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Monday, November 30, 2015

Different Dimension The Dream Team Trio Swatches & Review

Hello there! Today I have some new polishes from indie brand Different Dimension to show you, a trio called The Dream Team. These are all the product of maker Missi's love of tri-colored gold, and I'm right there with her! I've been loving metallic colored polishes/glitters this year!

Sunbeam is a gold polish with holographic gold microglitters, sterling silver plated flakies and shimmer. This was super easy to apply, just like a regular polish. Great glitter payoff, I only needed two coats! The glitter feels very flat, not chunky at all, but you may need a second coat of top coat for extra smoothness.
Different Dimension Sunbeam

Star Stream has the same formula as Sunbeam, but it's a silver polish. Also two coats. This is crazy blingy and incredibly fresh looking.
Different Dimension Star Stream

Moonbeam also has the same formula as the other two, but in rose gold. I also used two coats here. I'm borderline obsessed with rose gold now and this has a slight tinge of coral, so I'm head over heels with it! This one seems the most three-dimensional because of the breakup of color, very cool.
Different Dimension Moonbeam

These three polishes will all be available on the Different Dimension website on Friday 12/4 at 9pm EST. They will be priced at $12 each. Tell me what you think of these metallic marvels! Which is your favorite? I love them all, but Moonbeam has my heart!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Picks from the ILNP Fall 2015 Collection Swatches & Review

Hey you, how ya doing today? I'm finally feeling better after my latest cold, phew! I've got two polishes from the ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) Fall 2015 collection to show you. I only bought two of the seventeen shades that they came out with for the season, but I really love the ones I got.

Clockwork is a bronze gold in the ILNP "precious metal" formula, metallic flakes with a range of holographic particles in a silky beige base. The flakes in this are smooth and flat and meld together into a super shiny, luxurious metallic finish. Then you add in the holo and this knocks you over with sparkle! This is two coats. I might be obsessed with this. Not difficult to remove like regular glitters, which is very nice.
ILNP Clockwork

Spiced Eggnog is a different type of beautiful, an odd fellow in my collection. I had to have this because it's so unique. A beige "eggnog" crelly base with soft holographic shimmer, and burnt orange speckle flakes that become the "spice". This also had a great formula, very easy to apply. Two coats. It's a love it or hate it shade, and I adore it!
ILNP Spiced Eggnog

I purchased these from the ILNP website for $10 each. Did you pick anything up from this collection? They just released their Holiday collection and it's amazing. I need to go get some more of their metallic flake polishes, it might be the coolest finish out right now!

❤ Kellie

Friday, November 27, 2015

Potion Polish Holiday 2015 Festive Fancies Collection Swatches & Review

Hi there! I have a new collection from indie brand Potion Polish to share with you today called Festive Fancies. This nine piece Holiday collection features lots of glitter, with a mix of jelly, crelly, holographic, and clear bases.

Let's Get Elf'd Up is a deep burgundy holographic mixed with tiny blue glitter throughout. This is an intensely pigmented shade, a little thin but really opaque. The holo aspect has a nice mix of linear and scattered bits. This is two coats.
Potion Polish Let's Get Elf'd Up

Silver Skates is a dense combination of silver flakes, silver and light blue holographic glitter in various sizes and shapes. This is substantial enough to be a stand-alone polish, and though you probably could layer it, it would most likely cover up the underlying polish a lot. It was a little thick, but wasn't difficult to use and it dried quickly. I used two coats but you might need three.
Potion Polish Silver Skates

Mistletoe Smooches is a "Christmas Tree" green linear holographic with a bunch of gold holographic glitter added. I am head over heels with this, green and gold is one of my favorite combinations! Great opacity and easy to apply. This is two coats.
Potion Polish Mistletoe Smooches

Snow Day has a bright white crelly base with blue metallic flakies, blue shimmer and light blue glitters hexes and squares. This had a pretty opaque white for a base, more so than most white crellies I have. It was a little thick but not too difficult to manipulate. This is three coats.
Potion Polish Snow Day

