Thursday, May 21, 2015

Zoya PixieDust Spring 2013 Collection Swatches & Review

Hey there! I've got a different kind of Throwback Thursday post for you today. Since Zoya has discontinued their PixieDust line, I thought it was high time that I should put up swatches for them! Late 2012-early 2014 were kinda hard years for me so I was absent from my blog way more than I had ever intended, and that meant a lot of collections got left out :( I apologize to anyone who looked forward to these swatches and was disappointed when I didn't post them around the time of their release, but I hope you will enjoy them now even though they are quite tardy.

When I say discontinued, I mean that Zoya announced they are no longer making these textured polishes back in December 2014, but it looks like they are still available (except one) for purchase on their website. I loved these "regular" textured finish PixieDusts, and their special editions like the Magical PixieDusts and the Ultra PixieDusts which actually made it to my blog already, so I'm sad they aren't making any more. If you want these, you should grab them up soon, I'm not sure when they will be out of stock for good.

First we have Chyna, a ruby slipper red texture polish with red glitter. This had excellent pigment and opacity. I used this polish in this nail art manicure I did for a guest post on my friend Leslie's blog a few years ago and I just love it. These all dry to a matte, gritty textured finish; all swatches are without top coat.
Zoya Chyna PixieDust

Dahlia is a black texture polish with silver glitter bits. This is less of a jelly consistency than Chyna was. A little thick but easy to apply, two coats.
Zoya Dahlia PixieDust

Next is Godiva, a soft beige nude texture with silver glitter grains. This was a showstopper when it first came on the scene, pretty unique at the time. I think it's so elegant! This is two coats, but you may need three depending on your application style as it's a little thin and not as pigmented as the darker shades.
Zoya Godiva PixieDust

London is a rainy day grey texture with silver glitter. This name is spot on, it totally makes me think of London skies! This one is unfortunately the only one I can't find on Zoya's website :( so if you are lusting after it you might try Ebay. Two coats.
Zoya London PixieDust

Here we have Nyx, a periwinkle denim blue texture polish with icy silver glitter. This is a fan favorite and for good reason, it's really lovely! A little on the sheer side, but I only needed two coats.
Zoya Nyx PixieDust

Vespa is last in this premiere collection, it's a light mint green texture with silver shimmer. I showed you this back in a manicure post I did in 2013 as an accent nail, which texture polishes are great for in my opinion. I love this shade, it reminds me of a spring meadow! Another one that's a bit more sheer, but only two coats.
Zoya Vespa PixieDust

Chyna is probably my favorite of these just because of the coordinating colored glitter, it just gives it something extra I think. These are available for purchase on Zoya's website for $10 each, at least they are for now. Like I mentioned above, they are discontinued so they won't be there forever. When they are sold out, that's it. Let me know if you will miss the PixieDusts! Or if you are over textured polishes in general, or even if you didn't like them to begin with haha. Or any other opinion at all :)

Thanks for looking!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nail Polish I Wore In Real Life Vol. 1

Sometimes I forget to wear polish. It sounds ludicrous but it's true. When there is good weather I spend the majority of my weekend days swatching polishes I have gotten for review, sometimes upwards of 40 polishes go on and off my nails in the course of a few hours. It gets tiresome to be honest and sometimes I don't have the energy to put on a full manicure at the end of the day. Then during the week, I blog and edit photos most evenings so that leaves manicures to the last priority. As a result, I have naked nails more often than I care to admit.

I've decided that this is not cool and pretty ridiculous considering the obscene amount of nail polish that I have. I am really trying to be better at actually wearing my nail polish instead of just "trying it on" for swatching. These "in real life" posts are to show off the polishes I've actually worn recently, photographed for evidence or it didn't count haha. So the polishes will be random choices and maybe even ones I've shown before, hope you don't mind.

First is FingerPaints One In A Melon from their spring collection from this year called Picnic In the Park. I picked this up in a Sally Beauty store, where they are exclusively sold, when I was out of town a while back. I am so sad I don't have one near me, it's really tragic. This is a fabulous watermelon pinky red jelly crème. It's got a great opaque formula, this is two shiny coats.
FingerPaints One In A Melon

This is Essie Stones N Roses, one of the four shades in this year's Resort collection. It's a peachy muted pink crème. I have a lot of pinks, it's probably the shade I have the most of, but this one just kept kung fu'ing into my mind and I had to have it. I'm so glad I bought it because it's really great. I put a pic of it on my instagram and it's gotten the most likes of any photo I've ever posted haha. This was a tad streaky so I needed three coats to even it out.
Essie Stones N Roses

And last for this post is OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender from the Hong Kong collection that came out in 2010. I didn't pick this up until very recently though, I saw my friend Zenorah talk about it in one of her YouTube videos the other day and I decided to go put it on, but I realized I didn't have it! Blasphemy! I bought it on Amazon and put it on as soon as I got it in the mail. I like that this lavender is slightly pink toned, it makes it more unique in my collection. Two easy, thin but opaque coats and I'm in love!
OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Thanks for joining me today! Let me know what you think about these three pretties :)

❤ Kellie

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Picks from the KBShimmer Summer 2015 Collection Swatches & Review

Hay girl hay! Guess what I have in store for you today. Lots o' KBShimmer! They have a massive collection out for the summer, it's made up of three parts for a total of 28 polishes all together. They are all available for purchase today, 5/15. I picked 19 of the shades to show you, so let's get to the swatches!

First up is Lei It Again, one of the seven tropical neon crèmes in this collection. Neons are very hard to photograph so please know these may look a little different from what you would see in person. It's hard to capture them totally accurately. These dry very quickly and with a matte finish, so use a top coat for shine. This faded electric pink was streaky on one coat but was relatively easy to even out with two.
KBShimmer Lei It Again

This is going to be a beyond huge post so I'm going to put a jump link to the rest of the swatches here :)