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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dance Legend - Celia

Hi friends! Today I have a review of a polish from a new-to-me brand, Dance Legend. This is the first polish from them that I have tried, seeing the great colors and finishes they come out with had me chomping at the bit to try them! They are made in Russia which is pretty cool, I don't think I've ever had a polish from there before. This one is called Celia and it's from their Chameleon collection which is made up of five multichrome polishes with names from the characters in the movie Monsters, Inc. :)

Celia is a shimmery dark blueish purple that shifts to pink, orange and gold. This photo shows how it looks in the sun. It was fine in application, maybe a bit thin but I think that's pretty normal for multichromes. I used three coats for maximum opacity.
kelliegonzo: Dance Legend - Celia

This photo shows how I think it looks the majority of the time, dark blueish purple with the dark pink around the edges.
kelliegonzo: Dance Legend - Celia

This shade photo shows a bit of the shift to pink and orangey gold.
kelliegonzo: Dance Legend - Celia

You can purchase these and other Dance Legend polishes from their website, but shipping from Russia can take a long time if you live elsewhere. US stockists Llarowe and Ninja Polish both sell them, but I think they are both out of stock of this particular shade right now so keep checking. I bought mine from Llarowe a few weeks ago for $8. I didn't realize at the time that it was a mini bottle, but I think that is the only size that this collection comes in. What do you think of this pretty Russian multichrome? I'm really into it :)

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