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Monday, November 17, 2014

KBShimmer Snow Flaking Way! Swatch & Review

Hey hey hey there! I've had this polish in my possession since last winter but that I haven't tried it yet (honestly, not that shocking for me but might be to others haha!). It's KBShimmer Snow Flaking Way!, and I think I bought it mostly for the name. I remember when I went to buy it I didn't have a lot of their polishes yet and I wanted to get some more right then. The name pushed me over the edge.

I didn't think it was a blurple, I thought it was more blue, so when I got it and saw it was blurpley I didn't want to wear it. :( I used to be blurple-phobic! But I've come around, there's been some awesome ones I've tried lately that I've liked a lot, so I decided now was the time to put this guy on. This has an indigo-purpley jelly base with holographic hex glitters, circles and short bar glitter. There are also large holographic snowflake glitter pieces, though I think mine have been stained purple and aren't silver anymore, which is interesting. This is three coats of polish and a thick top coat.

I bought this from the KBShimmer website for $8.75. It's still available so you can pick it up for this winter! What do you think of this glittery jelly? How do you feel about blurple polishes?

Talk to you again soon!

❤ Kellie
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