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Sunday, September 8, 2013

NCLA Sweet Revenge Collection

I recently got to try a new-to-me brand called NCLA. They are a cruelty-free Los Angeles based brand. They have nail polish and a very cool line of nail wraps that have proven to be very popular. I'll be showing you some of those in another blog post down the road. Today's post features two of their summer polishes, a three piece collection called Sweet Revenge, inspired by a day at the carnival.

First is Not So Sweet. It's a pretty but typical pale pink creme. The formula is rather thin and not very easy to work with. I got a lot of streaks and patchiness in the first two coats. I ended up using three coats to make it look presentable. I guess it lives up to its name.
NCLA - Not So Sweet

This one is called Mostly Sunny With a Chance of Sprinkles. Love the name although it is a bit long. It's a stark sky blue creme with tiny black matte glitters that remind me of pepper. It's on par with a lot of the sprinkles-in-creme type polishes that came out this year. The glitter pieces in this one seem to sink in the polish more than I'd prefer, creating a lumpy and murky effect. It is also not especially easy to apply. This is two coats.
NCLA - Mostly Sunny With a Chance of Sprinkles

I didn't love these polishes but I have seen quite a few from NCLA that do look promising to me. The other polish in the three item collection, Sugar Fix, looks pretty cute. I got these from Nail Polish Canada, where they are available for $16 each. You can also buy them on NCLA's website.

Product samples were provided for consideration.
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