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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glisten & Glow Young Wild and Polished Duo Swatches & Review

Hellooooo! Today I am happy to show you two polishes from Glisten & Glow! I literally saw them and then immediately purchased them. That doesn't usually happen for me, I am pretty good at thinking through my purchases. The reason I was so excited to get my hands on these is because they are a collaboration with one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube, Nicole from Young Wild and Polished. I regaled of my love for Nicole in a blog post about My 9 Favorite YouTube Nail Vloggers a few months ago, and the adoration has only grown since then.

First is Good Day, named for the little saying Nicole frequently busts out, usually in her chipmunk-voiced bloopers, "It's a good day to have a good day!" This is a bluey purpley holographic jelly shade. I don't love this color usually, but it didn't really matter because I had to have it, we gotta support our sisters right? This was really sheer unfortunately, this is three coats and it still seemed kinda patchy in some spots.
Glisten & Glow Good Day Young Wild and Polished collaboration

And second we have Topaz, which is what Nicole calls her reflection in the viewfinder when she is filming her videos. She's hilarious, I can't even explain it you just have to watch her! This has a clear base filled with tiny roundish glitters in medium pink, medium blue, dark pink, silver and black with holo glitter bits. This one is probably meant to be used as a topper but you can get it opaque in three coats as I've done here. It was a little runny but dense with glitter, if that makes any sense. Be careful not to put too thick of a coat on or it will ooze off your nail.
Glisten & Glow Topaz Young Wild and Polished collaboration

So are these the best polishes ever? Hmm, maybe not in terms of formula, but they are very fun and I like them both. The glitter is my fav. You can purchase these on the Glisten & Glow website for $20 for both like I did, or individually for $10.50 for the glitter and $11.50 for the holo. And while you're there, you should pick up a bottle of their HK Girl top coat! It's the beeessstttt. Let me know what you think of these two polishes! Do you watch Young Wild and Polished on YouTube? You can check her out on instagram too :)

Bye friends!

❤ Kellie
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