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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Guest Post by RiaG Polishaholic: OPI Liquid Sand Nail Art

Hi there folks! If you didn't hear, my swatching hand is out of commission right now so I am having some of my lovely blogger friends guest post for a while. Today's post is from RiaG from the Polishaholic blog. Her blog name is close to my other gal pal Jen of The PolishAholic, but she is a separate entity so don't get confused. She hails from Finland and has gorgeous long, luxe nails. I'm mega jealous, I wish I had her beautiful nails! She put together a beautiful nail art post for your entertainment. Thanks Ria! Enjoy :)

Hello everyone! I'm RiaG and I'm so honored to be doing this guest post for you today. Since I've mostly done swatches lately I decided to take this opportunity to do some nail art with OPI Liquid Sand polishes. I used OPI Pussy Galore, Magazine Cover Mouse and some blue masking tape to create this manicure.

I started off by cutting some pieces of blue masking tape and placing those on my nails. I made sure the tape was attached to the nail well enough and there was no wrinkles. I have a thin UV-gel layover on my own nails to protect them so I don't need to use a base coat. On natural nails you should always use base coat and allow it to dry completely before the taping part.

Next I applied two coats of OPI Pussy Galore and immediately removed the tapes. You have to be fast with removing the tapes or the lines won't look crisp. A pair of tweezers can be helpful. After I had all the tape pieces removed I allowed the polish to dry for a while.

Now the first part of this manicure was dry and I had naked parts on my nails where I removed the tapes from. So I took a small nail art brush, dropped some OPI Magazine Cover Mouse on a piece of foil and started carefully filling those naked spots. You need a steady hand and a fine brush to do this part :) I took a new, fresh drop of polish and cleaned the brush with acetone for each nail. After all the naked areas had been covered I let the manicure dry and I was done.

Very easy, quite quick and I really like how it turned out. When I first saw swatch photos of these textured polishes like OPI Liquid Sands I was feeling a bit meh about them. Then I decided to give one a try and I was hooked. I love how they look alone and they are also great for a lot of different nail art designs.

I had fun writing this guest post for you today and I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading :)


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