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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Colors by Llarowe - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Today I will be reviewing a nail polish from polish e-tailer turned polish maker Llarowe. Her brand is called Colors by Llarowe and this polish is called Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I remember when she first posted about it on her facebook page, saying she was mixing colors and one of them was remarkably similar to Essie's infamous Starry, Starry Night polish, a very hard to find, and expensive when you do, vintage polish. As soon as it was available for sale I snapped it right up because I've been lemming SSN practically since I started blogging!

Twinkle is a dark navy blue jelly packed with tiny square silver glitter pieces, like a stunning night sky. The formula was a bit on the thick side, I found it worked best when I applied it slowly. This is two coats and a top coat, although it is nicely shiny on it's own. I have seen comparisons between this and SSN and it's a touch deeper in color but is otherwise almost indiscernible.
Colors by Llarowe - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Colors by Llarowe - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

You can pick this up on Llarowe's website for $12 for a 12 mL bottle. What do you think of this polish? Do you own the Essie polish it's modeled after? If so, how do you think they compare? I still want the original haha, I'm a sucker for the "unicorn" polishes that are hard to find.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Blogging for a Cause - My Guest Post on Work/Play/Polish

Hi friends! Today I am being featured as a guest blogger on my friend Leslie's blog Work/Play/Polish. She is doing a series to highlight the charity Polished Girlz, a group "bring sparkle to the lives of girls with special needs or frequent hospitalizations by bringing the trendiest nail art parties to them, while teaching them the importance of hand washing to reduce infection rates and repeated hospital admissions".

You can view my post here and be sure to subscribe to her so you can see all the other great guest posts she's planning. I can't believe I did nail art! It is a recreation of one of Instagrammer @amkuch15′s manicures, just switched up to different colors. Happy holidays!
Kellie Gonzo: Holiday Nail Art

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lacquistry - Amazeballz

Hi everyone! I have an awesome handmade nail polish to show you today from indie seller Lacquistry. It's called Amazeballz, which is silly haha. It's not really a glitter, but more of a metal flake. It's a kind of silverish gold, more gold in the sun, more platinum in the shade. I love bling so I had to have this. All the swatches I saw online said it was opaque in 2 coats, but it took me three coats to get to this opacity and you can still see some bits where my nail pokes through in the sun, in the shade it's less noticeable. It dries smooth which is great.

Lacquistry Amazeballz
Lacquistry Amazeballs (shade)

I love this because it's so fun and outrageous. Not something I'd wear everyday of course, but very cool. I think I will layer this over a solid gold shade like Revlon Gold Coin the next time I wear it.

You can get Lacquistry products from their Etsy store. Amazeballz is $15 for a 0.5 oz bottle, expensive by indie standards, but I think the materials are more expensive so it makes sense. She sells a 1 oz. and a huge 2.5 oz bottle of this too, not sure why anyone would ever need that much but hey, to each their own! What do you think of this bling sensation?

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hobby Polish Bloggers Winter Giveaway - CLOSED

Another giveaway?? YES! I hope you take a minute to enter to win. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy your last bit of 2013 :D Here's to a greater and more polish-filled 2014! Cheers!

The Hobby Polish Bloggers are having their second multi-blogger giveaway! One winner will receive a $200 gift card to Llarowe, Ninja Polish, Harlow & Co. or via Paypal; and two winners will receive a $100 gift card to one of the same e-tailers or via Paypal. To enter, please allow the Rafflecopter widget to load below. All Terms and Conditions may also be found in the widget. Please visit the following Hobby Polish Bloggers members who are bringing this to you! You may enter using Rafflecopter from any of the below blogs but your entry will only count one time. You may, however, tweet about the giveaway (the last option) once a day for the duration of the giveaway. This gveaway ends at midnight on Dec. 31.


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Monday, December 9, 2013

Beauty Blog Coalition Winter Giveaway - CLOSED

Hi everyone! Thanks for being such loyal readers and checking out my little corner of the internet. Please enjoy this giveaway, enter your guts out and I hope you win! Love ya!

