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Saturday, November 9, 2013

HARE polish - Dancing Bird of Paradise

Hi everyone! I am happy to show you a beautiful polish from one of my favorite indie brands, HARE polish. It's from their late summer 2013 collection The Tropics are Calling. It's called Dancing Bird of Paradise. I was bowled over by the swatches my friend Valesha from did of this lacquer and I purchased it immediately after seeing them.

The polish has a bright juicy cherry pinky red jelly base with a blend of various shapes/sizes of neon pink, satin white, gold glitter, and flaky gold shimmer. Wooo it is so hot and fun! I am addicted to bright jellies and the glitter mix in this one just blows it out of the water for me. I used two coats and it turned out pretty opaque for a jelly. The glitter was easy to spread on the nail and it didn't clump up like heavy glitters often do.
HARE Polish - Dancing Bird of Paradise
HARE Polish - Dancing Bird of Paradise

I have three other polishes from the Tropics collection that I haven't tried yet but I am excited to try. I can't say there is one polish HARE has created that I haven't wanted! You can buy HARE polish for about $10 each from their Etsy store, or from their stockists Llarowe and Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Also, be sure to follow their blog for news about upcoming collections and restocks. What do you think of this beauty?

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