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Friday, January 30, 2015

China Glaze Holiday 2014 Twinkle Collection Swatches & Review

Good day to you! It's Friday so of course it's a good day ;) I want to show you the Holiday 2014 collection from China Glaze, called Twinkle. Think it's about time that I am posting these? Yeah me too, shush haha. This collection has twelve shades full of sparkle and sass and wintery goodness!

First is Define Good... which is a great name haha. This is a shiny ruby cranberryish red with luster shimmer. It has an incredibly opaque formula, it's thick but in a good way. This is two coats, however you could definitely get away with one.
China Glaze Define Good...

Next we have Out Like A Light, a deep slightly muted grey crème. This is kind of a dark mud color, like deep grey clay mud. It's got an easy to use formula, thin but not overly so. It was opaque in one coat, I've shown you two here.
China Glaze Out Like A Light

This guy is called December to Remember. It's a lighter wintery icy blue shimmer with pink microglimmers and foil flecks that turn it duochromey in lower lights. I couldn't get a great shade photo for you but my friend Jen caught some great ones, check out her post here. This is a tad brushstrokey. Two coats.
China Glaze December to Remember

Speaking of brushstrokes, haha ;) here we have I'd Melt For You. It's a chrome silver that is pretty dope. It almost rivals OPI Push & Shove in it's chromeness, but it's not quite as smooth and reflective as that one. The brushstrokes aren't really that bad in person, don't be scared of it. If you apply it with a light floaty stroke, you'll have no issues. One coat!
China Glaze I'd Melt For You

This is Tip Your Hat, a medium red crème. This applied so easily and it was opaque in one coat. I used two here because I just do that with crèmes I guess. You might be saying, yawn another red, but c'mon. It's probably the most popular shade of polish in the world, and it is a holiday collection, of course there's a red in it. And as far as reds go, it's pretty great!
China Glaze Tip Your Hat

Here we have No Peeking!, a greyed icy grape frosty shimmer. This is definitely a frost, but if you are careful with application it looks more like a shimmer. It has similar application to Define Good... but it's thinner and a little easier. I used two coats, but it's opaque in one. Do I sound like a broken record? If so, that's a record I'd like to buy haha.
China Glaze No Peeking!

Meet Me Under The Stars is a black jelly with a slight blue tint filled with tiny silver and black glitters. This is SO pretty! It seriously does look like a sky filled with stars. Excellent formula and easy to use, not thick or gummy. Two coats.
China Glaze Meet Me Under the Stars

This is a fun one, Chillin' With My Snow-mies! It has a clear base with different sizes of matte white hex glitters. It's like falling snow! Unfortunately there is a LOT of clear base, most likely to keep the glitter from sinking, but unfortunately that means fishing for glitter. I placed the glitter by dabbing it on with my brush, trying not to get so much base on my nail, but you can still see the bubbles where it got thick. I have to say though that I almost don't care because this turned out quite pretty haha. I used one "coat" over Define Good...
China Glaze Chillin' With My Snow-mies

Here we have a bright blue micro glitter called Feeling Twinkly. I put it on top of December to Remember. It has great coverage for a microglitter, but I think it would be difficult to get opaque on its own. This is two coats. Dries a little satiny so use a topcoat for maximum shine.
China Glaze Feeling Twinkly

This party animal is called Dancing & Prancing, a clear base filled with muted multicolored foily glitters. This is a nice change up from the usual rainbow glitter mixes we've seen before. Excellent glitter payoff in one coat, seen here over No Peeking!
China Glaze Dancing & Prancing

Next is Pine-ing For Glitter, an emerald tealish green glitter. It has the same itty-bitty microglitters as Feeling Twinkly and also two sizes of hexes which gives it have more dimension. You get a good amount of glitter on with one coat, which I layered over Tip Your Hat.
China Glaze Pine-ing For Glitter

And last we have De-Light, a light yellowy gold glitter mix in a clear base. It has holographic bar glitter in it too! Yay for this! It is totally a New Year's Eve type of glitter and I love it. Amazing and dense, this is only one coat over Out Like a Light.
China Glaze De-Light

I have to admit I wasn't super excited for this collection when I first saw it, but I am seriously impressed with all the great opaque formulas and fun glitters! I don't know if I've ever seen this many one-coaters in a China Glaze collection! My faves are No Peeking!, De-Light, and Meet Me Under the Stars. Tell me which are your favs! Did you pick any of these up? You might still be able to find these at your Sally Beauty Supply or Ulta stores, they may even be on clearance now.