The bloggers from the Beauty Blog Coalition are at it again and want to give you the opportunity to win a little money right before the holiday season!

All terms and conditions are listed in the Rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway is open from 10 December until 21 December, internationally to all those ages 18 and up. You may tweet using the Rafflecopter option once a day until the giveaway is over for extra entries. One winner will receive a $500 prepaid Visa gift card. Two more winners will receive a $200 prepaid Visa gift card. (Both are available as a one-time PayPal transfer if the winner so chooses.)


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Friday, December 6, 2013

Cult Nails Midnight Masquerade Collection Swatches & Review

Last month Cult Nails put out a limited edition trio of polishes called the Midnight Masquerade collection. They only made 500 sets and sold them for $24 until they ran out. I am really glad I was able to get them, they are my favorite Cult Nails polishes probably since they first started!

First is Masquerade, a tealish green jelly packed with a heavy duochromed shimmer which flits from pinky purple to a smashing copper. Totally brilliant and beautiful. It's on the thin/sheer side, so this is three coats, with topcoat.
Cult Nails - Masquerade by kelliegonzo

Next is Midnight Mist, a greeny taupe woodsy brown with gorgeous gold to copper shimmer. This one glows from within like embers, which I love. I am enamored with this color, interesting and subtle and just beautiful. This is two coats.
Cult Nails - Midnight Mist by kelliegonzo

This is Ms. Conduct, a taupe brown crème with a plummy undertone. This is really lovely, a fabulously opaque and creamy formula. This is one of those classic polishes that I can see myself wearing over and over, despite owning more polish than I could really use in a lifetime. I used two coats here.
Cult Nails - Ms. Conduct by kelliegonzo

My dears, I am sorry to make you pine for these beauties if you did not get a chance to pick them up before they sold out. I just could not live with myself if I didn't share their fabulousness. I am excited for the future of Cult Nails if they keep up putting out amazing colors like these! Check out their shop at

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Hungry Asian Holiday 2013 Collection Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! I have some awesome new polishes from my friend Kae, aka The Hungry Asian. She's been making polish for a few years and I've shown you some in the past. She's just put out seven new shades for the 2013 Holiday season and it is my great joy to show them off to you!

First is Snow Sprinkles, a white jelly creme with teal, blue, red & pink glitters and baby pink stars. I love the combo of the glitters in this, it is holiday but also Americana! I love the stars in this, but you can just barely see the one on my middle finger, it's a little hidden. This is three coats. You could layer one or two over a white creme for a more opaque look, but I think the appeal of these is to see the layers of glitter, the depth, haha.
The Hungry Asian - Snow Sprinkles

Next is Frigid Digits, which you might've seen a peek of last week if you follow me on Instagram. This is an icy teal glitter in all sizes with some white glitters in bars, squares, hexes, and dots in a clear base. The white glitters really make the blue pop huh! I layered two heavy coats over Zoya Natty.
The Hungry Asian - Frigid Digits

Here is Evergreen, a squishy creme that shines like crazy. It's a dark olive green with tons of green microglitter and some subtle blue and gold multicolored pigment bits. I absolutely LOVE this polish. It's deep and not in your face Christmasy but nicely fits with the season I think. This is two coats.
The Hungry Asian - Evergreen

This one is called Sleigh Bells Bling (such a cute name). It's a green and red glitter mix of all shapes and sizes with a gorgeous gold shimmer in a clear base. Another hit for me! This reminds me of a bag of ribbons and bows all mixed up and glowing from holiday lights or something. I used two coats over Evergreen.
The Hungry Asian - Sleigh Bells Bling

Happy Blue Year is so excellent, just so fun and pretty. It's a dark blue jelly with red, purple, and silver glitters and larger silver holo hexes. I found it really easy to apply and spread the glitter on this one, which I wasn't expecting. This is three coats.
The Hungry Asian - Happy Blue Year

Next is Secrets, a scattered holographic dusty purple with tiny red sparkles. My camera kept wanting to make this more blue toned, so I had to correct it. I think it's pretty close to the true color. This one is really pretty and glows just right in the sun. Two coats here.
The Hungry Asian - Secrets

And last is Who Needs Diamonds?, a seriously blingy gold hex glitter and shimmer polish. Kae said she meant this to be a one coat layering polish but I used two here for more impact over a black creme. I love how reflective the glitters are, you need to see this baby in action! Also, the glitters lay flat, no curling. I freaking live for gold so this is right up my alley.
The Hungry Asian - Who Needs Diamonds?

