Friday, May 22, 2009

obsessssed w/ nails

ok so this first one is called Typhoon by nucolor, which sadly NuSkin doesn't make anymore. my sister works for them and we have a HUGE stash of NC2 colors but hopefully i don't get too attached to any of them cuz i'm never going to be able to find them again :( anyway, this nail formula is super easy to apply, very thin but opaque. Typhoon is a frosty color that looks darker than this picture, but the flash was on. i put some konad on the thumb and index, but it's hard to see it on the thumb. i used Out the Door quick dry top coat over two coats of color.the next look i did this past week was called Grape Crush by nucolor, again discontinued. this was seriously the loudest color i have worn on my fingernails in FOREVER! and wearing it to work made me self conscious even though i can pretty much wear whatever i want and we're laid back, it was still weird haha. the photo makes it look more violet but the color is seriously purple, like grape Slurpee purple. this was SUPER easy to apply, super creamy thin formula. i used Double Duty base coat by Sally Hansen, Out the Door top coat and opi Drip Dry nail drops over three coats of this (even tho two coats would've worked).i actually did another look in between these nails with opi design series, which was a holo shimmer taupe brown which is seriously gorgeous, but ended up ruining them yesterday before i got to take any pics. i was at my sister's watching Oprah and promised to do her nails so w/o thinking i jump into it with the cotton and remover and whoops there goes my manicure. i ended up using the two colors i used for her fingers and tootsies on my fingers. idk if you'll ever see a pic of my toes, they might be too hideous, we'll see :)

the pink is from charlotte russe, bought at the same time as the peachy orange color featured when i first blogged about nails. i was super disappointed in the formula, way chunkier and thick than the orange and it was hard to work with so it started drying way streaky. it ended up looking ok (on me, my sister's are worse haha) after three coats and a top coat (cuz these dry semi-matte weird) but idk if i'll use this polish again anytime soon. although i have gotten a lot of compliments, it maybe because this is a super noticeable bright color haha. the blue/green color is the new cult favorite by china glaze called Dear Audrey, made for Audrey Hepburn. supposed to be an impression of Tiffany blue, w/o actually being Tiffany blue because it is copyrighted. i wore a shirt that matched the blue exactly today so it was pretty dope. i used two coats of the Dear Audrey. base coat was diamond shine by sally hansen and top coat was insta-dry by sally hansen.
i'm still getting the hang of the photography part of this so bear with me :)
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