Thanks for taking a trip back to the holidays with me today!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cirque Colors Doyers Swatch & Review

Hi folks! How are you doing? It feels like a red kinda day, so I wanted to show you awesome new one from Cirque Colors called Doyers. This is the February addition to the Metropolis collection, I showed you two others from the collection a while ago. I'd call this a cherry tomato red crème, bright and on the edge of being orangey. Excellent opacity, kind of thick but very easy to apply. Two coats here.

One more interesting tidbit that I didn't really notice with other Cirque's I've tried, but I've since confirmed it with them all, they smell like essential oils! I knew Cirque used them in their polish but I didn't think of them as being scented. I think the main oils they use are sage and lavender. I find the scent soft and pleasant and it makes the polishing experience almost seem spa-like :) You can purchase Doyers starting February 1st on their website for $13. What do you think of this classic red? Do you like Cirque Colors?

Catch you next time!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glisten & Glow Young Wild and Polished Duo Swatches & Review

Hellooooo! Today I am happy to show you two polishes from Glisten & Glow! I literally saw them and then immediately purchased them. That doesn't usually happen for me, I am pretty good at thinking through my purchases. The reason I was so excited to get my hands on these is because they are a collaboration with one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube, Nicole from Young Wild and Polished. I regaled of my love for Nicole in a blog post about My 9 Favorite YouTube Nail Vloggers a few months ago, and the adoration has only grown since then.

First is Good Day, named for the little saying Nicole frequently busts out, usually in her chipmunk-voiced bloopers, "It's a good day to have a good day!" This is a bluey purpley holographic jelly shade. I don't love this color usually, but it didn't really matter because I had to have it, we gotta support our sisters right? This was really sheer unfortunately, this is three coats and it still seemed kinda patchy in some spots.
Glisten & Glow Good Day Young Wild and Polished collaboration

And second we have Topaz, which is what Nicole calls her reflection in the viewfinder when she is filming her videos. She's hilarious, I can't even explain it you just have to watch her! This has a clear base filled with tiny roundish glitters in medium pink, medium blue, dark pink, silver and black with holo glitter bits. This one is probably meant to be used as a topper but you can get it opaque in three coats as I've done here. It was a little runny but dense with glitter, if that makes any sense. Be careful not to put too thick of a coat on or it will ooze off your nail.
Glisten & Glow Topaz Young Wild and Polished collaboration

So are these the best polishes ever? Hmm, maybe not in terms of formula, but they are very fun and I like them both. The glitter is my fav. You can purchase these on the Glisten & Glow website for $20 for both like I did, or individually for $10.50 for the glitter and $11.50 for the holo. And while you're there, you should pick up a bottle of their HK Girl top coat! It's the beeessstttt. Let me know what you think of these two polishes! Do you watch Young Wild and Polished on YouTube? You can check her out on instagram too :)

Bye friends!

❤ Kellie

Sunday, January 25, 2015

BB Couture for Men Once Upon a Time Collection Swatches & Review

Hey there! Are you enjoying your weekend? I've got three new polishes from BB Couture to show you today. They are part of the Once Upon A Time collection I showed you a while ago, just in their Men's line. If you're not familiar, BB Couture has a standard "women's" polish line that come in tall cylindrical bottles, and a "men's" polish line with shorter square bottles. But of course anyone of any gender can use either. They really bring a variety of colors for different tastes and preferences!

