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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glitter Gal Holos

Thought I would show you some more swatches that have been cluttering up my back files for freaking ever. These are three Glitter Gal polishes, three holographics to be more specific. These are from from Leah Ann, who is a super doll. She carries all sorts of "foreign" brands that can be hard to obtain, GGs, Ozotics, Picture Polish, a England, and some of the Brazilian brands I've shown on my blog like HITS and Ludurana.

I have to start with my love, red holographic Red "sparkle". I know the ladies over at GG are in the process of choosing new names for most of their polishes, but I have this version simply called Red. It's the non-linear version, the one with larger holo particles. So gorgeous and sexy and va va voom! This is two coats.

Next is Lizard Belly, a dark green, almost black, linear holo. I love the rainbow that comes from this guy. This was a new color for 2011, it came out the same time as Light as a Feather which I've shown you before. This is two coats.

This is Fuchsia , the linear holographic version. I really adore pink polish anyway and adding a fab rainbow holo flash to a pretty pink makes it even cuter! This is three coats. WOW look at that holo eh?

Thanks to Leah Ann again! Visit her shop or my pal Kim's site if you're in the US, or if you're in Australia, go to to purchase these shades.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Best Top Coat of All Time: Cult Nails Wicked Fast

Yeah, I went there. I finally am declaring once and for all the best top coat that I have ever used. Wicked Fast by Cult Nails is pretty unbelievable. I've been searching and failing to find a top coat that works the way I want it to. Here are my expectations for a perfect top coat: dry really flippin' fast, shiny as glass if you please, no freaking tip pull or cuticle pooling, NO BUBBLES, does not thicken up like syrup, does not smell like toxic waste, smooths glitter polishes, doesn't cost a million dollars, and is easy to buy. Wicked Fast satisfies ALL these requirements.

It dries almost as fast as Seche Vite, up until now my HG in terms of drying time, but we're talking like 30 seconds difference maybe. It is as shiny as my favorite shiny top coat, Revlon Quick Dry. I have not had tip pull at all since I started using it. It is a thinner texture than most top coats but not so thin that it pools. It has stayed the same viscosity since the day I opened it, no thickening. It smells like nail polish, not better but not worse. It is thick enough to cover glitter polishes well, meaning I only need one coat of it over chunky glitters. I have never had it bubble on me, despite polishing in a warm place, cold place, and in a room with lots of fans (which are all factors that can create bubbles in my polish). And it is easily available online for $8. AND it is free of the Big 3 Chemicals that suck and free of camphor too (oops!). DAMN. I am not playing, friends, if you have not tried this, do it NOW.

Thank you to Maria for creating this amazing product, I am literally in awe of Wicked Fast!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nars Night Series Nail Polish Collection

Here are two polishes from Nars' Night Series, based on the iconic Night Series eyeshadow palette.

Night Porter is a fantastically drool-inducing blackened emerald with green, blue, and gold shimmer flakes, almost glass flake looking. This is seriously ga ga gorgeous, I can't handle it. This one I passed on buying but my sister snatched it up, so I borrowed it to swatch. O.M.G. I can't believe I didn't get it. This is two coats with a topcoat for shine, as it dries dull.

Night Rider (of course, my mind immediately goes to David Hasselhoff) is a greyed pinky lavender jellyish base with plummy pink and silver shimmer flecks. This formula wasn't fantastic but it was acceptable. This is two coats.

Currently these are still available on along with Night Flight, the blue polish. It looks like the only one currently unavailable is the black and silver Night Breed. You may also still be able to find these at your local Nars counters. Have a great one dolls!

Products provided for review.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Jeans Collection by Nubar

Hi dear readers, hope you are all doing well these days :) The Jeans collection by Nubar is similar to the much hyped Chanel Les Jeans collection, similar in that it basically dupes the three shades completely. I rarely shell out the dough for a Chanel lacquer so I wasn't too interested in the three seemingly ordinary blue polishes, even though there was significant hubbub before their release. I was more than happy to see more affordable dupes come out soon after. Nubar is a brand that I whole-heartedly adore for their bottle shape, color selection, and formula, so I was excited to see their take on the "denim" collex.

Faded Jeans is a light sky blue shimmer. I have to say I don't own any jeans this color and if I did it was probably back when I was in middle school haha. This is two-ish coats, it was a tad streaky. Beautiful subtle shimmer, though gosh.

Boyfriend Jeans is a gorgeous grayed out cornflower blue. It's a perfect jelly crème formula, two coats. This is probably around the color of most of the jeans I wear, standard and casual. Two coats.

Dark Wash Jeans is a deep blue jelly crème, almost peacock in color. I wore this for almost a week, it is so gorj! This reminds me of my deeper colored "nice" jeans, haha. This is my favorite of the collection. Two coats.

The retail price for the set of three is $19.99 on which is cheaper than one bottle of the similarly colored Chanels. That equals awesome in my opinion ;)

Products provided for review.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Icing Halloween Polishes

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I wanted to show you some polishes I got at Icing before Halloween. They are "themed" a bit for Halloween but they would be equally enjoyable at any other time of the year as well. I found I liked them much more than I expected to. The colored glitter in a dark base is really kinda been done, and they always seem to look cooler in the bottles than on the nail. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to try them out anyway, not expecting the fab payoff that I got. I really love both of these.

Vampire's Blood has a black cream base with oodles of tiny magenta dark pink glitter. It looks great on and it was flashy and blingy but not knock-you-over-the head type of glittery. Very nice! It is a topcoat guzzler though, I used two coats of polish and two coats of topcoat.

Witch's Brew is equally awesome, with glitter in a greeny-blue turquoise shade. This one I think looks killer with my skin tone. It reminds me of a galactic nebula or something like that! Two coats on this one too.

I am guessing you'll still be able to find these at your local Icing stores, considering it hasn't been long since Halloween and their stock usually tends to be pretty abundant. Hope you have a great Friday everyone!!

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