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Sunday, September 21, 2014

China Glaze Summer 2014 Off Shore Collection Part 1 Swatches & Review

I know it's not summer anymore (well I guess technically Fall starts on September 23 with the equinox?) but I am not through with summer collections! I don't have rules when it comes to what polishes I wear when, I will wear a neon yellow in the dead of winter if I get the urge! But of course we know we will most likely see brights and neons released during summer and I'm always eager to stock up on them.

One collection I was especially excited for this year is China Glaze Off Shore, 12 eye popping summer shades worthy of hanging ten on our tips and toes. I got six of these shades for review and I purchased the other six myself. Here is the first half, the Stoked to Be Soaked set.

First up is Sun Upon My Skin a bright sun bleached yellow crème. This one was thin and not super self leveling. After three coats it ended up looking pretty good. I love yellow polishes and this is a super pretty one.
China Glaze - Sun Upon My Skin //

Next is Shore Enuff, a bright lime crème. The formula was on the thick side but it wasn't hard to make work in two coats. Dries kinda satiny, so use a top coat for maximum shine. LOVE!
China Glaze - Shore Enuff //

Next is If In Doubt, Surf It Out, a soft sun bleached peachy orange crème. I usually love soft oranges so I figured I'd adore this, and I do! Another thin formula but it wasn't difficult, two coats here.
China Glaze - If In Doubt, Surf It Out //

This is Sea's the Day, a berry red crème. I love this tone of red, kinda pinky rather than a straight blue red. Makes it more wearable to me. Nice formula and very shiny finish. Two coats.
China Glaze - Sea's the Day //

I really love Be More Pacific, a sun bleached lime crème. This color seems pretty unique to my collection, which is a feat, and I like it with my skin tone. Same formula as Sun Upon My Skin, not the easiest. Three coats.
China Glaze - Be More Pacific //

Last is Stoked to Be Soaked, a bright juicy medium orange. I've noticed on some blog reviews that some people have a version with shimmer. I bought this one, it wasn't a press sample so maybe that's why? I'm not sure, but either way, it's a great color with a great formula. Two coats.
China Glaze - Stoked to Be Soaked //

Again, I know the sunny summer season is mostly over, but just know that you can wear "summer colors" any time you want! You might still be able to find these in Sally Beauty Supply stores, but can definitely still get them online at various e-tailers. What do you think of this half of the collection? Did you pick up any of them? How do you feel about wearing brighter colors outside of the warmer months? Stay tuned for the second part of the collection, coming soon!

**EDIT: Part 2 is located HERE  :)

❤ Kellie
Some of the products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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