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Monday, December 17, 2012

BB Couture Holiday 2012

Hey friends :) I hope your holiday season is going well and that you are staying warm! I have some new BB Couture polishes to show you today! Some are revamps of previous holiday colors. This one is called Blue Christmas, a selection from the Men's line. I love this guy, it's really gorgeous. It's a cornflower blue jelly with greeny blue and silver glitter. This is two coats.

This is called Santa's Sak, heh heh. I absolutely love this one too. It's a beautiful yummy candy apple red jelly with holo bar glitter and round silver and gold glitter. Fab "jelly sandwich" look with one polish! Two coats here.

This one is from the ladies line, called Icicle. I'm guessing it's a revamp/makeover from the first version that came out, which was more sheer and frosty. This is a definite upgrade, it's a white jelly with silver glitter. Very classic and wintery. This is three coats.

Plums & Sugar is really sexy and gorgeous! It's also a revamp of the previous version, which was frosty. This is pure rich shimmer. Plummy purple with micro silver glitter and firey pinky red glitter bits. This is super shiny and just luxe. Two coats.

This one is Silver Star, one of the brand new holiday polishes. It's a sheer silver holo glitter. It can be a layering shade or be worn by itself. This is three coats. It's a little thick and can gum up so apply in thin coats for best results.

This one is called Gold Bells. It's a frosty champagne holo micro glitter. The base is a little more opaque than Silver Star but I think you could probably still layer this one. This is three coats.

Frosted Gingerbread is a perfect name for this polish. It has a frosty nutty brown metallic base with holo glitter. I don't love this one but it's very seasonal and has a great formula. Two coats.

This one is Under the Mistletoe is a spring green jelly with micro holo glitter. This might be my favorite of the new polishes, it's lovely. I can tell you that the photo doesn't do this one justice, it's stunning in real life. The rich yet bright green makes it really unique. Two coats.

You can purchase these from and for $10.95 each. I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and be sure to stay safe and hug your loved ones!

Products provided for review.
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