You can get these from The Hungry Asian Etsy store for $9.25 for a full size bottle and $4.50 for a mini (heart shaped!) bottle. They are having a Black Friday sale on 11/29 starting at midnight for 20% with a minimum purchase of $25 or more, code is THA20. What do you think of these fabulous holiday polishes?

Product samples were provided for consideration.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Estee Lauder - Surreal Violet

Today's polish is from Estee Lauder's Blue Dahlia collection from Fall 2010, Surreal Violet. I fell hard for this polish when I saw swatches of it but didn't bite the bullet when it was still in stores. I was soon out of luck, darn those limited edition lacquers! I finally found it on a blog sale a while ago so I snatched it up right quick, *phew*!

Surreal Violet is a warm dusty mauvey lavender. It didn't really look all that purple on me, more rosy. There is a gorgeous copper bronze shimmer in it that makes it shift slightly in different lights. It appeared as almost a nude against my skin tone in most lights. The sun makes this glow so warm, like a cozy sweater. This is three coats and top coat. I could've gotten away with two though I think.
Estee Lauder - Surreal Violet
Estee Lauder - Surreal Violet

Sadly this color is long since discontinued, but you never know, you might find it on Ebay or a blog sale like I did! It was $18 when it was on sale from Estee Lauder...a tad expensivo for only 0.3 oz, but a gorgeous color nonetheless. Do you have any discontinued polishes that you're constantly on the look out for to purchase? I still have a long list of "lemmings" to get through, though it's so satisfying to finally capture one after a long search!

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Picks from the China Glaze Fall 2013 Autumn Nights Collection

I have been liking a lot of the fall shades this year, but don't necessarily seem to need all of them like I usually feel I do. China Glaze's Autumn Nights collection for fall is full of jewels tones and shimmers. Unfortunately, I feel like I have seen a lot of the colors before and I wasn't particularly interested in the some of them because I know others have had streaky issues with them, but there are some gorgeous foils in the collection that I had to have.

This is Goldie But Goodie, a coppery gold flecky foil. So beautiful! I am obsessed with golds and this one is right at home in my collection. The flecks meld together into a beautiful sheet of foil, one of my favorite types of polish. This was easy to apply, as are all three that I have to show you here. I used two coats.
China Glaze - Goldie But Goodie

Next is Gossip Over Gimlets, a gorgeous silver foil with coppery gold flecks. This is luxe and bling. I find it very comparable to, if not a dupe for, Wet n' Wild Fergie Going Wild and a England's Excalibur (new edition). But since I do not own either, I'm ok with that. The contrast of the silver and gold in this is really beautiful. I'm in love with this. Two coats.
China Glaze - Gossip Over Gimlets

And last of my picks from the collection is Strike Up a Cosmo. I expected this to be a rose gold sort of color, but it's really more of a mauvey pink foil with coppery gold flecks. I am disappointed in this because rose gold is probably my favorite color every and purple really isn't. However, to be fair it is a lovely polish, just not what I hoped it would be. Also two coats.
China Glaze - Strike Up a Cosmo

These all had a great formula, were easy to make opaque and are perfect for not only fall but also winter holidays. The glittery rather than straight foil blend of these lacquers makes it hard to get off your skin cleanly, so polish with care.

I might still get one or two more colors from the Autumn Nights collection, because I'm a polish junkie, but these are definitely the ones that stood out the most to me. You can get China Glaze lacquers at your local Sally Beauty Supply stores and online. What do you think about these wonderful foils?


