Saturday, May 9, 2009

konad nail stamps

so i went to the women's expo at UVU today w/ my stepmom and step-niece because my sister's company NuSkin was the main sponsor of the event this year and we all went last year together. It's become kind of a nice tradition. Anyway, i usually don't get suckered into buying anything but this year i came across a Konad nail art stamp booth and was blown away by the apparant ease of applying the nail art. i follow CeeCee on OnSugar and she has done a ton of nail art with these and i wanted desperately to find them and try them out.

they are super fun little designs that are pretty easy (after you get the hang of it) which are achieved by placing the thicker than normal Konad polish on a little etching of the design on a mirror plate, scraping off the excess polish with a blade like apparatus, placing the stamper over the design, then rolling the stamp over your (polished w/ a top coat or color) nail. there is obviously a learning curve with anything like this but after you get used to it, it's pretty sweet. here's my first attempt:
china glaze black diamond base coat w/ konad white polish

obviously i cleaned it up around my cuticles. i also placed a blue rhinestone on my thumb nail. pretty cute, no?
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