pretty primary. but i do recommend checking them out the next time you drop by your friendly local walgreens haha :)

get up on this!

yo yo yiggity yo! (i'm still on my rap kick, if you didn't notice haha)

i wanted to share some more new(ish) BLOOOGS that i have come to know and love lately with you kiddos! if you haven't subscribed to these great reads/looks, then you should!

All You Desire - one of the sweetest gals ever and she has amazing nails! plus she posts a TON & a half of swatches :)
The Kronicles of a Konad-er - this chick is so tough she's a POWER lifter and super beautiful (inside and out!) and i adore her KOTDs!
Nail'd & Polish'd - great pictures, awesome variety of polish swatches and really good descriptions of the polishes!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

finger paints

i love the name of this brand, finger paints! of COURSE! haha, why didn't someone think of that before? because duh that's what we'z be doin' yo. (sorry i'm listening to asher roth. i love rap. even tho his stuff is pretty weak sauce. dirty rap makes me giggle.) anywayyyz dawgs these are some borrowed polishes but i think i might pick up a few cuz they ROCKED. i loved the design of the brush handle, flared at the bottom like a paint pot or somethin. it was great formula and take a look at the pretties below for some of the colors i tried :D
turquoise tile - 2 coats
yellow bikini - 3 coats
natural talent - 3 coats
i wore natural talent as a full mani but i liked the turquoise tile the best. it simply painted itself on! and soooo easy to apply. the yellow was one of the better ones i've tried too. like i said, i think i need to get my butt to sally beauty and get some finger paints of my own! hope your weeks are going super fresh funky awesome fly ♥

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

barielle polishes pt. 2

this is the second installment in the awesome borrow-ment of the barielle polishes i embarked on a while ago :D

hidden hideaway

date night

sweet addiction

slate of affairs
make it a latte
blackened blue (full mani)
i saw two of the barielle's that looked remarkably similar to two pure ice's i happened to have purchased the day before i borrowed them all and decided to do some comparison swatching.

get mauve-ing vs. pure ice taupe drawer
i think get mauveing has a bit more purple where taupe drawer leans more red/pink but they're too close for an untrained eye to catch.

u-concrete me vs. pure ice kiss me here
the barielle is slightly more blue and opaque while the pure ice is more of a true gray. i say save your money on both of the above, and get the pure ice versions because the formula was easier to work with and $2 compared to $8 (+ s&h probably) isn't really a comparison to me ;) but of course, you should decide for yourselves and that's what these swatches are here for (also my enjoyment/boredom haha). take care chica bonitas!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

barielle polishes pt. 1

i borrowed a bunch of barielle polishes from my friend mickelle (hi dear!) as i have none and of course they were sooo beautiful! a lot are from the all lacquered up collection, but some are from the core collection as well.

polished princess

u-concrete me

lava rock

grape escape

falling star, full mani


cute as a tiger button

i've been wanting essie's cute as a button forEVA and i finally got it from transdesign not to long ago :D cuz it's the last place you can get cheap essie's online (correct me if i'm wrong please dears). and it truly did not disappoint. it is a gorgeous pinky coral shade that is so rich and creamy. very complimentary to my skin.

it was a tad more orange than i expected. so i figured i would work with it and the second day decided to use my china glaze ink with nail art brush to draw some tiger/zebra stripes.

then i thought it looked to pretty or something, haha, so i mattyified it with essie's matte about you, which changes the color up a little and made it even more orange. so i had full blown tiger nails. super fun!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

rijah's first giveaway

my friend maria is having her first giveaway over at her blog polishign the nails!. three readers have the chance to win one of three barry m polishes, visit her blog for rules :)
photo credit

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

vns haul

oooh i've been waiting & waiting patiently (yeah right) for my victoria nail supply order to get here and after coming home late tonight from the WORST class i have ever taken with the WORST headache ever it was finally HERE :D ChG's: visit me in prism, emerald sparkle, white-kwik-silvr, blk-bila-bong, let's do it in 3d, meteor shower
color club's: wild at heart, love 'em leave 'em, wild and willing

and unbelievable, my dad and stepmother were watching me open them and dad goes "oh i like that white one, let me see what it looks like on my nail." so i painted his nail. and he liked it so much, so he wanted them all done. so instead of doing them all that color, i took advantage of this weak moment and swatched the rest of the colors before he really had a chance to stop me. and then i made him take pictures. hee hee heee *evil laugh* awesome. classic.

yeah i know my dad's nails are long for a guy's. his skin is also really really soft. don't let that worry you haha, he's a normal guy otherwise ;)
my madre couldn't be left out so i did her's all with the white-kwik-silvr :) very very pretty. i'm know i'm gonna be using this one A LOT! don't worry, i'll be doing full swatches or mani's of all these soon, this was just a taste ♥


**Edit: Ok, does anyone know why ChG meteor shower smells SOOOO bad?? it's so strong compared to any other polish i have? but it is so beautiful (with a thick top coat, that is) i can't bear to give it up. i might have to invest in a mask or swimmer's nose plugs for that one :( i wonder if the other glitters from that new collection smell the same way?

fishies and poll

i love animals but right now the only one i can really commit to being able to care for (with my crazy busy life and living situation) is fish. and they're not even really mine haha. these little guys are my co-workers' and mine that sit on our desks at work. meet the earl of manchester julian salinger (the orange fat one) and duchess santigold jolene gaga (the white & orange petite one). we call them jules and jolene :)
i have a bunch of polish swatches to show you, like a billion!! just wondering, which do you guys prefer, long picture heavy posts with a lot of different polishes or single posts with one or two polishes being featured? please take a minute to answer the poll if you would ♥

Monday, September 14, 2009

my first giveaway!

Giveaway has now ended! The winner will be announced soon!! Thanks for entering everyone!!

i was going to do my first giveaway at a milestone like 100 followers or something, but i've had a few big milestones already and i just felt the giving spirit so i decided to go for it!
one reader will win the following:
China Glaze Nova
Del Sol Reckless
Del Sol Peek a Boo
Nu Colour Antique Rose
Nu Colour Crimson
Nu Colour Scarlet
Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy
Nail Tek Foundation II
Nu Colour Eye Makeup Remover
Nu Skin Tru Face Instant Line corrector
Yves Rocher Pro-Retinol 100% Vegetal wrinkle reducer
Phytomer Oligomer Sea Water Bath

the rules:
1. you must be a follower of this blog.
2. leave a comment on this post with your email address (if it's not already visible on your blogger account, etc.) and tell me the name of your favorite nail polish color, only one polish just to make you lot think a bit ;)
3. open internationally, closes on september 27th.
4. for one extra entry, please write a post on your blog or tweet about this giveaway on your twitter account if you have either and leave a comment on this post with a link to it.
5. i will pick the winner at random on the 28th and announce it that day.

good luck!! thanks and i've really loved blogging so far and i hope to keep on keeping on ♥

Sunday, September 13, 2009

sinful colors glitters

these are swatches of the sinful colors polishes i won from kat at polish me happy. yay! glitter always makes me smile :)

pink 4 everfrenzyall about younail junkiei miss youi love you

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