Saturday, November 9, 2013

HARE polish - Dancing Bird of Paradise

Hi everyone! I am happy to show you a beautiful polish from one of my favorite indie brands, HARE polish. It's from their late summer 2013 collection The Tropics are Calling. It's called Dancing Bird of Paradise. I was bowled over by the swatches my friend Valesha from did of this lacquer and I purchased it immediately after seeing them.

The polish has a bright juicy cherry pinky red jelly base with a blend of various shapes/sizes of neon pink, satin white, gold glitter, and flaky gold shimmer. Wooo it is so hot and fun! I am addicted to bright jellies and the glitter mix in this one just blows it out of the water for me. I used two coats and it turned out pretty opaque for a jelly. The glitter was easy to spread on the nail and it didn't clump up like heavy glitters often do.
HARE Polish - Dancing Bird of Paradise
HARE Polish - Dancing Bird of Paradise

I have three other polishes from the Tropics collection that I haven't tried yet but I am excited to try. I can't say there is one polish HARE has created that I haven't wanted! You can buy HARE polish for about $10 each from their Etsy store, or from their stockists Llarowe and Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Also, be sure to follow their blog for news about upcoming collections and restocks. What do you think of this beauty?


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glisten & Glow Review

I'm always on the look out for the next great item to add to my nail care arsenal. Recently I had noticed a lot of people on Instagram taking nail pictures using a new top coat, Glisten & Glow HK Girl. I heard from a lot of people that it was amazing in terms of drying time without tip pull or shrinkage, and Leslie from work/play/polish was recently interviewed in Nail It! magazine saying that it was her "can't live without" top coat. I just had to try some for myself. The owner of Glisten & Glow, Jill, sent me a package of her goodies to try and I was not disappointed.

I got to test out their topcoat, HK Girl, and base coat, Stuck on Blu! I have been absolutely loving the topcoat, it dries super fast on me. It self-levels like a great top coat should, is very shiny and I haven't had one instance of shrinkage. It also wears very well on me, lasting a week or longer with no chips, which is amazing. I don't change my nail color as often as I used to so that's been nice. I would say it's my new favorite top coat!

The base coat might be also to credit for the excellent wear time I've been experiencing as I've been using Stuck on Blu! for all my recent manis as well. I've never really had a problem with my nails being stained with regular polish wear but if you're concerned about that you should try this as it claims to help prevent it. It's also sticky to help the polish adhere better, how I prefer my bases to be.

Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat and Stuck on Blu

Jill also slipped in some cuticle balm and a roller ball stick of cuticle oil, both in the scent Summer Sorbet. They are awesome, if you know me you know that I need all the help with my problem cuticles as I can get. The roller ball is super convenient and I love the smell. I feel like the balm absorbs in my skin quickly so I don't have to deal with any type of greasiness.
Glisten & Glow cuticle oil and nail & cuticle balm

The top coat and base coat is $6.95 per bottle or you can buy them as a duo for $13.50. The cuticle oil roller ball is $10.50 and the balm is $8.50 each. You should definitely check out these products and all the other awesome stuff in the Glisten & Glow store. They also do customizable bath products, everything from soap to scrub to shampoo. Are you interested in trying a new top coat? Try HK Girl! I bet you'll be impressed.

Product samples were provided for consideration.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

OPI Pink of Hearts 2013 Set

OPI has once again put out a limited edition Pink of Hearts set for the month of October to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. 2013 is their 7th year promoting the cause and they have included a solid pink polish, a multicolored glitter polish, and some nail art adornments in the pack.

This is Pink-ing of You, a permanent color in the OPI line. It's a beautiful light barbie pink jelly crème. It applies amazingly, just like most jelly crèmes do for me. Very shiny and self-leveling. No streaks here. This is three thin coats.
OPI Pink-ing of You

Next is More Than a Glimmer, a mix of different sized kinda greyed-out rainbow hex glitters in a milky pinkish white base. It's a cousin to such glitters mixes as in OPI Rainbow Connection, but the glitter colors are softer and with the base it's easy to wear on it's own. I found this relatively easy to apply for a polish with so much glitter in it. This is three coats.
OPI More Than a Glimmer

The set includes 10 rhinestones and 10 pink ribbon decals to use for nail art. I am a hopeless dope with nail art of any kind, but I decided to take the plunge and try them. They turned out to be so easy to use! I used tweezers to pick them off the paper and stick them on my nails. I clipped off the edge of one of the stickers on my first try though, so I would advise an easy grip on them haha. What do you think of my super easy nail art look? I love this!
OPI Pink of Hearts 2013 Set

Pink of Hearts 2013 will be available through the month of October in Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, ULTA and for $15.95 ($19.95 CAN) suggested retail. For more info, visit and follow OPI on facebook and twitter.

