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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Guest Post by Peachy Polish: DIY Nail Polish Decals

Hi folks! I hate being away from you all so long! But this will probably be the last guest post I have and should have some new posts up for you soon! This post comes to you from my girl Valesha over at :) She is super sweet and a truly amazing blogger. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you need to right away! She is also a very active Instagrammer. Thanks Valesha for this awesome tutorial!


Hi there! My name is Valesha and my blog is! I was so thrilled that Kellie asked me to do a guest post for her blog. I've loved Kellie's blog for as long as I've been obsessed with nail polish. :)

Today I bring to you a little tutorial about how to create decals made from nail polish! I don't know about you but it's not always easy for me to free-hand designs and get them perfectly even, so nail polish decals are a wonderful, cheap, fun and fool-proof way to get perfect designs on your nails.

To creat the decals, you will need:
  • 2 or more nail polishes of your choosing
  • a Ziploc bag
  • a craft punch (I used a star-shaped craft punch)
  • a piece of paper
  • tweezers (fine point tweezers worked best for me)
  • nippers
  • nail art brushes (for cleanup and the chevron design if you choose to do that on your accent, nail like I did)

Step 1: Lay out your Ziploc bag and paint your polish(es) on the bag. It's best to use polishes that have a good opacity. I used China Glaze "Love's A Beach" and Essie "Licorice."

Step 2: Once the polish is painted on the bag you will need to let it dry for a good amount of time. I let mine dry overnight.

Step 3: When they are all dry, it's time to peel them off! Take your tweezers and gently peel the polish from the bag. Take you time doing this so that it comes off in a full sheet.

Step 4: Next, place the first square of polish on a piece of paper. I've found that reinforcing it with paper makes for a cleaner punch.

Step 5: Take your craft punch and punch out your shapes.

Step 6: Separate your punched shapes from the paper and place to the side.

Step 7: Basecoat!

Step 8: Paint your nails with the base color you want to use (I used Essie "Blanc") and do an accent nail if you'd like. I did a fun Chevron print for my accent nail using a thin nail art brush!

Step 9: While your base color is still slightly tacky, take your decals and place them where you want them on your nails using tweezers (sorry, I couldn't get a photo of me doing this, for obvious reasons. :P ) Be careful to NOT press down. It may smudge your base polish. Place it gently, it should stick just fine without pressure. If you find that the decal is not sticking to your nail, use a bit of topcoat under the decal to secure it.

Step 10: If there are any excess bits of the decals hanging off the edge of your nail, use nippers to get a nice clean edge.

Step 11: Wait for your nails to dry a little bit more and then lightly brush on topcoat for a smooth finish! (And don't forget to cleanup the edges of your nail with a nail art brush! I will have a post on how I do my cuticle care and cleanup on my blog very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!)

And here is the final product! I loved how it turned out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! This is a really great way to get some fabulous nail art if you don't have the steadiest hand for details, like me! :)

Thank you Kellie for inviting me to do a guest post for you. I wish you well in your recovery and we'll all be ready and waiting for your return!

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