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Saturday, November 3, 2012

BB Couture Ladies in Polish Collection

Hi friends! This is the women's collection pair to BB Couture's Men In Polish collection that I showed you a while ago, called Ladies in Polish. Both have an outer space theme, referencing the movie Men In Black. These polishes all have holographic glitter, which is of course never very easy to capture in a photo. They are always way more awesome looking in real life. I tried my best but believe me, these pictures are nothing compared to their epicness in person.

First is Galactic Stranger. This is a metallic icy grape purple with a truckload of holographic glitter. Really amazing and deep. This is two coats.

This is Manipulative Martian. Another purple but on the girly almost periwinkle side of the spectrum. The glitter is just as plentiful here but blends in the base a bit more. I don't love this shade on me but I can see it being a popular color for others. Two coats.

Here is Naughty Navigator. A dark cement grey with salty looking holo glitter pieces. I love this color and I think it's unexpected to do it in a glitter. Two coats here too.

Next is Physical Evidence, a rusty brick red shimmer with holo glitter. I used two coats on this but I think it would've benefited from a third. My mother absolutely ripped this out of my hands when I showed her the polishes, she is head over heels with it.

This is called Sexual Space, a youthful fuchsia pink with holo glitter. I didn't like this in the bottle but I ended up really enjoying it on the nail. It's very bubblegummy and reminds me of the 90's and Lisa Frank products. Two coats.

Stargazed Stripper is the last in this collection. This is a super metallic silver with holographic glitter. I wasn't sure if the uber metallic would work well with the glitter but it really did. I ended up loving this polish the best out of the bunch. You can't appreciate the insanity of the holo effect on this one, just, wow. Two coats.

I adore how these polishes tie in perfectly with the abstract aesthetic of outer space. Great formulas on all of them. You can get these for $10.95 each on

Products provided for review.
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