Product samples were provided for consideration.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Glitter Gal - Hot Chilli & Transfusion

Today I have two new Glitter Gal holographic lacquers to show you. They are both limited editions and there were only a few batches made. I have to admit, I might be cooling off on the holo trend. At first they were quite the novelty, but now they're so popular they seem almost commonplace to me (except for my beloved orange holo I posted the other day). Every indie seller makes them these days, but I still give Glitter Gal props for being one of the first brands to do them really well and bring them more into the mainstream.

First is Hot Chilli, a warm autumnal red holo. This one dried very matte on me, almost weirdly so, so I put topcoat on over it, which technically you shouldn't do with holos. That did dull the holo effect, but I think it looked nicer despite that. This is two coats plus topcoat.
Glitter Gal - Hot Chilli

This one is called Transfusion, which would suggest a blood red polish, but this is more purple to me. The same weird matte thing happened as it dried, so again I put topcoat over it. This time it definitely affected the holo finish more than I liked. If I wear these again, I will wear them without a topcoat. I do like the color a lot though, very sexy. This is two coats with topcoat.
Glitter Gal - Transfusion

I can't find these guys in stock online anymore but maybe they will reappear sometime in the future. You can purchase Glitter Gal nail polishes from their website, Llarowe, Harlow & Co, or Ninja Polish. Do you still love holographic polish or are you more ambivalent towards it these days like me?

Product samples were provided for consideration.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

About Time

"About Time"A film from Richard Curtis, the creator of Love Actually, Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

For more than three decades, filmmaker Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral) has crafted his signature voice in the world of movies and television, giving audiences unforgettable characters who have alternately allowed us to laugh at our ever-so-human foibles and to shed a tear at the extraordinary journeys that accompany our ordinary lives.

Now, with About Time, Curtis gives us his most personal film to date. About Time tells the story of a young man whose gift allows him to go back and relive any moment of his life.  But instead of making every moment perfect, he learns that life and love are most extraordinary when you embrace all of their imperfections. 

About Time is a comedy about love and time travel, which discovers that, in the end, making the most of life may not need time travel at all.

I am a big movie buff, I watch new movies weekly. Both in the theaters and at home! Romantic comedies are not my first choice normally, but there are a few good ones that win me over. There are some that when I see the trailer, instead of rolling my eyes per usual, I get a catch in my throat and know, that that one is going to be good. "Love Actually" is one of my all time favorite movies so I was happy to hear that the same filmmaker is directing this movie.

I know firsthand how we can expect and plan for things to be perfect but they can turn out so upside-down and backwards but still make for a lasting and invaluable memory. I was going on a first date with a guy a few years ago and I was so nervous for it. He had gotten us tickets to a concert in a nearby town that I was really excited for. I spent hours getting ready, straightening my unruly curly hair and I even bought a new outfit. He picked me up and then halfway to the venue, his car got a flat tire and neither of us knew how to change one. Then of course it began to rain and the humidity turned my painstakingly achieved blow out in to a puffy mess. I was embarrassed and I just wished for the night to end.

We decided to start walking to get to a phone (this was before absolutely everyone had cellphones) and it was pretty awkward at first. We really hardly knew each other after all! It took about an hour to find someone to let us use their phone, and in that time we ended up easing into joking, laughing, and then really getting to know each other. Eventually we got a ride and help with the car. We missed the show but it turned out that neither of us ended up minding much. The unexpected misfortune of the night made us see each other in a different light than we were expecting to. We found out that we could both laugh off an unfortunate bump in the road (literally) and it wouldn't stop us from having a good time just being with each other. We dated a while longer after that and we're still great friends today, years later.