First is Peter Pan, a springy slightly grassy, slightly minty, green creamy shade with subtle white flakes and a flash of pink and blue shimmer. This is quite unique (another common attribute to a lot of BB Couture polishes!) and really lovely. Great formula, I used two coats for full opacity.
BB Couture for Men Peter Pan

Next is The Huntsman, a deep oxblood with a deep purple tinge and purple, red and blue shimmer. Very interesting and really gorgeous! Amazing formula, thin but very opaque. I used two coats.
BB Couture for Men The Huntsman

And here, rounding out the trio with a bang, is Rumpelstiltskin. This is odd and peculiar and uncommon. And of course, I LOVE IT! It's an olivey yellowy green with pink and blue shimmer and green twinkly glitter bits. The formula was easy and creamy, two coats here. I always say it and I will say it again, BB Couture does ugly pretty SO well!
BB Couture for Men Rumpelstiltskin

I love how these go outside the box and push the limits of beauty a bit, so fun! You can buy BB Couture polishes from their website for $10.95 each. These should be available for purchase soon! What do you think of these three shades? Have you ever tried BB Couture?

We'll see ya next time!

❤ Kellie
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

ILNP Supernova Swatch & Review

Hey thanks for stopping by today! I wanted to show you an awesome new polish from boutique nail brand ILNP (I Love Nail Polish). It's my first bottle of their polish with their new formulas and their brand new chic-as-hell bottles. They are a hot ticket right now, very popular in the nail polish world.

This is Supernova, one of the new shades from their 13 piece collection of Ultra Chrome Flakie polishes. These are seriously magnificent. They have an awesome color shift and can be worn layered over any color, not just black like traditional flakies. This has an awesome range of colors reflecting in it, you can see blue, teal, green, purple, and a little bit of red and gold on the edges. I layered two coats over Nubar Indigo Illusion.

In the shade photo you can see another aspect of the color shift. Trust me when I say that I couldn't even come close to capturing how awesome this is in real life. You need to see them with your own eyeballs! They lay nice and smooth on the nail too, in case you are interested, little to no texture.

I purchased this from the ILNP website for $12.50. I also bought one more from the collection, so you'll be seeing that on here one of these days. I just can't get over how hawt this is! If you haven't tried these metallic multichrome flakies, you need to get on that bandwagon! Let me know what you think :)

Hope to see you again soon!

❤ Kellie

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Live Love Polish - UNT Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

Hey folks! I hope you are having a great week so far! Today I have a new-to-me brand to share with you courtesy of Live Love Polish, UNT Nail Lacquer. I had never heard of this brand and was excited to try them out! They are a popular brand in other countries but they're pretty new to the US. Let's see the polishes I got to try!

First is my favorite, Rocking Maniac. This is a greenish blue greyed out shade with smooth silver microglitter. It's a total "me" color and I love how it looks with my skin tone. It was pretty sheer on the first coat but it built up to full opacity on the second. I do not like the UNT brush however, it's flat and wide and slightly rounded at the edges. Think Sally Hansen Complete Manicure with a little more volume.
UNT Rocking Maniac

Next is Fearless, which I layered over Rocking Maniac. This is definitely not a "me" shade, unfortunately haha. It has medium cobalt blue hex glitters, smaller coppery orange hex glitters, smaller reflective hex glitters and silver string glitters in a clear base. This could work for you, but it's just a little too busy for my taste. This one also had a distinct odor that reminds me of Kleancolor polish (if you don't know what those smell like, very chemically and unpleasant). This is one coat dabbed.
UNT Fearless

And last is Velvety Fins, seen here over a white crème. This is a mix of yellowy gold, light blue and silver hex glitters and microglitters in a clear base. It looks like there's green in there but it's the gold and blue reflecting off each other. This is pretty but it's not really my cup of tea. This was quite thick as it's really glitter dense. I use two coats here.
UNT Velvety Fins

UNT nail polishes can be purchased from Live Love Polish for $8 each. This seems to be a fun brand but the brushes are too big of a turn off for me unfortunately. Also, they don't print the names of the polish on the bottle anywhere, which is annoying. If you're interested, check out this and the other brands that the website features, you might find something new and exciting! What did you think of these colors from UNT? Have you ever tried anything from them?


❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

SuperChic Lacquer Santa's Secret Sack Swatches & Review + Giveaway

Hi there! Today I am bringing some more "holiday" programming, the Santa's Secret Sack that was put together by SuperChic Lacquer for the 2014 holiday season. The sacks were filled with polishes from different indie brands from their holiday/winter 2014 collections. They sold out quickly but owner Jen had a few she wanted to send to bloggers/vloggers for review. I will show you the polishes I got in my bag and then you can enter to win a sack of your own!

First is Matters of the Heart by NailNation 3000. It's my first polish from this brand and it's awesome. It's a medium fuchsia pinky red linear holographic with an amazing formula! Opaque in one coat! I did two, which gave it a slightly deeper color.
NailNation 3000 Matters of the Heart

This is Bound to the City Life by Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, another new brand to me. This is a midnight blue jelly filled with holographic microglitter. This was a little sheer for me, so I layered on three coats. I really like the end result, like a night sky full of stars!
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Bound to the City Life

Here is Caramel Swirl from Colores de Carol, a great indie brand by a fellow blogger. I've tried polishes from her before and they are excellent! This is a medium spicy caramel brown scattered holographic. This was slightly thick but not difficult to use. Two coats here.
Colores de Carol Caramel Swirl

And the last polish in my sack was Yuletide by Reverie Nail Lacquer, also a new brand to me. This could be a christmasy polish or a spring eastery type, it's got a grass green jelly base and a rainbow of glitters in multiple shapes and sizes. This one was quite thick. This is only two coats, and even though it didn't make the base opaque I stopped at two because it would've gotten even thicker. This is fun but it didn't really work for me.
Reverie Nail Lacquer Yuletide

My bag also contained a little mini bottle of SuperChic Lacquer's top coat Marvel Liquid Macro. I have gotten a full size bottle of this before and I really love it. It's glossy and fast drying and I've never gotten shrinkage with it. It also dries to a thinner consistency than a lot of quick dry top coats, which isn't really a positive or a negative to me, it might matter to you though so I had to mention it.

I think this is a great idea and so exciting! I haven't tried a lot of the indie brands that participated in contributing products to the sacks, so it was really fun seeing the random polishes that were in mine. Be sure to check out the brands' stores to see what they offer!

Now is the chance for you to win your own Santa's Secret Sack! Since you can't buy these anymore, it's great that she included a second sack for my readers! Remember, the winner will not receive the exact polishes that I did, these bags are filled randomly, but you are guaranteed to get a minimum "polish retail value" of $40.

Please enter using the widget below, all rules and regulations will be detailed in it so please read them, but in a nutshell:
- you must be 18 years of age or older
- international entries welcome
- open until February 8th 11:59 pm PST

a Rafflecopter giveaway
If the Rafflecopter widget isn't working, click here to enter.

The full list of contributors: Above the Curve, Alchemy Lacquers, Blue­Eyed Girl Lacquer, Colores de Carol, Delush Polish, Dollish Polish, Ellagee, Jindie Nails, Love, Angeline, LynBDesigns, Makeup Monsters, Model City Polish, NailNation3000, Philly Loves Lacquer, Reverie Nail Lacquer, Sea Lore Polish, Sincerely Polish, Smitten Polish, Spellbound Nails, SuperChic Lacquer, Sweet Heart Polish, Wicked Nails. Other Trinkets & Surprises contributed by: Spectraflair4U, Crazy Sister Polish, Wonder Beauty Products & more!

Thanks for coming by today and good luck if you enter the giveaway!

❤ Kellie
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Candy Lacquer Christmas Donner Swatch & Review

Hello to you dear friend! Today I have a really awesome polish to show you from indie brand Candy Lacquer. I love this brand and actually haven't bought anything from them in a while, but when I saw their special holiday glitters for 2014 I had to get one! Are you sick of me showing you holiday polishes in January? Well, sorry 'bout it cuz I have a few more on deck haha.

