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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Look Who's Back! Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall 2012

Hi folks! I am happy to announce the triumphant return of Rescue Beauty Lounge base collection colors Coral, Moulin Rouge, and Grunge! I have wanted these colors since I first became a polish fan and put off getting them until, sadly they were out of stock. The outage unfortunately lasted for a long time. But now they are back! Be sure and learn from my past mistake and grab yours now while you can!

First is Coral, one of my biggest lemmings ever. It is a perfect bright mango pinky coral. Quintessentially happy and fun. As Ji says, this isn't your grandma's coral! Uber fantastic formula, jelly crème buttery goodness. Two coats. Please forgive my slight tip wear, I had to put this on immediately after I got it and wasn't able to get a photo until a few days after. I have a feeling this will be my new go-to pedicure color!

Grunge is a really amazing color. In the realm of a band-aid but better color for my skin tone, but slightly greyer with a subtle pink shimmer glaze. Excellent as a palate cleanser color and lady-like enough to wear in a formal office setting, with just a hint of, well, grunge! Two coats.

This is Moulin Rouge, a red wine crème sultry lady. Oxblood is a super hot trend right now and this is the definition of it. Buttery and shiny with a fab color payoff. It can look more brown in different lights and lights up vampy red in others. Two coats.

You can pick these up on now for $20 each. It'll be the best decision you make all day ;)

Products provided for review.
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