Pretty Pink Tree is a light pink linear holographic with a touch of lavender, with rose gold holo glitter added in various sizes. Another more unique combination, and so beautiful. This was great to apply and very easy, two coats here as well.
Potion Polish Pretty Pink Tree

Reindeer Tracks is a holiday glitter mix of circles and hexes in red, gold and green glitter in various sizes and a sprinkle of gold and silver dust in a clear base. I put one coat over OPI Christmas Gone Plaid. This was easy to get a lot of glitter on the nail without trying and was nice to apply without having to manipulate the pieces. I like the addition of gold in this festive glitter topper!
Potion Polish Reindeer Tracks

No Peeking! is a deep eggplant purple crelly with a splash of scattered holographic glitter and a pinch of blue iridescent glitter. I found this one on the thicker side and a little difficult to spread. This is two thick coats. If you can manage thinner coats, you may need three.
Potion Polish No Peeking!

Treetop Angel is a pale gold holographic with gold metallic flakies. This went on really easily and dried super fast. I only needed two coats for this. This is a unique combination that I haven't seen before. I love gold!
Potion Polish Treetop Angel

On the Nice List is a lustrous sapphire blue with a strong gold shimmer and gold holographic glitters in varying sizes. This applied well, but was a teensy bit brushstrokey. I feel like the glitters get out shown by the in-your-face shimmer, but I liked the night sky effect it has. Two coats here.
Potion Polish On the Nice List

This collection will be available for purchase on Friday, December 4th at 3pm EST on the Potion Polish website. They will range in price from $8.50 to $9.00 each, with the complete collection selling for $70.00. I'm glad to have found Potion Polish, they are a great indie brand! I really like the set as a whole, it feels very cohesive while providing some uniqueness for the holiday season. My picks are Mistletoe Smooches, Pretty Pink Tree, and Reindeer Tracks. Tell me which ones you would pick!

**UPDATE: I just learned that these are available for pre-order today!! Go to to get your order in!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Native War Paints The Cozy Sweaters Collection Swatches & Review

Hi friends, hope your week is going well! I've come down with another awesome (not!) cold so I've been mostly resting and throwing back the vitamin c to try to get well before Thanksgiving hits so I am able to taste my food. :P

Today I wanted to show you a collection I bought from Native War Paints a while ago called The Cozy Sweaters. These are six polishes inspired by their best selling polish from last year, My Favorite Sweater, all featuring a strong gold shimmer. (A little fun fact, I had to photograph these without the label in the front showing because the bright white of the sticker was throwing off my exposure balance.)

Cable Knit Sweater is a dark cadet blue grey with that lovely gold shimmer. Shows up more in bright light, but still a definite shimmer indoors as well. Thick but opaque in one coat, but I used two here. Dries very fast and self-levels like a dream. Dries down to a dull finish so you will need a top coat for shine. I love this so much, I'm wearing it right now!
Native War Paints Cable Knit Sweater

Cashmere Sweater is a pinky red with gold shimmer that reminds me of a freshly harvested Gala apple. Same formula as Cable Knit, very easy to apply but thick. Two coats. Also dries to a matte finish.
Native War Paints Cashmere Sweater

Cozy Sweater is a dark midnight blue with gold shimmer. This looks blue in the bottle, but is so dark that it appears mostly black to me on the nail. The shimmer really pops out from the dark base on this one. Another easy formula, two coats here. Dries matte.
Native War Paints Cozy Sweater

My Favorite Sweater HDF is the reincarnated and slightly adjusted version of their original polish called My Favorite Sweater. The HDF stands for holographic, duochrome, and flakies. It's a mid-tone blue teal with green and blue shimmer, flakes and gold shimmer. This was quite chunky and thick with all the stuff going on inside, but I was shocked to see how easy it was to paint with. Two coats as well. I like this a lot, but I think I would prefer the original version. Also dries dull.
Native War Paints My Favorite Sweater HDF