Christmas Donner is part of the Magical Reindeer collection, a 7 piece collection all full of intense glitter. Sadly this is not available in her shop right now but there are a couple with the same finish/glitter type just in different colors, so I figured it was still ok to show you. This one is a mix of gold/green "chameleon" glitters, dark red and super holographic gold glitters, a great combination. The glitter is very dense but it's easy to apply. This is two coats!

This was hard to photograph. It's like a billion times better in real life. So like I said, unfortunately this isn't available to purchase but you should still check out the other awesome polishes Candy Lacquer has to purchase because they're awesome. This one I purchased for $12, but her polish ranges from $7-12. She has an Etsy store and a Big Cartel store, not sure what the difference is, but I've ordered from both with no issue. What do you think of this glitter bomb? Have you ever tried Candy Lacquer?

Bye loves!

❤ Kellie

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Lacquers Swatches & Review

Happy Wednesday! I hope you're staying warm this winter. It's getting pretty chilly over here! So today I wanted to show you two polishes from new boutique brand Trust Fund Beauty. Their polishes are 5-free, vegan and cruelty free. They also have fun "cheeky" names. Let's see how they look!

1st Degree Diva is a pretty bubblegum pink crème. The formula was easy to apply and self-leveled nicely. I used two coats here.
Trust Fund Beauty 1st Degree Diva

This is Credit Card Workout, a silver foil. This is really smooth and melts into itself to make brushstrokes practically disappear. It is thin but opaque. This is two coats.
Trust Fund Beauty Credit Card Workout

The Trust Fund Beauty bottle holds 17ml, a little more than your average bottle, is tall and rectangular, wide on the front with narrow sides. If you are familiar with the American Apparel polish bottles, they are similar. The brush is thin and round, a little skinnier than Essie's brush. I thought it would be difficult to paint with but I actually didn't have any trouble. I don't find their colors necessarily revolutionary, but the quality of these was very good. I wouldn't mind trying a few more of them. These polishes retail for $15 each on their website What do you think of these? Have you heard of this brand yet?

Talk to you soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Monday, January 12, 2015

OPI Holiday 2014 Gwen Stefani Collection Swatches & Review

Hi there! I am happy to be showing you the holiday collection for 2014 from OPI, their second collaboration with Gwen Stefani. I tried to get these done before the actual holidays, but it's a huuuge collection and it just wasn't in the cards. I hope you still would like to see them though, because they are fab! This collection has a set of six reds, four unique and fun glitters, and eight rich festive shades. Let's see how they look!

This is a long post, so click below to see the individual swatches!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sinful Shine Prosecco Swatch & Review

Hey friends! Today I have something of a unicorn to show you. It's Sinful Shine Prosecco. This isn't a terribly remarkable polish really, but it appeared and disappeared from store shelves in a neck-snapping turn around, which is kind of odd. So it's very in demand and very hard to find. I stumbled upon it in a Rite Aid the last time I went out of town back in late October so I snatched it up. Did it live up to the hype?

This is a greige polish with lots of gold microshimmer, kinda glass fleck-y which is lovely. It leans very grey on me, which is good because I was worried about this color next to my skin tone. It's quite sheer, this three coats and it's still kinda see-through. Easy formula though, very smooth.

This is the first Sinful Shine polish I've tried and I don't really have a different opinion of it versus regular Sinful Colors polishes but it is nice. I quite like the color and am glad I have it! You can pick up this brand at drugstores like Walgreens, Rite Aid and Walmart. Sadly I think this guy might be gone from your local store shelves, but you might find it unexpectedly like I did. Or try ebay ;) What do you think of Prosecco? Did you manage to get your hands on it?


