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Monday, February 29, 2016

Glam Polish Friendship is Sparkly Limited Edition Trio Swatches & Review

Good morning! I hope your day is going well so far :) I have a new trio from Glam Polish to show you today, yay! These shades are in a trio called Friendship is Sparkly, inspired by the animated tv show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I personally watch this show and I freaking love it! It's definitely not just for the kiddos haha. The three shades are all blingy holographic polishes with holo and circle glitters.

Glam Polish Cutie Pox has a holographic base tinted with a mix of silver ultra holo glitter and pastel rainbow of small and micro-sized dot glitter. This applied very easily, like most Glam Polish shades that I've tried. It did seem a little see-through on two coats though, so I used three. This is my favorite of the three!
Glam Polish Cutie Pox

Glam Polish Bridle Gossip has a holographic base tinted with turquoise glass flecks and a mix of ultra holo glitter, iridescent glitter and small dot glitter. This one felt a little thicker, almost a little gummy feeling. I only needed two coats on this one though.
Glam Polish Bridle Gossip

Glam Polish Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows also has a holographic base, this time tinted with slightly purpley pink glass flecks and a mix of ultra holo glitter, iridescent glitter and small dot glitter. This applied nicely, but was a little more sheer, much like Cutie Pox. I only used two coats here, and while it seemed pretty opaque indoors, in the bright light you can see through to my nail a bit. I would recommend three coats on this one.
Glam Polish Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows

These dry with a tiny bit of bumpiness due to the glitter, so you'll want a thick top coat to make them completely smooth. They will be available for purchase on Friday, March 4th at 1pm EST (US) on the Glam Polish website for $11.50 each or $33 for the trio. This is a limited edition set and could sell out quickly so don't hesitate to pick them up if you want them. What do you think of these three sparkly ponies? Do you like MLP??

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Glisten & Glow Winter Remix Collection Collab with YWP Swatches & Review

What's up cookies? I recently picked up a foursome of crème polishes from indie brand Glisten & Glow called Winter Remix! These shades were designed and named in collaboration with Nicole from the YouTube channel Young Wild and Polished.

Glisten & Glow Frosty Camel is a cool taupe crème. Great formula, almost a one coater! I did use two for full opacity though. After I was done swatching these I immediately put this one back on, I love it!
Glisten & Glow Frosty Camel

Glisten & Glow Topaz's Cabin is a dark slate blue grey crème with a super slight hint of green. This formula was a little more jellyish than the other shades but I still only needed two coats for coverage. But if you prefer to do very thin coats, you may need three.
 Glisten & Glow Topaz's Cabin

Glisten & Glow OG Snowman is a soft pale grey crème. This has a nice formula for such a light color, only two coats. Has a smidge of a blue tone that makes it seem very wintery.
 Glisten & Glow OG Snowman

Glisten & Glow Dukeberry is a dusky purple-mauve crème. Another great one, almost a one coater but I used two here. An interesting shade that I don't really have an equal to in my collection!
Glisten & Glow Dukeberry

I purchased these on the Glisten & Glow website. They are available now for $7.25 each or you can get all four for $28. They are running a sale right now giving you free domestic shipping or reduced international shipping (on this quad only) through tomorrow 2/25 at 11:59 pm EST! No code necessary.

Tell me what you think about these four winter shades! I think they're fabulous for any time but they work so well for the cold weather. And they look great together as a color palette! Let me know which one is your favorite!

❤ Kellie

Monday, February 22, 2016

GlitterDaze 4th Birthday Gift Set Swatches & Review

Good day to you fair dear! Let's hope this week is better than the last one. At least in my case, haha! Today I have the gift set from GlitterDaze for the 4th Birthday of their brand to show you! This set includes two holographic nail polishes, a cuticle balm, and a hand fizzy.