Sweater Dress is a mid-to-light royal purple with gold shimmer. This one was a lighter shade than I expected it to be. The shimmer makes it positively glow! Went on more sheer than the others, but was still pretty opaque which is surprising. A little brushstrokey. Two coats. Dries matte.
Native War Paints Sweater Dress

Sweater Weather is a muted kelly green with gold shimmer. The shimmer is not as apparent in this one as the others. It has the thickest consistency of the collection, but is incredibly opaque. I only did one coat for this guy. It dries matte like the others.
Native War Paints Sweater Weather

The brush on these was a little big for my preference, and they were all a little splayed on the ends. But honestly these all had such forgiving formulas that I didn't end up having any problems with application. Another thing to mention is that they all were noticeably separated in the bottle, they needed a good shaking before I could put them on. My Favorite Sweater HDF required the most mixing, all the shimmer and flakies had sunk to the bottom of the bottle and it took a long time and a lot of shaking before it came together again. That may or may not bother you. I thought it would turn me off more than it did, but I ended up loving these so it didn't matter to me in the end.

I purchased these from the Native War Paints website. All of the polishes are $8.50 each, except for My Favorite Sweater HDF which is $9.50. Or you can get all six for $45. When they put out a new collection, it's usually sold as a pre-order first and is slightly discounted, so I was able to get the collection on pre-order for $40 which is a great price. So be sure to watch their social media pages for upcoming collection announcements! Tell me what you think of these pretties!

**UPDATE: I just learned that NWP are having a 30% off sale for Black Friday using the code BLACK, which includes this collection!

❤ Kellie

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fair Maiden Polish Winter 2015 Winter At Dusk Collection Swatches & Review

Hi there and happy Thanksgiving week! It's gonna be a short work week for me, which undoubtedly makes me a little giddy so I'm in good spirits. That in part also comes from this collection, my first from indie brand Fair Maiden Polish. The Winter At Dusk collection has six soft shades inspired by the tranquility of a winter sunset. Let's take a look!

Fire Frost is a pale champagne nude with a scattered holographic shimmer, red-orange color shifting micro flakes, and a subtle orange to violet flash. This had an nice, easy formula and was opaque in two coats.
Fair Maiden Polish Fire Frost

Snow Jewel is a metallic purple with a red-violet shimmer and pale gold micro flakes. This one took a little more care to apply, it can kind of bunch up on itself like some metallics tend to do, so give yourself extra dry time between layers. Opaque in two coats. This reminds me of Rescue Beauty Lounge Lucciole from the Fan 2.0 collection, but this is a warmer purple compared to that one.
Fair Maiden Polish Snow Jewel

Ice Petals is a light blush pink with green sparkle, iridescent micro flakes that shift from blue to violet to red, and metallic silver flakes. I found this a bit on the thicker side, but not terribly so. Two coats.
Fair Maiden Polish Ice Petals

Winter Moon is a medium blue grey crelly with a blue flash, super itty bitty holo twinkles, and blue-green sparkles. This was more sheer than the other shades, it took three coats for full opacity.
Fair Maiden Polish Winter Moon

Afterglow is a light lavender holographic shade with pink shifting micro flakes. This had a great formula, maybe the best in the collection. Very easy to apply, two coats for total coverage.
Fair Maiden Polish Afterglow

Starry Night is a midnight navy blue holographic with golden metallic flakes. This one was also great to apply, no trouble and opaque in two coats. This might be one of my favorite polish shades I've ever tried, no joke! The metallic flakes really pop in lower lighting. You have to see it in person!
Fair Maiden Polish Starry Night

I recommend a glossy top coat with all of these shades. They don't dry dull necessarily, but they aren't super shiny. This collection will be available on Thursday, Nov. 26 at 9pm CST on the Fair Maiden website. The collection will be sold for $10 each for full size bottles, $6.50 each in mini bottles.They are having a few holiday promotions as well starting that day, including 25% off all purchases and a free Limited Edition Holiday 2015 lacquer with the purchase of the full Winter at Dusk collection. Those promos go through Monday, Nov. 30th, no code necessary.

