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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glitter Gal Holos

Thought I would show you some more swatches that have been cluttering up my back files for freaking ever. These are three Glitter Gal polishes, three holographics to be more specific. These are from from Leah Ann, who is a super doll. She carries all sorts of "foreign" brands that can be hard to obtain, GGs, Ozotics, Picture Polish, a England, and some of the Brazilian brands I've shown on my blog like HITS and Ludurana.

I have to start with my love, red holographic Red "sparkle". I know the ladies over at GG are in the process of choosing new names for most of their polishes, but I have this version simply called Red. It's the non-linear version, the one with larger holo particles. So gorgeous and sexy and va va voom! This is two coats.

Next is Lizard Belly, a dark green, almost black, linear holo. I love the rainbow that comes from this guy. This was a new color for 2011, it came out the same time as Light as a Feather which I've shown you before. This is two coats.

This is Fuchsia , the linear holographic version. I really adore pink polish anyway and adding a fab rainbow holo flash to a pretty pink makes it even cuter! This is three coats. WOW look at that holo eh?

Thanks to Leah Ann again! Visit her shop or my pal Kim's site if you're in the US, or if you're in Australia, go to to purchase these shades.

Products provided for review.
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