Saturday, September 24, 2016

Glam Polish Halloween Horror Shop Collection [Partial] Swatches & Review

Hello and happy weekend! Today I get the privilege of sharing a few shades that will be released in the upcoming Glam Polish 2016 Halloween Horror Shop event! There are a whopping 25 shades released for this event, all limited editions in small batches, each exclusive to the Glam Polish site, meaning they can and probably will sell out quickly. And they will not be restocked. I have four of the 25, only a few bloggers are reviewing shades from the collection, and they are all dope! We all know that Halloween is my favorite holiday (it's practically a season, really), and these horror movie/tv inspired shades are so right up my alley!

Fright Night is a dark grape purple scattered holographic filled with color shifting flakies and glass flecks. This is loaded to the brim with goodies but it wasn't difficult to apply which was nice, it spreads out on the nail evenly and covers nicely. Two coats here. Fright Night is an 80's teen horror that I haven't actually watched, can you believe it! I'll have to fix that soon.
Glam Polish Fright Night

You Are Who You Eat is an intense linear holographic in a berry pinky crimson shade. This applied like magic, it's a one coater but the color deepens slightly with two. This is named for the 1999 black comedy horror film Ravenous, another I haven't seen.
Glam Polish You Are Who You Eat

Tales From the CRYPT is a shifting blue-purple with holographic flakies. Another easy one, two coats for opacity. The CRYPT series was on tv when I was still a child so I never got the chance to watch them, but that skeleton guy still creeps me out whenever I think about him haha.
Glam Polish Tales From the CRYPT

Frights! Camera! Action! is a teal scattered holographic with strong crimson shimmer and holo flakies. This one made me gasp when I first saw it in the bottle, a seriously stunning shade. The pinky red flash is easier to see in person, my photo can't do it justice. As far as I can tell, this name is referencing the cartoon Monster High, but I'm not sure haha.
Glam Polish Frights! Camera! Action!

The Halloween Horror Shop shades will be available on on Friday, September 30th at 1pm EDT (USA) on the Glam Polish website for $12 each. The other 21 shades are listed in their shop now if you want to see all that will be available, there's honestly too many to write out here haha. Let me know what you think of these shades, and if you're planning on picking up any from the limited editions! It cracks me up that being such a fan of the horror genre, the four shades I got are named after movies/shows that I haven't seen! Are you a scary movie junkie??

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Different Dimension Wanderlust and Polish Con Collections Swatches & Review

I told y'all I had more Different Dimension comin 'atcha! Like I said last week, it's been insanely busy for me at work lately, but things are calming down thank goodness. Today I wanted to show you the new Wanderlust collection, a six piece fall collection that will be available for sale tonight! Along with those, I also have three polishes that debuted at the inaugural Polish Con event last Saturday, two of which will be available tonight during their big release. Onward!

First the Wanderlust collection, inspired by brand maker Missi's desire to travel. All of the names are excellently uncommon words so she's graciously included the definitions for us! The formulas are all excellent, smooth and easy and all opaque in two coats.

Resfeber – the restless race of the traveler's heart before the journey begins – a lush scarlet holographic with contrasting added shimmers. Warm and hearty!
Different Dimension Resfeber

Peregrination – a course of travel; journey – a goldenrod yellow holographic with added contrasting shimmers. I swear I detect a pink flash in this as well, super cool.
Different Dimension Peregrination

Fernweh – literally "farsickness" or "longing for far-off places" – an army green linear holographic with added contrasting shimmers. I am pretty sure I'm obsessed with this.
Different Dimension Fernweh

Nefelibata – a cloud walker; one who lives in the cloud of their own imagination or dreams – a sky blue linear holographic with added contrasting shimmers. This looks slightly speckled, kinda like easter candy eggs!
Different Dimension Nefelibata

Numinous – appealing to the higher emotions or to the aesthetic sense – a bright purple linear holographic with added contrasting shimmers. I'm not usually a purple type of gal, but this red-toned shade wins me over.
Different Dimension Numinous

Novaturient – desiring change in one's life – warm, dark caramel brown holographic. The particles in this are a little tinier than the others, but there is some nice rainbow-ness regardless.
Different Dimension Novaturient

Now we have the polishes that Different Dimension debuted at Polish Con on 9/17, inspired by sites in Chicago, which is where the convention was held. Maybe I'll get to attend the event next year, it sounded like a blast!

