Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Zoya Whispers Collection Swatches & Review

Good morning beautiful! I hope your week is off to a nice start :) Today I have the Zoya Whispers collection to share with you! This is their "transitional" season collection, to ease us into Spring after the heavy colors of Winter. You remember how much I loved last year's transitional shades, the Naturel Satins, right? I was hoping for an equally awesome experience this year, especially since these shades were similar in tone to the Satins, albeit with a different finish. Let's see what I thought of these babies shall we?

Zoya Cala is a soft nude beige. This and all the others have more of a crelly formula, less opaque than a straight crème. This one applied alright, but was still streaky on two coats so I needed a third layer for full coverage. Stays very shiny when dry, as do the rest.
Zoya Cala

Zoya Ireland is a soft muted green, a wearable shade for those looking to step out of the color box a little, but not too far. This was similar in formula to Cala, streaky with two coats so I used a third.
Zoya Ireland

Zoya April is a light, rosy toned neutral blush. This one was the most difficult for me. It seemed thin, almost watery, on the first coat. The second coat was definitely better, but I still felt it looked a little streaky after the third coat.
Zoya April

Zoya Lake is a softened blue. A little more vibrant than the rest of the shades, but still rather muted. This polish had a thicker formula than the previous three, but it still took three coats for full opacity.
Zoya Lake

Zoya Misty is an odd khaki taupe with a hint of green. Quite a different shade, and very appealing to me. This one was thicker like Lake, also requiring three coats. This is probably my favorite color in the collection.
Zoya Misty

Zoya Eastyn is last, a pale purpley grey. This is the shining star in the bunch, the best opacity, but with quite a thick formula. I had no streaks with this gal, opaque in two coats.
Zoya Eastyn

This collection might not have been the easiest for me to apply, but I do love the colors. I think if they were meant to be less opaque, it would've totally worked if they weren't streaky. And plenty of people have had good luck with them, so you might too. These are available on the Zoya website now for $10 each or $54 for the full collection. You should follow Zoya on their social media, like Facebook and Instagram if you're not already because they're always holding awesome sales. They did a pre-order of this collection for $30 a while ago! Let me know what you think of this collection and if you picked it up or not. What shade is your favorite?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Frenzy Polish Fall Out Foxes Collection Swatches & Review

Greetings polish lovers! I'm here again with some more awesome lacquers to show you! The brand is a newish-to-me indie called Frenzy Polish. I learned about them last Fall and ordered a few polishes, then the owner sent me this collection for review. It's called Fall Out Foxes, inspired by and named for songs by the band Fall Out Boy, collaborated on with the brand's fan group on Facebook, the Frenzy Foxes. The fox is kind of the little mascot for the brand so it all ties in together, rather cutely!

Falling Apart To Half Time is a dark teal blue jelly filled with a ton of holo pigment and iridescent flakies pieces. Great formula, opaque in two coats. Dries very shiny!
Frenzy Polish Falling Apart To Half Time

Tears On Ice is a white crelly with tiny silver glitter, two tones of blue metallic shards, and a few blue square glitters. Pretty good application wise, maybe a touch streaky. This is two coats, but you may need one more depending on your polishing style.
Frenzy Polish Tears On Ice

Underneath The Purple Skies is a deep, warm purple jelly with lots of very fine coppery gold microglitter bits. I had no issues with this when I swatched it, but I wore it as a full manicure and noticed it got a touch thick the longer I had the bottle open. This is two coats.
Frenzy Polish Underneath The Purple Skies

Gem City has a clear base with bronze holographic microglitter and multichrome metallic flakies. This can be worn on its own, like I've shown here at three coats, or as a layering topper. Lovely formula, not thick at all, dried fast.
Frenzy Polish Gem City

Keep You Like An Oath is a medium grey crelly with different shapes and sizes of glitter in white, blue, green, magenta, along with silver microglitter. Another nice formula, great coverage at two coats.
Frenzy Polish Keep You Like An Oath

Like You (Only Sweeter) is a unique taupey pink with a tinge of lavender, filled with small glitters of white and red along with silver holo microshimmer. Fuss free application, two coats for full opacity.
Frenzy Polish Like You (Only Sweeter)

This Ain't A Scene is a mid-tone teal base with a gallon of multichrome flakies and what looks like some glass fleck shimmer. I am repeating myself, but these all have really great formulas. Two coats.
Frenzy Polish This Ain't A Scene

Immortals has a clear base filled with pale gold holographic microglitter, small orangey gold metallic glitter, and some metallic flakies. This was surprisingly opaque, only two coats on this guy.
Frenzy Polish Immortals

Heavy Metal Broke My Heart is another clear based polish, this one is definitely a topper though. It has multicolored metallic flakies in all different sizes and subtle holographic dust. This is very dense, I used one coat over Underneath The Purple Skies here.
Frenzy Polish Heavy Metal Broke My Heart

You Look So Good In Blue is a medium blue jelly with a turquoise tone filled to the brim with soft flake shimmer, holo glitter and some satiny glitter pieces. Can you guess how it applied? Yup, you guessed it, really great in just two coats.
Frenzy Polish You Look So Good In Blue

Light Em Up is a yellow gold shimmery crelly with metallic flakies and holographic microglitter. This is actually an add-on polish and not technically part of this collection. It was a prototype shade for the inspiration that eventually became Immortals, but lots of members of the fan group liked it so much she decided to release it as well. Another fabulous formula, nice and opaque in two coats.
Frenzy Polish Light Em Up

The Frenzy Polish web shop is closed right now but they will reopen this Friday, Feb. 12th at 8am EST. These shades are all sold for $9 each, and you can get the entire collection (excluding Light Em Up) for $80. Light Em Up will be available in very limited quantities. Have you tried Frenzy Polish yet? Are you a Fall Out Boy fan? I'll talk to you again soon friends! :)

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nine Zero Lacquer February 2016 Polish of the Month Swatch & Review

What's up kids? Today I have an awesome new polish from indie brand Nine Zero Lacquer to show you, the newest Polish of the Month, February 2016!

This polish is an insanely sparkly periwinkle holographic with super fine silver holo glitter added for even more bling! This surprised me by applying incredibly smoothly, like the glitter doesn't really even seem like glitter because it's so smooth. Opaque in two coats. Freaked out my camera, it just couldn't handle the holo!

This polish is available now on the Nine Zero Lacquer website for $11. You can see their last Polish of the Month here, but since these are limited edition for the month they are released in, it's no longer available. So make sure you pick this baby up during February if you want it because it will be retired after the month is over! Let me know what you think about this pretty periwinkle!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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