Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 Holiday Manicure

I hope all of you have enjoyed your winter holidays! Here's a peek at my holiday manicure. If you follow my Instagram account you might've seen this already. I used Chanel Diwali for the base color. Diwali is a gorgeous metallic pale gold shimmer. The glitter is Rainbow Honey Glittering Rapture, a blend of red and golds and shimmers in a clear base.

You can buy Chanel lacquers at your local beauty counter or online at for $30, although I got to try mine from the new rental service (I will most likely be doing a post regarding my experience with them soon in case you are interested.) You can purchase Rainbow Honey lacquers at for $10 for a full size bottle or $5 for a mini. What did you wear on your nails for the holidays this year? Are you planning on a fancy mani for New Year's?

Some of these products were provided for review.


  1. This is a lovely holiday mani without being "holiday" (the typical red and green). That RH is gorgeous, how was it to apply?

    1. it was lovely! the previous RHs i've tried were on the thick side, but this one was nice.

  2. This is gorgeous and so perfect for the holidays!

  3. This is amazing & festive! LOVE!

  4. Such beautiful and classy nails for the holiday.

  5. Looks great! For Christmas I went with the classic red, green and gold (with OPI The Man With The Golden Gun), now I'm wearing blue, white and silver for NYE.

  6. Love this! Although I am *so* interested to hear about your experience with Lacquerous. Sounds like a ripoff to me.

  7. I love it!

    I invite you to my blog


  8. This is gorgeous Kellie! I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience with Lacquerous. :) Happy New Year!


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