Image via GlitterDaze

GlitterDaze Birthday Kisses is inspired by the Pantone 2016 Color of the Year, Rose Quartz. It's a warm light pink linear holographic shade with shifting iridescent blue glass fleck shimmers. Thin consistency but easy to apply. Two coats for opacity.
GlitterDaze Birthday Kisses

GlitterDaze Make A Wish is inspired by the other Pantone 2016 Color of the Year, Serenity. It's a medium periwinkle linear holographic with color shifting iridescent pink shimmer. Same formula as Birthday Kisses, this is two coats.
GlitterDaze Make A Wish

The cuticle balm included is unscented, which is a bummer for me. I would've love a cake batter scented balm! But it works well and you get a nice amount for a "sample" size. It's stiff but melts into the skin quickly and give nice moisture without being greasy.

The hand fizzy is scented, yay, with a lovely birthday cake scent! I love the little sprinkles and the heart shape! It is a bit on the crumbly side, but not extremely so. If you don't know, this is a type of "manicure bomb" used for adding to warm water and soaking your hands in as a moisture treatment. This worked well in terms of fizzing and moisturization, a nice treat for your hands or feet!

This box is available now on the GlitterDaze website for $24 or you can purchase the individual polishes for $12 each. Let me know what you think about this box! Are you interested in picking it up? Can you believe this is their 4th year of making polish? My how time flies!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

China Glaze House of Colour Collection Giveaway

Hi everyone! If you missed it, I debuted my swatches & review of the China Glaze House of Colour collection the other day; you can see my post HERE. And today I have a giveaway for a new set of the entire collection! I purchased these for the sole purpose of doing this giveaway because I knew it was going to be a big hit! (Your prize is a set of all new bottles, not the ones I used for my swatches haha.)
  • Open to residents in the US and Canada only. (Sorry international folks, shipping polish can be tricky!)
  • Ages 18 and older only
  • Open Feb. 21st until March 6th at 11:59pm
  • Enter via the widget below, be sure to read all rules and regulations!
  • Any "giveaway only" accounts will be disqualified at my discretion
  • Email me with questions: kg(at)

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Please click HERE to enter in case the widget did not load properly.

Love you all and good luck!

❤ Kellie
The prize for this giveaway was purchased by me.

Friday, February 19, 2016

China Glaze Spring 2016 House of Colour Collection Swatches & Review

Hello my friends! Happy Friday to you! I have the new China Glaze collection for Spring 2016 to show you today called House of Colour. This set of twelve shades is inspired by the eclectic tones of the 1970's. There's some great polishes for the approaching warmer season, I hope you like them as much as I do!
Image via China Glaze

China Glaze Sorry I'm Latte is a nude crème. Leans very neutral on me, which I love. This covered way better than I expected, it was thick but really easy to apply and I had no issues with streaking. This is two coats.
China Glaze Sorry I'm Latte

China Glaze In The Near Fuchsia is a lush fuchsia jelly crème. More squishy than a straight crème but with great coverage. A little thicker, but not difficult to use. Two coats, very shiny!
 China Glaze In The Near Fuchsia

China Glaze Let's Chalk About It is a very pale, almost white, pink crème. This applied SO much better than I was expecting it to, these types of colors are usually hard to manipulate. Quite a thick formula, a little more than the others, but easy to apply. Two coats here.
China Glaze Let's Chalk About It

China Glaze About Layin' Out is a salmony coral pink jelly crème. This had the same as consistency as In The Near Fuchsia, maybe a tad less opaque. Still, I achieved complete coverage in just two coats. This is 100% my type of shade, I love it!
China Glaze About Layin' Out

China Glaze Girls Just Wanna Have Sun is a pale yellow crème. This had a very similar formula to Let's Chalk About It, but I used three coats for full coverage. Seemed a little thick on the nail at three, but dried surprisingly fast. I adore pale yellows, so this is a winner for me!
China Glaze Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

China Glaze Don't Be Shallow is a soft sky blue crelly. This is more on the sheer side, but thick at the same time. I could see this possibly getting gummy upon further use. I was very close to almost getting full coverage in two coats, but I needed a third. I didn't mind the third coat though, because it was easy to put on, unlike some three coaters can be.
China Glaze Don't Be Shallow