Bean There, Done That is a silver holographic with silver holo microflakies with colorshifting shimmers. This is inspired by Cloudgate in Millennium Park. It went on easily and smoothly. Also surprisingly opaque, I only needed two coats.
Different Dimension Bean There, Done That

Lincoln Park, Before Dark is a dark eggplant linear holographic with color shifting glitters and microflakies. This is named for the Chicago neighborhood, a few blocks away from where Polish Con was held. Amazing formula, effortless really. Two coats as well.
Different Dimension Lincoln Park, Before Dark

Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis is a garnet linear holographic with color shifting glitz and copper glitters. This was a Polish Con exclusive that we were told was going to be unavailable outside the event. So you may be asking yourself, why would Kellie show us this gorgeous polish, just to tease us?? The answer is because I love it and I couldn't not show you. But also, because I just heard that Color4Nails will be stocking this shade soon! It will most likely be super limited edition though, so be sure and sign up for their newsletter to find out when it will be available.
Different Dimension Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis

All of these shades, with the exception of Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis, and including their Halloween Poe. collection that I showed you yesterday, will be available tonight at 9pm EST on the Different Dimension website. They are priced at $12. Let me know what you think of these polishes! Are you down for holos for the fall? Later kiddos!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Different Dimension Halloween 2016 Poe. Collection Swatch & Review

Hey there folks! I have an awesome quartet of polishes from indie brand Different Dimension to show you today. It's the Poe. collection, inspired by the gothic literary stylings of Edgar Allan Poe, someone who I've been a fan of since I was a wee lass.

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary is a black jelly polish with hex glitters in orange, blue, purple, and green. I love the formula of these type of polishes from Different Dimension, they all apply easily, not too thin or thick. This is three coats. Perfect shade for the Halloween season!
Different Dimension Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

...Dream Within a Dream is a full coverage Halloween glitterbomb! Holographic silver microglitter with added tones of orange and black glitter in various shades and sizes. This is loaded UP with glitter, a little chunky but surprisingly easy to handle. I used three coats here to make it opaque, but you could also layer this one over a silver, orange, or black for an equally cool look. May require extra layer of top coat for a smooth finish.
Different Dimension ...Dream Within a Dream

Nevermore is a charcoal black linear holographic with added orange shimmers and orange microglitter bits. This was incredible, easy to apply and super opaque. The microglitter pieces can poke through a bit so I used two layers of top coat on this one. I've worn this twice since I got it!
Different Dimension Nevermore

And All I Loved, I Loved Alone is an orange jelly with holographic flakes. Love this type of formula, even, opaque and sparkly finish in a jelly! Such a great pumpkin-y shade for the season!
Different Dimension And All I Loved, I Loved Alone

New cuticle oil scents coming soon too! They will come in both pen (2.7 mL) and dropper (15mL) sizes, as well as new sample sizes, which are great for testing scent/fragrance sensitivities. This is the first time I've tried Different Dimension's cuticle oil and I am really pleased with them! I'm totally diggin the long lasting moisturizing qualities and scents.
Image via Different Dimension website

New cuticle oil scents are: Explore - Fresh pumpkin blended with orange peel, sweet carrot, ground cinnamon, clove bud, nutmeg and vanilla cream; Discover - A fresh and feminine fruity blend of mango and strawberries with grapefruit, freesia and amber and tonka bean; Journey - Notes of pink amber and vanilla wrap around blushed orchid and jasmine petals; and Drift - Ripe black raspberries are mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla.

The polishes and oils will be available on Friday 9/23 at 9pm EST on the Different Dimension website. Polishes will be priced at $12 each, except for Once Upon a Midnight Dreary which is specially priced at $5. There will be special discount pricing on the full collection for the first 24 hours of release, so mark your calendar! Let me know what you think of these new shades! I've got more Different Dimension for you very soon so keep your eyes peeled for them!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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