Saturday, May 23, 2009


the fingernail look i went for today (technically this evening) was OPI you don't know jacques from the france collection. when i first saw this shade in the bottle and even on the plastic nail example at trade secret i was like, eww who would ever wear that?! but then, as i am an avid beauty blog reader, i saw many swatches of the color on multiple ladies' fingers and fell head over heels in lemming lust. i got it at a taylor maid beauty supply for about $3 cheaper than at the mall so how could i resist? it is a lovely creamy dark grey/taupe with kind of a mud appearance. i love it! two coats over double duty base, out the door top and drip dry.
my toes are painted with the N.Y.C. color camoflauge from Target although i think you can buy this brand anywhere, like walmart or whatev. i am reluctant to show you my toes at all, even though i think i actually have cute feet compared to most of the modern world but putting them on the internet in close up detail is a different thing altogether. so here is all you get (i'm sure you're devastated), two coats in a beautiful rich green called camoflauge, beauty secrets ridge filler from sally beauty, out the door top coat, opi drip dry oil.


  1. (came here from Team Sugar)

    Ooh, nice! I actually just finished drying my nails :P

    I normally wouldn't go for the grey color either but it looks good!

    I'm thinking of trying dry nail polish appliques, but haven't gotten a chance to swing by a Walgreen's yet. Have you tried those?

  2. no i haven't tried those yet, anne. i just can't bring my cheap ass to spend almost $10 on something that will last 5 days tops haha. i have heard they are easy and look good though. let me know how it works out for you!

  3. I loved this shade the moment I saw it. I ordered it immediately. Love the green toes.

  4. Um, I love them both! And you should definitely show your cute toes, you have gorgeous feet...uh humm, just like mine! :)


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