China Glaze Pink Or Swim is a warm bubblegum pink crème. A classic shade, this is true, but this one just caught my attention so much when I had it on. It's very flattering! Two easy, perfect coats.
China Glaze Pink or Swim

China Glaze Moonlight The Night is a glitter topper in a clear base. It features blue and purple translucent type hexes that are color reflective. You can see in the bottle the difference to how it looks over a pale base color. I put one coat over Don't Be Shallow. Although I like the combination, this was very thick after putting on a top coat. So I'd recommend a different base color that needs less layers. This would also look amazing over a dark base. I've pictured it in full sunlight and in the shade to better show off the color shifting look the glitters have.
China Glaze Moonlight The Night
full sunlight
China Glaze Moonlight The Night

China Glaze Shut The Front Door! is a mauve purpley-pink metallic shimmer. This applied pretty well but I found it a tad runny. Full opacity in two coats, some visible brushstrokes. I wasn't sure I was going to like this shade at first, but it really knocked me out!

China Glaze Glitter Me This... is a glitter topper with a clear base. There are various sizes of matte white and pale pink hex glitters as well as mirror-like gold hexes in this. Stunning and pretty unique! I only needed one coat over Pink or Swim for this look.
China Glaze Glitter Me This...

China Glaze Come Rain Or Shine is a bold azure blue with tons of pink shimmer. This shade of blue is so different looking to me, it's matchless in my collection! The formula on this guy was really good, neither thin or thick, opaque in two coats.
China Glaze Come Rain Or Shine

China Glaze Chrome Is Where The Heart Is is a blush pink chrome metallic. Not totally a smooth chrome, kind of foil-like. Completely opaque in one coat! Shows some brushstrokes and/or imperfections in the nail bed though, so apply carefully.
China Glaze Chrome Is Where The Heart Is

This collection is available now in stores such as Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta for around $7 each. Let me know what you think about this set! I really can't pick a favorite, I love them all so much! Are you a Spring shades kinda gal?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Holiday 2015 Ghosts of Christmas Future Collection Swatches & Review

Hey kids! I've got the Holiday 2015 collection from Australian indie brand Pretty Serious Cosmetics to show you today! It's called Ghost of Christmas Future. So...happy late Christmas?? For serious though, even though this is last year's holiday collection, the colors are still relevant no matter what the season. There are eight shades in this collection, all in a metallic and/or foil finish! I didn't use a top coat for any of these swatches, they sparkled and shone smoothly enough without one.

Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn is a red metallic finely milled foil. You can see glimmer bits of silver pop out here and there, so cute! It has an incredible formula, this is only one coat! One looked so good I couldn't bear to put another on, which is very rare for me. This polish color originally came out in 2012 but was retired, then was brought back as inspiration for this collection with all the other colors coming to life in similar finishes!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Santa's Sunburn

Pretty Serious Joy to the Overlords is a purple metallic with silver shimmer. This was on the thin side, it appeared to be a little sheer on the first coat, but was totally opaque in two. Purples aren't always my favorite, but this one is warm enough and with just enough glisteny bits to hold my interest.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Joy to the Overlords

Pretty Serious Eat, Drink and Assimilate is a burnt orange coppery foil. A heavier particle of metallic than the red shade, less mirror-like but more prismatic. Excellent formula, this is just one coat!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Eat, Drink and Assimilate

Pretty Serious Hack The Halls is a vibrant green metallic foil with gold and silver sparkly bits. This was pretty opaque, but not quite a one coater. I used two here. I love this so much, it's a fabulous green that works for spring as well as holiday!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Hack The Halls

Pretty Serious Frosty the Snowborg is a white hot icy silver foil. This is super pale, almost a white, but it's definitely silver. Fine shimmer, close to a chrome type of finish. This is also just one coat! You may see some brushstrokes, but I think that's actually the ridges in my nails showing due to the finish.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Frosty the Snowborg

Pretty Serious A Christmas Time Paradox is a blue metallic with tiny silver glimmers. The finish of this one seemed the most different from the others, thinner with frosty shimmer that shows more brushstrokes. I used two coats for opacity here.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics A Christmas Time Paradox

Pretty Serious The Night Before... has a black base filled with silver foil shimmer. This is another amazing one, opaque in just one coat. I thought this would be more grey/gunmetal in person but it's quite dark!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics The Night Before...

