Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lynnderella - Pink and Red Went to Bed

Hi everyone! Today I have a special polish to show you. It's one of my most beloved lacquers of all time. Probably mostly because I paid way too much for it. But hey, you only live once right ;) This is a limited edition polish from Lynnderella that I got on ebay called Pink and Red Went to Bed. It's is made up of large and medium matte red hex glitters with a slightly shimmery almost clear pink tinted base and blue iridescent shards. It's pretty magnificent. I layered two coats over Essie Cute as a Button for this mani.

It's made up of mostly glitter so it is incredibly dense. Quite hard to paint with, and it takes a hefty dose of topcoat to smooth. But look how pretty!! I'm irrationally in love with this. What do you think? Am I totally crazy? It's ok if you say yes, I know I am :) Have a great day!

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