Just like in Tim and Mary's wedding in "About Time", you can plan for and expect perfection, but things can fall apart. It's how you react to adversity that really matters, and it can bring about the best times of your life!

Critics are already calling About Time "the first must-see movie of the fall" and "easily the most heartwarming, feel-great film of the season." Get ready to fall in love all over again -- with About Time. The film releases on 11-8-13.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Universal Pictures through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about About Time, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 2.0 Swatches and Review

The fateful day has arrived! Rescue Beauty Lounge has produced another stellar collection, their second based on fan submissions. This is the Fan Collection 2.0! Please enjoy the official press release from creator Ji Baek:
Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 2.0

Introducing The Fan Collection 2.0

As I lined up the six square bottles of ReBeL dream colors, I screamed out loud, "Doctor! Doctor!" I clenched my heart with the palm of my right hand. Thank goodness I was alone at the studio, otherwise 911 would have been dialed. What collection can get my heart rate to ramp up to dangerous levels? The Fan Collection 2.0, of course. For me, making people's dream colors feels like Christmas morning.

Forget about the countless and exciting submissions or the nail-biting voting process (which was a rivetingly palpitating event in and of itself). This was all about the tender loving thoughts that went into those stunning inspirational boards. They transformed me into a wild-color-mixing-witchcrafting state that lead me into the gates of color heaven.

We have connected flawlessly through the language of colors and may I just say--our ReBeLs know what they want and need--period. The birthing process, which transformed their dream colors into the realm of reality, was beyond all of our expectations. It's truly my privilege to introduce The Fan Collection 2.0! And I thank all of the ReBeL winners for your time, participation, and passion. Cheers to our color-hood! (Please don't drink it!)

Coquette: "Duality. Dichotomy. The essence of the feminine contradiction--Who's that girl? The surface belies the woman within. The intensity and intellect of Marilyn was masked by the shell of a vixen. The demure facade of Jackie concealed the passionate seductress within. Stereotypes defied. The Girl next door and the Goddess. Whimsy, charm, flirtation, seduction and rapture." This is what Sarah wanted.

Coquette is a gorgeous muted posy pink creme with a generous dose of silver shard-like glitter pieces. Very sexy and yet extremely feminine and cute. I think this polish is exactly what Sarah's description entails, spot on. I am a pink lover and this is right up my alley. I used two coats here, impeccable formula.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Coquette
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Coquette

Naked Without Polish: "It would be a pure carnation pink base. Very basic and very creamy, no jellies (as much as I love them). I want a polish that is opaque in 2 coats. I want the pink base to be filled with a gold shimmer, for the sun to catch the gold and just make it shine! I want my polish to be soft and girlie, but still make an impact and stand out. I want it to be a color people can wear year-round, a color that cheers you up on a bad day. I've been dreaming of this polish ever since I can remember. I've been a polish lover since I was 13 and I can't find anything that comes close to being my absolute dream polish, even though I do have several on my favorites list. This ONE polish is always in the back of my mind. Just the thought of it takes my breath away and makes me smile." On Becky's wish list.

I had no clue what to expect from reading Becky's polish description and seeing her inspiration photos, I was very excited to see Naked Without Polish in the flesh. This is a unique polish that I don't think I've ever seen before. It's a pale opaque pink with a hefty wash of seafoam green shimmer and loads of largeish speckly gold (almost bronze) flakes. It's difficult to see the green tinge to the shimmer in my photo but it is quite noticeable in person. This is two coats. Excellent formula.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Naked Without Polish
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Naked Without Polish

Fire Queen: "My color inspiration comes from Depression Era glass from the 1930s and 1940s--specifically, the pale jade color of the Fire-King line made by the Anchor Hocking Glass Company commonly referred to as "jadeite." In a sea of imposters, no one has been able to capture the magic of the genuine Fire-King and thus it has become highly coveted since the 1960's: a small decadence of lean times turned luxury. When you hold a piece of Fire-King up to the light it glows with history. This hue has a build-able jade jelly and the end result looks like milk glass veneers on your fingertips. Both edgy and full of vintage charm, this polish is the perfect fit for any 'Fire-Queen.'" Jamie's desire.

