Monday, October 22, 2012

Butter London - Two Fingered Salute

Nordstrom has a trio of exclusive lacquers from Butter London out right now and today I'm going to show you my pick from the three. Two Fingered Salute is one of the hottest polishes on the market right now, it has been sold out online and even in stores all over. I finally was able to order it a few weeks ago and it just shipped :) Side note: I honestly hate how Nordstrom packages their shipments though, I've ordered one or two cosmetics from them a few times and they always arrive in a medium to LARGE box that weighs about an ounce because it's that one thing and packing paper. It's wasteful and makes me mad. But it must not make me so mad that I've stopped ordering from them...

Two Fingered Salute is a dusty mint green with gazillions of irregularly shaped copper flecks that gleam dusty pink in the sunshine. I FREAKING love this polish! This is basically Rescue Beauty Lounge Halcyon, only a little lighter and with more pronounced shimmer. I always adore the BL formula too, two coats on this one. Ga-ga-gorgeous!

How do you like this guy? I am in love. You can look for this at your local Nordstrom store or online at for $14.

Products provided for review.
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