Why do you blog about nail polish?
I started blogging for a hobby, never guessing it would turn into such a big part of my life. Color has always been important to me and even though I'm not adventurous fashion-wise, I can wear any color imaginable on my nails and I always feel fierce. Blogging about nail polish is helpful to others so they can see what a color looks like on the nail vs. in the bottle, helping them make decisions on what to buy. I also love meeting others who have similar interests and blogging has become a fantastic avenue for that.

Are your nails real?
Yes. I used to get acrylics years and years ago, but they were very expensive and really damaging. I try to keep my nails a nice medium length as I believe it looks best on camera, but they vary often. I keep them healthy with Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil.

What top and base coat do you use?
My go-to topcoat is Glisten & Glow HK Girl. With base coats, I go the rounds and have used a million different ones. My fail safe has always been Orly Bonder. Check out this post on my nail care essentials!

What camera do you use?
I have a Sony DSC-H55. I prefer to take photos in the sunlight so I usually only swatch on the weekends, weather permitting.

How do you paint your nails?
Practice makes perfect! Here are links to some great tutorials: Lacquerized: How I Paint My Nails, Lacquerized: Clean Up in 6 Easy Steps.

What is your favorite brand of polish?
I love them all, but some of my top brands are: OPI, Rescue Beauty Lounge, BB Couture, Zoya, and Essie. A lot of the indie brands out there are amazing too! Some top favorites are KBShimmer, Pretty Serious Cosmetics and SuperChic Lacquer.

Do you have a favorite color?
I would say my favorite color is coral. I actually had the opportunity to create my own nail polish color with Rescue Beauty Lounge called Kellie Gonzo! It's a bright coral with orange glitter and silver flakes. It is unfortunately sold out and retired now.

How many bottles of polish do you have?
I would rather not venture to guess...but it's a lot! I have five helmers almost full and a zillion bottles sitting on my desk and dresser waiting to be used, swatched or sorted into a drawer.

Why don't you do nail art?
Because I suck at it haha! I adore nail art on others, but sadly cannot accomplish a simple polka dot pattern on my own nails. I have a huge Pinterest board full of inspiring nail art though!

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