❤ Kellie

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

GlitterDaze The Mythical Collection Swatches & Review

Hello there folks! Today I have some awesome new indie polishes to show you, GlitterDaze's The Mythical collection. These polishes are special because they are multichrome metallic flakies! This type of new flakie seems to be a budding trend for lots of indie polish brands right now, but these ones are different than a lot of the others I've seen. They're not just one color of multichrome, they are made up of fine particles of flakes in different mixes of shades so they create their own unique color shifting effect, if that makes any sense. Let's take a look!
Left to right: Moonlit Mermaid, Essence of a Unicorn, Interstellar Dragon, Forbidden Fairy Dust, Nymphomaniac

On my thumb is Moonlit Mermaid, a primarily blue mix of flakes that shift to aqua, green, gold and purple. My pointer is wearing Essence of a Unicorn, which is mainly a red toned purple with flakes in green, blue, and gold. I have Interstellar Dragon on my middle finger which is a gold mix that includes copper, bronze, and shades of green. Forbidden Fairy Dust is on my ring finger, it's a total mix of rainbow in seemingly finer particles than the others, and it has the addition of holographic microglitter. And last, on my pinky I have Nymphomaniac, a mix of pink, green, gold and teal.

Here is a shade photo so you can see how they look in lower lights. It was basically impossible to show their true amazingness, but you get a glimpse here I think. I've shown all of these at five coats; they are technically meant to be toppers, but I wanted to show you how they look by themselves on the nail to see the overall color effect. Forbidden Fairy Dust was the most opaque, I would say Interstellar Dragon was the least.

One of the gals I watch on YouTube, Jessface90, did a video review of these that is really great and she does live swatches of them! You should watch it HERE. These are quite easy to apply and would look good over a variety of colors, not just dark colors like iridescent flakies. Or you can wear them by themselves as I have shown you here. If I had to pick a favorite, it'd be Nymphomaniac, though that name is my least favorite haha.

This collection is available on the right now for $12.50 per bottle. These are really cool and the possibilities on how to wear them are endless! What do you think of them? Have you tried any multichrome metallic flakie polishes yet?

I'm glad you came by today!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Cirque Colors The Metropolis Collection January 2015 Swatches & Review

Greetings earthlings! Today I have the two January shades from Cirque Colors' The Metropolis collection to show you. They are releasing two new crème shades every month to make up the collection, all dedicated to New York! This indie company is based there so it's a great gathering of colors to show their love for the city.

First is Empire State of Mind, a "vampy oxblood red". This one went on very jellyish for me, I'd call it a jelly crème hybrid. I expected it to only need two coats, but I could still see through to my nail bed so I ended up using three. Dries very shiny.
Cirque Colors Empire State of Mind

Midnight Cowboy is a fabulous navy blue. This one is also on the jelly side, but it is more opaque than Empire was. I used two coats here. Awesome smooth formula! Also dries nice and shiny.
Cirque Colors Midnight Cowboy

These are available now for $13 on They also have a list of all the stockists they are sold with. What do you think of these dark beauties? I'm partial to blue, so I'd have to say Midnight Cowboy is my fav :)

Talk to you soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Essie Bump Up the Pumps Swatch & Review

Happy 2015! How did you spend your New Years? I kept it low key and stayed in with a little netflix, not much different than most nights haha ;) For my first post of the year I thought I'd start with a coral pink, my favorite type of color!

This is Essie Bump Up the Pumps from their Winter 2014 collection, Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low (don't get me started on that name, I kinda hate it blech). This is the only color from the collection that I decided I really had to have. The others were reds, a pale pink and white and a metallic silver/gold. Kinda interesting choices for a winter/holiday collection if you ask me. They all were pretty, I just didn't think they were exciting enough for me to get right now.

This is a fabulous pink leaning coral crème. It practically paints itself on it's so buttery and fantastic, and it's opaque in one coat. I did two here because I prefer to do so, but you could totally get away with one. This color isn't terribly unique either, but I adore this shade of polish and I just can't keep myself from getting them!

I purchased this polish at for $5.50. You should be able to find them in stores like Ulta, CVS, etc., even though they came out a month or two ago they should still be around. What do you think of this pretty crème? Did you pick up any shades from the Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low collection?

We'll see ya soon!

❤ Kellie
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