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Friday, May 23, 2014

KBShimmer Bath & Body Products Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review some products from KBShimmer along with their new early summer collection (review & swatches coming soon!). They have been one of the most popular indie brands since they came on the scene so I was excited to try them out.

First of the products I tried was their hand/body lotion in the scent of vanilla. I work with the public so I use a lot of hand sanitizer and wash my hands often, which means I'm usually applying lotion several times a day. I really like the whipped texture of this and it doesn't leave my hands greasy which is important to me. And the vanilla scent is to die for! These are $10 for a 9 oz. bottle.
KBShimmer lotion

Next is their sugar scrub, also in the vanilla scent. I like to exfoliate so I've tried a lot of scrubs in my day, but I haven't settled on a favorite, until now. This has a great gritty texture, but is not too rough. The scent is great and the scrub dissolves when washed off which puts it into perfect status for me. Too many of the scrubs I've tried in the past leave behind lots of grainy bits I have to work to rinse out of my tub after a bath so I love this! These are $10 for a 9 oz. jar.
KBShimmer Sugar Scrub

Now for the cuticle oil (which I'm using a stock photo for, sorry!). The scent I tried is Pink Sugar, inspired by the Aquolina Pink Sugar fragrance I'm guessing. I don't care for that perfume on me, I find it too strong with the musk, but this KBShimmer blend must be a bit different because I love it! I can't stop sniffing my nails, which is must look disturbing to any onlookers haha. It sinks in nice and fast so it doesn't leave my fingers greasy. My cuticles are left nicely moisturized for a long time after I use it. They also have a lemongrass scent which sounds lovely too. These are $6 each.
KBShimmer Cuticle Oil pen
Image via KBShimmer website

Their nail file is etched glass, the kind I prefer to use. I immediately loved this because I needed to get a new one, so it was just what the doctor ordered. The grit is not too harsh and not too gentle, the ideal balance. I love the translucent hot pink on the handle! These are $4.75 each.
KBShimmer nail file

You can purchase all of these products and many more on the KBShimmer website. They also makes bath bombs and soap, in addition to some awesome nail polish colors of course. Have you ever tried the bath products from this brand? Are you excited for their early summer collection? It's full of holos, glitter textures, and jellies! They are available starting today May 23 and you will see my review of them soon. See ya next time!

Product samples were provided for consideration.
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