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Monday, September 12, 2011

BB Couture Swatches

Here are a few more BB Couture nail polish swatches for ya :) I might've shown one or two of these before but these are better swatches.

Erotic Night is a deep wine red jelly with hidden shimmer. This is three coats. It had some dragging due to the watery formula but ended up looking rather sexy and vampy so I will forgive it.

Pocahontas is a pale malt chocolate brown with white/silver glitter flakes and sparse black glitter. This one has grown on me a lot, I love it. The glitter combo reminds me of salt and pepper. Two coats.

Juliet is a muted medium rosey pink with really subtle shimmer and sparse black glitter. This is two coats. I know a few folks who don't care for this one but I really like it.

Eve is one of my favorite BB Coutures of all time. It's a swampy uber dark olive green that flashes metallic brown and has tons of green and gold glitter. Really unique and fantastic! Three coats.

Hope you enjoyed these! Have a great week, everyone :)

Some of the products shown were provided for review.
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