Wednesday, October 14, 2009

massini neons

i love neon polishes. i just have to say it. i la la LOOOOVE neons. i wish they were more wear-able. but i do what i want. so i wear them :D mary from body and soul blog gifted me with these in a contest win a while ago and i adore these massinis! they wear really well and have amazing colors plus a fun bottle shape. first pictures, then we talk.the first neon is a drop dead bright day glo called orange sunset. it dries matte as most neons do (first picture), and looks awesome that way, but really really looks unbelievable when covered with a topcoat. i used seche vite (second picture) and guuuuuurl, my camera couldn't HANDLE the hotness! look at that ethereal glow! i swear i glowed (glew?) in the dark with these tips. and flawless, flawless as could be, these looked like glass with topcoat. i wore this color for a WEEK.

this blue is called lightning blue which is such a cutie name. it went on sheerish looking and kinda jelly like but only two coats were needed for this opacity. i definitely don't have anything like it. another bright bright and matte w/o topcoat (first pic) . but of course i had to top it with my beloved seche. and again, it turned out looking completely flawless (second pic). how? idk cuz i'm no queen of application like some of the other bloggers around here ;) but if i can make these babies look this grand, so can you!

i think mary is selling massini polishes on her blog so head on over and check it out if you want to get your paws on some. i have some glitters and shimmers from them that i won too so i need to get swatching (and posting, i am so behind)

peace & love dear readers!!


  1. oh yes.. very lovely indeed... i looooove the orange neon.. :D

    Peace and love you to ;D

  2. Both look very nice on you :)

  3. Those are gorgeous, bright colors and they look great on you! Thanks for sharing. I never heard of massini until mary's blog.

  4. Those are nice, especially the orange. And they look great on you!

  5. The orange neon works for me! That's extra gorgeous :)

  6. I totally need that orange for my Halloween costume!!

  7. I LOVE the blue! Lokks very very good:)

  8. Now the blue is my favorite. They both look fantastic on you. Are you thru messing with your blog. I told you I'm getting lost and confused. haha! When I use the Seche it just shrinks up my polish. Do you have that problem?

  9. thanks to you orange lovers! it's so punk rock yeah!

    amarena and lucy thanks for giving the blue some love :)

    lucy, haha i don't think i'll ever be "thru messing" with my blog haha! it's part of the fun of having a blog, to change the design. i was big into designing my myspace page back when it first started.


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