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Friday, December 9, 2011

Cult Nails Super Powers collection

Howdy folks! Today I am proud to present you with swatches of the newest Cult Nails collection, Super Powers! Thanks Maria, and keep on creating more pretties, you're so good at it!

First is Mind Control, a dark charcoal jelly base with an extreme amount of purple micro shimmer that does a slight color shift to gold/green. This one wasn't too exciting to me in the bottle but once I had it on and I went out in the sun, it was really fabulous! This is three coats. P.S. Mind control would definitely be my super power of choice ;) Muahahaha!

Next is Power Thief, which while maintaining that it is a lovely polish, I just can't make myself love. It has that delicious shimmer that Maria is becoming notorious for, the same silver/pink/blue glitz that is in Let Me Fly and My Kind of Cool Aid. I just am not crazy about the warm chocolate mocha color. *shrug* Oh well, I know loads of you out there will love it. Two coats.

Next is Time Traveler, which also would be an awesome power to have, if "Back to the Future" has taught me anything ;) This is the ultimate cobalt blue jelly crème. It's dark but wouldn't be mistaken for black, and glides on like butter. This is two coats.

And last we have Clairvoyant, previously known as Unicorn Puke. I layered this purple jelly filled with rainbow flakies over Time Traveler. Oh. My. FLLLLAAAAKKKKIIIIIEEESSSSS. I don't think I've ever seen a flakie polish with as many colors and shapes and sizes as this one. I have to admit, I'm a little burnt out on them since they started popping up everywhere this last year, but this one still makes me drool! I declare that Clairvoyant would make any nail polish instantly more awesome.

You can purchase these on Maria's site, for $10 each . Also, below is a picture of their design you can get printed on different types of T-shirts to show your love for the Cult!
Image courtesy of
I have to admit that I have a rather huge fear of vomit, and even I would sport that design on a shirt! Too fun.

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