Sunday, December 21, 2014

China Glaze Angel Wings and Glistening Snow Swatches & Review

Happy Sunday Funday everyone! Today I wanted to show off two of my favorite glitter polishes to use for accent nails. Both are from China Glaze's 2012 Holiday Joy collection. Whether you have seen them before or if this is the first you've heard of them, I just had to share! I bought both of these from an online retailer a while ago.

This is Angel Wings, a yellowy gold holographic microglitter. This is a very densely packed glitter polish, you could use it for layering with one thin coat but I prefer to wear it opaque. I used three thin coats for this swatch. This dries gritty so you will need top coat. It's a "thirsty" glitter and absorbs top coat like crazy, so I prefer to layer on a really thick top coat like Gelous or Glitter Food first, then I put on a regular top coat over that to get a very smooth surface. You could leave it gritty, it does look cool that way, but I've noticed that the glitter can kinda flake off leaving little glitter trails everywhere.
China Glaze Angel Wings

Next is perhaps the more popular of the two, Glistening Snow, a stunning silver holographic microglitter. It has the exact same formula as Angel Wings, dries gritty and everything. I think silver goes with a lot more colors than gold, so I tend to use this more often as an accent nail. If you don't know, an accent nail is just one or two nails painted a different color or design than the others. I usually do my thumb and ring fingernails. This is three thin coats.
China Glaze Glistening Snow

What do you think of these awesome dense glitters? Did you pick them up when they first came out? They are still available on a lot of online retailers if you want to get them. Do you do accent nails? What are your favorite polishes to use for them?

Happy holidays!

❤ Kellie

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fingerpaints Holiday 2014 Winter Wishes Collection Swatches & Review

Hi there! I wanted to show you a five piece holiday glitter collection from FingerPaints today, called Winter Wishes. These are very similar in composition and vary mostly in color so that's why you see them on one finger instead of a full mani per color. Let's take a look!

On my thumb is Glisten Here, a mix of greyed out pink, blue, green, gold and silver glitters. My pointer finger has Wrapped in Ribbon, a blingy gold. My middle finger is wearing Ho Ho Happy Holidays, a pale blue and silver mix. On my ring finger I have Sugar & Spice, a cheery red. And last, on my pinky is Silver Bells, an icy silver. They all have finely milled microglitter and all except the blue shade have tiny hex glitters.
full sun

All of these swatches show two coats plus top coat. They are nicely dense and could be worn alone or layered. I quite like them, though they're not necessarily unique. These are available in Sally Beauty stores now for around $5-6 each. What do you think of these glitters? Any catch your eye?

Love ya!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Holiday 2014 Rooftop Soiree Collection Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! Today I have an awesome holiday polish collection from Pretty Serious Cosmetics to show you! The collection is called Rooftop Soiree and it has six awesome glittery shades that will light up your holiday season. This Australian brand has really impressed me in the past with their products and this is no exception, they are fabulous!

First is my favorite, Red Carpet Treatment. It's a red jelly base filled with multisized red hex glitters, silver and purple/blue iridescent mini hex glitter and bits of holographic glitter. It's freaking amazing. It's very deep and mesmerizing, I could look at this polish all day! It reminds me of Lynnderella Undead Red but without the chunky large glitters. I think I like this one more! Great formula, two coats.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Red Carpet Treatment

Next is Glitz & Glamour, it has blingy silvery flake glitters and champagne gold flakes in a clear base. This one reminds me a bit of those super metallic glitters that you've seen from a few indie brands lately, but this is more delicate and layerable in my opinion. I used three coats here to show it on its own.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Glitz & Glamour

Cocktail Bar is a freaking beautiful teal green jelly with a mix of green and blue glitters. This one was a little chunkier than Red Carpet Treatment, but not difficult to apply. You need this, it's amazing. This is two coats.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Cocktail Bar

Here is Daphne After Dark which has multicolored blingy glitters in an inky charcoal almost-black base. This one is super hot, it is a chic more sophisticated version of those "happy birthday" glitter polishes. This is a little thick, I had to take care on the second coat to layer it evenly; I would recommend waiting for the first layer to dry pretty well before the second coat. I used two coats here and two coats of top coat for a glassy finish.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Daphne After Dark

This one is called Moments Til Midnight. It is a deep but bright blue jelly packed full of golden glitters in varying sizes. I really like the idea of this, but it was thick and a little difficult to apply. The large glitters sink in the bottle, but I didn't have trouble getting them out on my brush. I used two coats here with two layers of top coat.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Moments Til Midnight

Last is Invitation Only, an awesomely complex shade. It's a metallic grey with color shifting pink and green particles as well as micro holographic shimmer. I love this and it's SO beautiful! I could see myself wearing this all winter long. It's got a thick but not too thick formula, you could get it opaque in one coat but I used two here. It dries shiny, if you wanted to skip top coat on this one you could.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Invitation Only

The collection comes in their decorative boxes of course, and they are all jazzed up for the holidays! I love their artwork, it's always so fun!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics holiday box art

This collection is available now on the Pretty Serious Cosmetics website for $9.95 per bottle, or you can buy the whole collection for $53.75, for a 10% discount. They ship internationally from their website and they also have various stockists. What do you think of this collection? Does it tickle your holiday spirit?

See ya later!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.