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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Jeans Collection by Nubar

Hi dear readers, hope you are all doing well these days :) The Jeans collection by Nubar is similar to the much hyped Chanel Les Jeans collection, similar in that it basically dupes the three shades completely. I rarely shell out the dough for a Chanel lacquer so I wasn't too interested in the three seemingly ordinary blue polishes, even though there was significant hubbub before their release. I was more than happy to see more affordable dupes come out soon after. Nubar is a brand that I whole-heartedly adore for their bottle shape, color selection, and formula, so I was excited to see their take on the "denim" collex.

Faded Jeans is a light sky blue shimmer. I have to say I don't own any jeans this color and if I did it was probably back when I was in middle school haha. This is two-ish coats, it was a tad streaky. Beautiful subtle shimmer, though gosh.

Boyfriend Jeans is a gorgeous grayed out cornflower blue. It's a perfect jelly crème formula, two coats. This is probably around the color of most of the jeans I wear, standard and casual. Two coats.

Dark Wash Jeans is a deep blue jelly crème, almost peacock in color. I wore this for almost a week, it is so gorj! This reminds me of my deeper colored "nice" jeans, haha. This is my favorite of the collection. Two coats.

The retail price for the set of three is $19.99 on which is cheaper than one bottle of the similarly colored Chanels. That equals awesome in my opinion ;)

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