Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deborah Lippmann - Don't Call Me Baby

Hi everyone! Hope you're doing well :) Be sure to check out my guest post over at The Swatchaholic! In it I feature Deborah Lippmann's polish My Romance.

This polish is one of Deborah's older line, Don't Call Me Baby, layered over My Romance. It gives the classic pink polish a bit of a kick. This sheer pink reminds me of a glaze of strawberry jam with crushed up Pop-Rocks and crystals! This is two coats over My Romance.

Have a great day!

Some of the products pictured were provided for review.


  1. so pretty!!!! And pink!

  2. I have this one! I haven't used it yet cause I thought it might be too sheer and I haven't figured out what shade I should use under it. Pretty on you!

  3. It looks so juicy! ^^ Just beautiful!

  4. Pretty manicure. Reminds me of the icing on a Pop Tart!

  5. OOOOH so very pretty! I've always been a pink girl (pink is my signature color--ala Julia Roberts from Steel Magnolias lol)

    That layering looks RIGHT up my alley!! Thanks :)

  6. Sorry for another comment...just realized you can't find Don't Call Me Baby anywhere *pout* lemming lemming lemming.

    You look gorgeous--so glad I found your blog :))

  7. @Manicured Slayer i got mine from Apothica about a month ago, so don't fret! try there :)

  8. I finally found it, Cleopatra's choice--woohoo! Thanks :)


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