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Monday, November 5, 2012

Cult Nails - The Deceptive Collection

Cult Nails, run by my beautiful and extremely talented blogger buddy Maria, has put out my absolutely favorite top coat ever (Wicked Fast 4 LYFE!), and now has put out my absolute favorite black polish ever. Nevermore is a rich luxe pitch black crème that is opaque in one buttery coat. Amazing.

I used Nevermore as the base for the Deceptive Collection, Cult Nails' limited edition collection of color shifting top coats. The collection is made up of five shimmery sheers that enhance the base color they're layered over.
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Thumb - Two Timer, Index - Alter Ego, Middle - Charlatan , Ring - Doppelganger, Pinky - Deception

Two Timer appears to be liquid gossamer gold in the bottle but over black we see a beautiful iridescent emerald green. Alter Ego looks like an angel pink opal-like lacquer in the bottle but on the nail it turns to antique gold! Olive gold shimmer comes out over the black. Charlatan is a cheeky show off, it has large shimmer particles that look hot pink in the bottle but show up as a blue/pink/purple multichrome on the nail. Doppelganger is an interesting shade, it's got a creamy white base with multicolored microshimmer bits. I am not 100% sold on this as a layering shade, at least not over dark colors, the base is sheer but not enough. However, I have made two kickass frankens with it! And last is Deception, which appears soft pinky orange in the bottle but shows up as a purple and magenta shimmer on the nail. Each of the nails shows one coat of Nevermore and two of the layering shade.

What do you think of these guys? I am super into the hotness of these, and I can see myself using them over lots of colors even though I'm not usually a layering type of girl. You can get these while they last on for $10 each. Nevermore is a core color so you can grab that whenever you need it, which is nice. Did I mention it's my go-to black? Did I?! Well it is :)

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