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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nicole by OPI Roughles Collection Swatches & Review

Howdy friends! Today I'm excited to show you a new limited edition collection from Nicole by OPI called Roughles, pronounced "ruffles". It is a quartet of texture polishes with speckled flecks of color in them. They are totally easter colors, waaay cute! I love the matte roughed up texture to these too, the bits are less defined in shape than some others, more irregular and varied.
kelliegonzo: Nicole by OPI Roughles Collection

First is Rock the Look, a pastel pink with flecks in orangey red and some in grey. I really love this, but I'm naturally a pink lover so I expected that haha. This is two coats. Formula on all of these was quite easy to work with, not too thick and covered easily.
kelliegonzo: Nicole by OPI - Rock the Look

This guy is On What Grounds?, an awesome pastel turquoise with blue and grey flecks. I wore this as a full mani a while ago and got a ton of compliments on it all day. This can stain so double up on your base coat if you're worried about that. Two coats here.
kelliegonzo: Nicole by OPI - On What Grounds?

Here is Sand In My Shoe, a gorgeous pastel yellow with orange speckles. I have a soft spot for pale yellows so this is definitely one of my favorites! Also two coats.
kelliegonzo: Nicole by OPI - Sand In My Shoe

And to round out the foursome we have I'm Stucco On You, a pastel purple with flecks in blue and red. I'm not usually a huge purple lover but this I'm really liking this one! Two coats.
kelliegonzo: Nicole by OPI - I'm Stucco On You

You can purchase Nicole by OPI from stores like Walmart, Target and Kmart for around $8. I hope you can still find them if you haven't gotten them yet as these are limited edition. What do you think of this Spring collection? I'm really head over heels with them, Nicole really hit it outta the park on these.

I wanted to mention that these swatches are the first ones I have taken indoors that I actually like and think are good! Back when I first started blogging and didn't know what I was doing, I only posted flash indoor photos :( It makes me cringe when I even think about it. Then I got a new camera and realized I could take much better pictures using sunlight, then I decided I could only do outdoor shots well and couldn't go backwards. Needless to say this limited my swatching times and decreased my posting. Occasionally I would try indoor shots with my desk lamp but they never were up to my usual standards with sharpness, clarity and color.

I have tried a million different indoor lighting setups but I think I finally found one that works for me. Halleloo! What do you think of these photos?? I still think I prefer sunlight, but this way I will be able to blog more often and that makes me very happy. Thanks for reading as always, and if you haven't already, there's still time to enter the Beauty Blogger Coalition's May Day Giveaway! Until next time friends!

Product samples were provided for consideration.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Yellow Fever

Hi folks :) Today I wanted to show you a polish I bought from Rescue Beauty Lounge. It's one that they've had in stock for a while, but I actually just got it during their 50% off sale last November. I wasn't sure if I needed Yellow Fever until I saw it's beauty on fellow ReBeL Khabeer. I first saw it on him watching one of his guest appearances on Ji's Nail Talk live hangouts on youtube and I fell in loooove! Thanks for pushing me over the edge to purchase this K!

This is three coats. The formula is a little tough to make even, but such is life with yellows. I absolutely love the silver shimmer in this though, freaking beautiful! So many cremes have shimmer that doesn't translate to the nail *cough ESSIE cough* but this shimmer really comes through and accentuates the sunshiny yellow and moves it into favorite territory for me.
kelliegonzo: Rescue Beauty Lounge - Yellow Fever
kelliegonzo: Rescue Beauty Lounge - Yellow Fever

You can purchase Rescue Beauty Lounge lacquers on their website for $18-$20 each. Do you love yellow polishes as much as I do? What do you think of this one?


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beauty Blog Coalition May Day Giveaway - CLOSED

Time for another giveaway! You could win one of three prizes, a $500, $250, or a $130 prepaid Visa card! WOWZA, awesome huh! Open from now until 11:59 p.m. central on 4/30/14. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter, read all the terms and conditions, and good luck to all! I really appreciate all my lovely readers, thank you for letting me into your lives!



Monday, April 14, 2014

Six Shades from the China Glaze City Flourish Collection

Hi everyone :) Today I have six shades from the Spring 2014 China Glaze collection, City Flourish. A lot of people who've reviewed this collection have said the formulas are not so great, which I have to agree with. On the whole, they are rather chalky and streaky and are on the thick side. However, they are not unusable by any means. They just require a bit of TLC and a good topcoat to make them look their best.

First is Peonies & Park Ave, which made an appearance in one of my last blog posts. I used it as undies for a glitter topper I reviewed. It is a beautiful bright neonish pink, not too in your face neon but nicely vivid. This had a pretty ok formula, not as bad as the others. Two coats.
kelliegonzo: China Glaze - Peonies & Park Ave

At Vase Value is a beautiful pastel blue. The cool thing about these pastel shades is that they are so bright, they are basically neons which is weird and awesome. Not awesome is how hard this was to apply nicely. Three coats.
kelliegonzo: China Glaze - At Vase Value

Here is Lotus Begin, another shade that I showed you under a glitter in a previous post. This is a beautiful pastel purple that is still bright but not as much as the others in this collection. The formula on this was also lacking. Three coats.
kelliegonzo: China Glaze - Lotus Begin