Tell me what you think about these soft winter shades! Which is your favorite? I think I would be lost without Starry Night now that I have seen its wonder!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

GlitterDaze Back To Rad Collection Part 2 Swatches & Review

I'm back today with the second half of the GlitterDaze Back to Rad collection! I posted the first six yesterday here, so here are the remaining seven shades. This half is on the darker side and includes some glitter/shimmer polishes. In case you missed it, the inspiration for this collection is the 90's era, which I grew up (in part) in!

Freak Of Nature is a deep muted mossy green crelly. This was way more sheer than the lighter colors in the first half that I posted yesterday. I needed three coats for full opacity. This is quite dark, looking almost black in lower lights. I still call my siblings freaks of nature sometimes, it's such a sick diss!
GlitterDaze Freak of Nature

You've Got Mail is a dark slate blue crelly. You've Got Mail was such a cute romantic movie, and this is also a great catch phrase for the rise of technology in the 90's. This has almost the same formula as Freak of Nature, but was a little more opaque so I only needed two coats.
GlitterDaze You've Got Mail

Y2K has a sparkly gold base with holographic silver shimmer and metallic multicolored shifty flakes. This had a thinner consistency but was not difficult to use. A little sheer at first, but I used a thicker second coat and it covered completely. You may need three depending on your application style. This is way more sparkly in person than I could capture. If you lived in the 90's, you probably remember the Y2K hubbub. So silly to think about now huh!
GlitterDaze Y2K

Bomb Dot Com is a chocolate brown with a crelly formula. This was the ultimate catch phrase in the 90's, but I still say it sometimes because I'm super cool. I had no trouble with this one and it was opaque in two coats.
GlitterDaze Bomb Dot Com

Heroin Chic has a clear base filled with platinum shards, holographic shimmer and holographic microflakes. This is one coat over You've Got Mail. I feel like this is a polish I've been looking for but I didn't know it. I love it! The metallic shards show up more in low light while the holo shimmer pops more in bright light.
GlitterDaze Heroin Chic

Lewinsky is a deep muted brick-ish cranberry red crelly, This one was similar to the formula of Freak of Nature, very jelly-like. More thick but also a bit runny, I had some pooling on the edges on some nails. I used two coats here. I do have to say this is kind of a unique shade of red in my collection though, I really like the color.
GlitterDaze Lewinsky

Boombox is a jet black jelly loaded with silver holographic glitter and shimmer bits. I don't know about you, but my boombox was an essential item growing up! I even had one in my front seat when I got my first car, because it was so old all it had was an AM radio. Be jealous. ;) This applied quite easily and covered in two coats.
GlitterDaze Boombox

All of the solid color polishes dried really shiny, but I always use a top coat even so. The glitter shade may need two coats of top coat for a smooth finish. These are all available now on the GlitterDaze website. The crèmes are $10 each and the shimmers/glitters are $12. How do you like these shades? Which half of the collection are you drawn to most? I loved the brights, but with the colder weather I feel this half is more seasonally apropos.

See you again soon with more polish!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

GlitterDaze Back To Rad Collection Part 1 Swatches & Review

Greetings cookies! I have a new collection from indie brand GlitterDaze to share today, it's called Back To Rad. This is a thirteen shade collection inspired by and named for the 90's era! I was born in 1986 so I spent my childhood in the 90's. All these names are taking me back to the good ol' days man! I've got six of the thirteen to show you today, the rest are coming soon!