Pretty Serious Yuletide of the Machines is a brassy antique gold metallic foil. This polish had a super foily finish, the kind that could bunch up on itself if you applied a second coat too quickly. I needed just one coat for full coverage though. This color reminds me of Egyptian jewelry, it's pretty unique in my collection!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Yuletide of the Machines

These are all available for purchase on the Pretty Serious website now. They are $9.95 AUD per bottle, so with the current exchange rate, they're around $7 USD right now. They do have a direct shipping warehouse in the US so you don't have to wait for them to come from Australia if you're in the States, which is really nice. What do you think of this collection? Are you into metallics? My favorite has to be Santa's Sunburn, but Hack The Halls is a close second!

Be sure to check out the Pretty Serious Facebook and Instagram because they will be coming out with a new collection SUPER soon! They always have an early bird discount on new products, so you'll want to be in the know when they come out! Talk to you again soon :)

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Holo Hookup March 2016 Indie Collaboration Box Swatches & Review

It's Holo Hookup preview time again! This is a pre-order monthly collaboration box between indie brands Glisten & Glow, Different Dimension, and Cupcake Polish with a special guest brand. The theme for March's box is The Candy Shop so all the polishes are inspired by delicious sugary candy! I was immediately intrigued when I heard this. The guest brand this month is Fair Maiden Polish, a brand I've come to know and love recently! Let's take a look at the colors!
candy inspiration

Glisten & Glow Pink Rock Candy is a bright pink linear holographic with cherry and silver holo microglitters and added pink shimmers. This polish had an amazing smooth formula, really awesome to paint with. This is two coats.
 Glisten & Glow Pink Rock Candy

Cupcake Polish Lemonheads is a bright yellow gold linear holographic with heavy gold and pink shimmers. Another awesome formula, although seemed a bit sheer on the first coat. I only needed one more to cover my nails entirely though.
Cupcake Polish Lemonheads

Different Dimension Blue Raspberry Airheads is a sky blue linear holographic with a zillion similarly colored holo microglitters that lean a touch more teal, and heavy shimmers. This has an amazing effect, like little holo pebbles in a glistening river! Great application and opaque in just two coats. Dries surprisingly smooth!
Different Dimension Blue Raspberry Airheads

Fair Maiden Polish Now & Later is a grape purple linear holographic with subtle pink-to-gold flakes. This had a thin formula but it was easy to use and I only needed two coats for full opacity. I noticed slight brushstrokes with this one, but they're not super noticeable.
Fair Maiden Polish Now & Later

This box will be up for pre-sale on The Holo Hookup website starting on Sunday, February 21st at 9pm EST through Sunday, February 28th at 9pm EST. The box is $40 plus shipping. If you're interested, you can check out The Holo Hookup on Facebook and Instagram to see even more swatches of these babies! Are you into these colorful candy colored polishes?? Which is your favorite?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Color4Nails Presents Cupcake Polish & A England Duos Swatches & Review

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I'll be celebrating by relaxing and catching up on my DVR'd TV shows haha. What are you doing today? I've recently gotten a few sets of polish to swatch and review from the online nail polish stockist Color4Nails and I wanted to share them with you :)

One of my newer favorite indie brands, Cupcake Polish, has released an exclusive duo for the Color4Nails store! This is a one time run of these shades, so they will not be restocked when sold out.