This is a freaking cool shade, Grass Is Lime Greener. I had heard a lot of buzz about this shade from other polish ladies on youtube and instagram etc. before I got it. I really didn't think it would live up to they hype I had heard, but it does. It's dope. It's a very bright lime green pastel. It also makes me look hella tan which is a bonus. Unfortunately the formula is sh*t. This is three coats.
kelliegonzo: China Glaze - Grass Is Lime Greener

This guy had the best formula of the six I tried, What a Pansy. A pretty periwinkle shiny creme, but I don't really love this on me, not sure why. This is two coats.
kelliegonzo: China Glaze - What a Pansy

And last is Metro Pollen-tin, a really pretty radient pastel-ish but not pastel yellow. It almost looks kind of dusty in real life. I really love this color but it has a super craptastic formula. This is three coats.
kelliegonzo: China Glaze - Metro Pollen-tin

So these might not be the easiest colors to paint with, but they are really pretty. It's too bad that the formulas are as difficult as they are. You can purchase these at Sally Beauty and Ulta. Did you pick up any of these spring colors? If you have tried them, what do you think of the formula? See ya next time!

Product samples were provided for consideration.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dance Legend - Celia

Hi friends! Today I have a review of a polish from a new-to-me brand, Dance Legend. This is the first polish from them that I have tried, seeing the great colors and finishes they come out with had me chomping at the bit to try them! They are made in Russia which is pretty cool, I don't think I've ever had a polish from there before. This one is called Celia and it's from their Chameleon collection which is made up of five multichrome polishes with names from the characters in the movie Monsters, Inc. :)

Celia is a shimmery dark blueish purple that shifts to pink, orange and gold. This photo shows how it looks in the sun. It was fine in application, maybe a bit thin but I think that's pretty normal for multichromes. I used three coats for maximum opacity.
kelliegonzo: Dance Legend - Celia

This photo shows how I think it looks the majority of the time, dark blueish purple with the dark pink around the edges.
kelliegonzo: Dance Legend - Celia

This shade photo shows a bit of the shift to pink and orangey gold.
kelliegonzo: Dance Legend - Celia

You can purchase these and other Dance Legend polishes from their website, but shipping from Russia can take a long time if you live elsewhere. US stockists Llarowe and Ninja Polish both sell them, but I think they are both out of stock of this particular shade right now so keep checking. I bought mine from Llarowe a few weeks ago for $8. I didn't realize at the time that it was a mini bottle, but I think that is the only size that this collection comes in. What do you think of this pretty Russian multichrome? I'm really into it :)


Monday, April 7, 2014

The Hungry Asian Spring 2014 Collection Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to show you the new collection from The Hungry Asian for Spring 2014. It's a collection of 5 new polishes and a cuticle oil. The shades don't really have a theme but they remind me of easter so it's a perfect time for you to get them on your nails!

First up is Smooth Criminail, a shimmery pastel blue with small and medium purple, orange, blue, pink and teal hex glitters. This is so adorable, it reminds me of easter candy eggs. I really love the shimmer running through the blue. I used three thin coats here.
The Hungry Asian - Smooth Criminail

Next is Starstruck, a glitter mix in a clear base. The glitters are short holographic strings and pale pink mirrored circles. So unique and quite fun! I was surprised at how much I liked this! I layered two coats over China Glaze Lotus Begin.
The Hungry Asian - Starstruck

Here is Peachy Keen, a peachy orange creme packed with bright glitters in hex, string, and round shapes in matte and shiny finishes. This one isn't my favorite with my skin tone unfortunately. This is two coats. There is a ton of glitter in this one so it's a tad thick which can make tricky to apply evenly.
The Hungry Asian - Peachy Keen

This one is Lavender Cream, my babe! I am head over heels with this gorgeous pale purple with satin glitters in mint, pearl, pink, purple and green. Seriously love. This is three thin coats.
The Hungry Asian - Lavender Cream

And last is Carpe Dayum (haha love the name!) a clear glitter topper with holographic and matte pink shreds with blue/green iridescent glitter bits. O_O Can I just say DAYUM! This polish is seriously crazy cool. I can't think of anything I have that is similar. I put two coats over China Glaze Peonies & Park Ave.
The Hungry Asian - Carpe Dayum

I had to show it to you in the shade too, so you can really see the smaller glitters and the glow they have. Ooh! I just love this!
The Hungry Asian - Carpe Dayum

And the last part of the collection is Kae's new cuticle oil. It comes free as a promotion if you spend $20+ (before tax and shipping) at her store. It's made of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and fragrance. I thought the White Gardenia scent would be too strong for me, because most scents are, but this one is actually very subtle and mild. I catch just a hint of it every now and then when I wear it and I think it's lovely. You know I am obsessed with my Bliss Kiss oil, but this one is quite nice and we can all use more cuticle oils in our life ;)

You can purchase these from The Hungry Asian Etsy store for $9.25 for a full size 15ml bottle and $4.50 for 5ml minis. All my readers can get 15% off a minimum purchase of $15 (before taxes and shipping) if you use the promo code KELLIE15 (active until May 7, 2014) Yay! What do you think of these spring pretties? Any catch your eye? I'll see you next time my dears!

Product samples were provided for consideration.
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