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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guest Post by ChrissyAi: "Turtle Shell" Nail Art + Tutorial

What's up kids? I'm so stoked today to show you a guest post by one of my favorite makeup and nail bloggers, Christa of ChrissyAi! I was so impressed when I found this gal's blog, her nails are flawless and her makeup looks are fierce. Be sure to check out her Snorting Sprinkles series, they're so fun! She's created a beautiful nail art look for my awesome readers (you!) and has even included a video tutorial! Thank you Christa :D


Hello lovely readers of!
First off I'd like to thank Kellie for giving me the chance to guest post on her awesome blog, I've been a reader for a pretty long time and I adore her swatches. ♥

My mani for this guest post is a little weird since it's kind of an inside joke with a friend of mine that I decided to turn into nail art! I made a 'turtle shell' design (which to some people may not look like a turtle shell, hence the quotations haha). It's meant to resemble more of a cartoon turtle shell rather than an actual turtle shell.

Hopefully some of you see it.. or else I just look crazy!

And that's it!
I hope you enjoyed this simple silly manicure and that you try it out. You could always use different colors and ditch the 'turtle' theme!
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