Away Message is a cool toned heather purple crème. I never really got into using AIM for chatting, but I had always had a good away message anyway haha! This was lovely to apply, opaque in one coat but I used two.
GlitterDaze Away Message

Spice Up Your Life is a medium berry pink crème. I loved the Spice Girls when they first came out, and I love them still. (Remember their movie Spice World??) This was easy to apply with a nice shiny formula. This is two coats.
GlitterDaze Spice Up Your Life

Dip Baby Dip is a slightly lavender toned pink crème. Did you just start singing the Tootsie Roll song? It gets in my head whenever I read the name of this one haha. The formula on this was a bit thick, but it wasn't difficult to work with. Two coats.
GlitterDaze Dip Baby Dip

Grunge is a greyed out medium purple crème. The grunge scene was so huge in the 90's, Nirvana is still one of my favorite bands. And who doesn't love a good flannel? Lovely formula, this was opaque in two easy coats.
GlitterDaze Grunge

Mom Jeans is a fabulous azure blue crème. Way better than the high-waisted mom jeans of my childhood, this blue is a fashion DO. Easy to apply and opaque in one coat, but I used two.
GlitterDaze Mom Jeans

No Duh is a dark magenta crème. Duh is one of the words I can remember using the most as an adolescent so I love this one. Easy formula, opaque on one coat but deepens a shade with another layer.
GlitterDaze No Duh

These are available now on the GlitterDaze website. They are priced at $10 each. Are you a 90's kid like me? I love the inspiration behind this collection and was really happy with the formulas. Which is your favorite? I have to pick Mom Jeans! Stay tuned for part two of the collection!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Zoya Winter/Holiday 2015 Matte Velvet Collection Swatches & Review

Hey there! I have the new Winter/Holiday collection from Zoya to show you today! It's a collection of 6 polishes in their matte velvet finish. The original matte velvets were such fan favorites that Zoya brought them out of retirement last year, so there was much excitement over the fact that we were getting six new shades in the classic matte style. Let's have a look!

Aspen is a crisp white matte with diamond like shimmer flecks. I found this a bit streaky but didn't have as much trouble with it as I was expecting to. Whites are notoriously tricky to work with. This is three coats.
Zoya Aspen

And below is after I've added a top coat. There isn't a huge discernable difference in photos, but in real life it changes the look a lot.
Zoya Aspen

Yves is described as a deep sapphire matte with a subtle pearl fleck shimmer. This was quite easy to apply, two coats here.
Zoya Yves

The sparkle in Yves really comes out to play when you apply top coat!
Zoya Yves

Amal is a crimson red matte with red pearl fleck shimmer. This one was fantastic, it was opaque in one coat but I used two out of habit. Some matte polishes are difficult to apply evenly, but this one was effortless.
Zoya Amal

With top coat over Amal, you can see little pops of pink come out through the shimmer!
Zoya Amal

Sue is a muted champagne beige matte with "oyster shell" pearl fleck shimmer. This is one I wasn't crazy about in the bottle but ended up loving on my nails. The formula seemed a bit thinner than the others, I needed three coats.
Zoya Sue

There is a glimpse of pink shimmer glimmering through Sue when she has top coat on, so pretty!
Zoya Sue

Honor is an emerald green matte with soft emerald pearl fleck shimmer. This one has a good formula, similar to Yves. Two coats.
Zoya Honor

With top coat, Honor reminds me of the emerald city from Wizard of Oz, so shimmery!
Zoya Honor

Iris is described as a deep amethyst with a fuchsia pearl fleck shimmer. This might be my surprise favorite, it's such a lovely red toned purple! This one was pretty opaque in one coat, but two layers deepened the color a bit.
Zoya Iris

Wowza! Check out that shimmah! I love how the little reddish bits in Iris glow with top coat on.
Zoya Iris

Zoya recommends to apply these without a base coat for best results, but I never use polish without a base coat so I cheated and applied my stain-blocker favorite SuperChic Lacquer Bring It On and then a coat of a matte top coat before I put on the polish. I have heard that both the green and blue in this collection can stain significantly, but I didn't have any issues due to the base coat combo I used.

These are available now at the Zoya website for $10 each. What do you think of these beauties? In case you're interested in how these compare to the original matte velvet shades, my friend Valesha over at Peachy Polish has a post up on her blog with comparisons! Thanks for coming by today, see you again soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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