Fire Queen was the one I was most anxious to see when I first heard which colors Ji would be making for this collection. I am a sucker for greens anyway and I love milky jelly polishes. I am head over heels for this one! This is four thin coats, to make it as opaque as possible. You could probably get away with three if you have careful application and/or don't mind a bit of translucence.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Fire Queen

Réveillon: "My vision for Réveillon is based on the cold winter afternoons growing up on the Quebec/NYS border. This is the borderland where we speak both French and English; for many on the American side, it's the furthest south our families migrated. Réveillon is a holiday dinner held for Christmas and/or New Year's Eve. It is an event of tradition and family, marking the transition from night to day as the dinner/party lasts well past midnight. Réveillon is celebrated with luxurious feasting in the company of family and friends. Given that it takes place after the winter solstice, the holiday suggest the coming of spring, albeit many months from that day. The color in my mind is a cool, silver-toned blue (more silver than blue) inspired by the icy landscape of late December. There is an internal flash of gold/white shimmer, perhaps violet, representing the light as reflected off ice, as well as the fireworks often used to light the night sky on Réveillon. Réveillon is mysterious with a complex depth and internal shimmer/light." Cara's longing.

Réveillon is a demure and beautiful doll. This polish immediately calls to my mind Disney's Cinderella character, with her pale blue ball gown and magical glow. This is an icy blue polish with white shimmer that twinkles pinky purple on the surface. The resulting polish is more blue than what I expected from Cara's description but I'm super into it. Perfect for the upcoming chilly weather! Two coats.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Réveillon
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Réveillon

Lucciole: "Or fireflies in Italian, remind me of the most magical time in my childhood when I was still innocent and the world was a safe and magical place. This color is reminiscent of the color of a deepening summer night sky after sundown, between dusk and midnight. In my mind's eye, I see interspersed throughout this glorious base, random flecks of blue and/or green iridescent luminescent flecks (like the ones that are visible in Curprum) that randomly sparkle when the light hits it, reminiscent of the fireflies' sparks of light." By Mindy.

Lucciole is very close to what I had imagined from reading Mindy's imagery. It's an almost foil-like blue toned purple shimmer polish with tons of small gold flecks and itsy bitsy gold microglitter. The base is a bit watery and glows with a deep navy tinge at first but built on itself, you see the true purple color. This is fabulous in person, better than I could capture in my photos. Three coats.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Lucciole
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Lucciole

Lotus Elise: "My dream RBL would be something that I have wanted to see Ji do for a while--the inspiration came from a unique and rare gemstone found mostly in Sri Lanka: the padparadscha sapphire. While most sapphires are blue, this one stands out amongst the rest as it varies in color from pink to orange, spanning all the range in between. RBL has some very lovely pale and girly pinks, but this pink would be different. I envision the gold shimmer to run as a thread throughout (like the flash of orange running through Piu Mosso), while the orange microglitter would be more visible. Because these three colors (pink, orange, and gold) are analogous on the color wheel (next to each other), the result will be a seamless blend of shades that would work well with each other, allowing this polish to be worn by those who are daring, as well as those a little more reserved." Candice's dream.

This polish is INCREDIBLE and quite different than any RBL polish I can think of. The pink jelly base of Lotus Elise is very pigmented and juicy, almost a bright strawberry color. It is filled with so much pink and orange glass fleck glitter that I swear it's about to explode and rain beauty everywhere. It also has a beautiful depth to it that is so stunning in person. YOU NEED THIS POLISH! I used three coats here.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Lotus Elise
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Lotus Elise

I am quite impressed with this collection. Very fun and bright! I am so happy for the lucky fans who get to see their dream color realized, as I know the honor myself, it is a very special experience. Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20 per bottle.

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. We do not test on animals.


Product samples were provided for consideration.
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