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Monday, March 24, 2014

Zoya Magical PixieDust Collection Spring 2014 Swatches & Review

Today I have a trio of texture polishes from Zoya, called the Magical PixieDust collection. They have the Zoya PixieDust texture with added chunky holographic bits making them more blingy and "magical". Zoya does texture polishes super well so I was eagerly anticipating what these would look like and how they would be to wear.

Cosmo is a silver glitter with multi-sized bits and holo sequins. It was a little thicker than normal PixieDusts but I expected that. It wasn't hard to apply but I did take a little more care in application so it wouldn't get too thick. This is two coats.
Zoya - Cosmo

Next is Lux, a pale rose metallic color with the same texture and holo glitter bits. I thought I would like this the best out of the three but the color wasn't as rich as I thought it would be on the nail. This is two coats. It's not as opaque as the others.
Zoya - Lux

And last is Vega, a light aqua metallic glitter. I love how the holo bits in this come alive, like glistening tide pools or something. This one was probably the most opaque out of the three. This is two coats.
Zoya - Vega

You can get these from for $10 each. What do you think of these supercharged mega textures? I was pleasantly surprised that they weren't super chunky or that hard to apply, which was a concern. I think if you go slow and let them dry a bit in between layers you'll be just fine. They also didn't feel as thick or any grittier than any other texture polish. I love them and I hope Zoya comes out with more.

Product samples were provided for consideration.
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