Cupcake Polish Bitter Almonds is a badass gunmetal grey linear holographic with gold shimmer and metallic silver shards. Um, can I just tell you that my jaw DROPPED when I saw this in person? It's incredible in real life, pictures cannot do it justice. Great formula, very easy to put on. Two coats for full coverage.
Cupcake Polish Bitter Almonds

I included a shade picture because you can really see the shards in all their glory!
Cupcake Polish Bitter Almonds

Cupcake Polish Unrequited Love is a glamorous burgundy linear holographic with added berry colored shimmer and metallic silver shards. Another stunning color! This formula was just as fab as Bitter Almonds, but I noticed this one did take a tad longer to fully dry. Two coats here as well.
Cupcake Polish Unrequited Love

And a shade pic...
Cupcake Polish Unrequited Love

Next I have some new shades from UK brand A England! I've really like this brand for a long time, but haven't gotten any of their colors in the last few years, not sure why! These are both part of their Heavenly Quotes series.

A England Sparks Divine is an antique gold-tan scattered holographic with a crazy shimmery quality to it. Applies very smooth and evenly. I only needed two coats for full opacity. This also dried very shiny so you don't even need a top coat if you don't want one.
A England Sparks Devine

A England Whispering Waves is a turquoise metallic scattered holographic with a pink flash. This was incredibly opaque, a one coater but I did two here. The formula was a little thicker but in a good way. You may see slight brushstrokes due to the metallic finish but I don't think they detract from the beauty of the polish at all.
 A England Whispering Waves

These shades are all available now from the Color4Nails website. The Cupcake Polish colors are sold individually for $14 each or as a duo for $27. The A England shades are both $10 each. What do you think of these holo stunners? I'm in l-o-v-e!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Native War Paints Valentine's Day 2016 Goodbye, Good Riddance, Good Night Collection Swatches & Review

Another Valentine's collection! This one is more themed to my sensibilities though, Native War Paints' six piece V-Day offering is called Goodbye, Good Riddance, Good Night and it's inspired by breakup songs! I've never been a romantic-type so I can dig these babies more than if they were named after love songs haha.

Native War Paints Love Hurts is a vibrant orchid purple filled with red shimmer. This formula was on the thin side but not difficult to work with at all. I've been impressed with all of the NWP shimmers I've tried because of their easy of application! Complete coverage in two coats.
Native War Paints Love Hurts

Native War Paints You Oughta Know is a robust blue-toned red with gold and red shimmer. Another thin but easy formula, no issues. Two coats. Dries a little dull so you'll want a top coat for shine. This is my favorite song out of the bunch, love Alanis Morissette!
Native War Paints You Oughta Know

Native War Paints Go Your Own Way is a pinky lavender polish with gold and red shimmer. The shimmer in this was very sunken so I had to shake it really well and leave it upside down for a while before I applied it to get the true color. This one also seemed to have a heavier smell than the other polishes, not sure why. Covered well in two coats, dries matte.
Native War Paints Go Your Own Way

Native War Paints Falling in Love (is Hard on the Knees) is a vibrant pink with a coral tone paired with red shimmer. This applied like a dream and was opaque in two coats. This might be my favorite in the collection! Also dries on the matte side.
 Native War Paints Falling in Love (is Hard on the Knees)

Native War Paints Since U Been Gone is a medium rosy pink with red and gold shimmer. Another excellent formula, applied smooth and easy and covered in two coats.
Native War Paints Since U Been Gone

Native War Paints Love Stinks is a dark polish that is a red but leans towards brown, a mahogany type of shade. The red shimmer in this is subtle, but it's there giving the vampy color a hint of sparkle. Great to apply, almost a one coater but I used two here. Dries with a dull finish, but not quite as matte as the others.
 Native War Paints Love Stinks

These shades are all available now on the Native War Paints website for $8.50 each or $45 for the full collection. There also mini bottles available for $5 each. (Side note: the bottle pictured is not permanent, the shape/cap will still be the normal one on the polishes purchased on their website.) Do you like this type of collection? I think it's great to have a cohesive element to each shade! Which is your favorite? What are you planning on wearing on your nails for Valentine's Day?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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