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Friday, August 12, 2016

China Glaze Fall 2016 Rebel Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Friday everyone! Today I took a trip down memory lane with the Fall 2016 collection from China Glaze! Rebel gives us 12 shades inspired by the "quintessential juxtaposition of the 90s." I was born in '86 so I lived through the entirety of the 90s decade and it definitely left an impression on me. 90s fashion is coming back in a big way so this collection is super timely and really gave my nostalgic heart a twinge. Let's take a look at the colors!
photos via China Glaze, collage via me

Purple Fiction is a stunning royal metallic plum. This applied amazingly, a touch on the thin side but covered easily in two coats. And no visible brushstrokes, they seemed to melt away! I'm obsessed with this jewel-like shade. Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies of all time too, so I love the name.
China Glaze Purple Fiction

Dope Taupe is a soft greige taupe crème. Perfect formula, opaque on one coat! I used two here. I still say "dope", I didn't realize it was 90s slang haha.
China Glaze Dope Taupe

Blue-Ya is a sapphire blue jelly with gleaming blue and green shimmer flakes. Great formula, easy to apply and opaque on two coats. I couldn't stop staring at this when I put it on!
China Glaze Blue-Ya

Heroine Chic is a charcoal brown metallic with flecks of red shimmer. This applied well but had a thinner formula than I expected. Still, only two coats were necessary for full coverage. This has some brushstrokes, but they look ok due to the metallic-ness of the base. I almost wish this was a crème though, and interestingly enough it was described as such in the press materials. *shrug*
China Glaze Heroine Chic

Pearl Jammin' is a pale blue with a strong pearly opalescent shimmer. This was pretty thin, but was almost opaque in two coats. I used three for 100% coverage. A little brushstrokey, but such is to be expected with this type of shimmer. Reminds me of a seashell!
China Glaze Pearl Jammin'

Y'all Ready For This? is a warm red with microshimmer that subtly reflects a blueish-purple. Nice, normal formula, two coats for opacity. This is very pigmented and it may stain your skin upon removal, so be careful. Even thinking the name of this gets that song stuck in my head haha.
China Glaze Y'all Ready For This?

Jagged Little Teal is a rich teal crème. Lovely formula, easy to apply and buttery smooth. Almost a one coater, but I needed that second layer to make it fully opaque. I really appreciate the Alanis Morissette reference, her music and lyrics fed my pseudo-angsty pre-teen soul. I probably definitely shouldn't have been listening and singing along to some of those songs at that age though haha.
China Glaze Jagged Little Teal

Don't Mesh With Me is an iridescent lavender microshimmer in a clear base. I applied one coat over Jagged Little Teal. I would personally only wear this layered over another color, I am pretty sure it's meant to be a topper.
China Glaze Don't Mesh With Me

Buuuut, I thought I'd be a trooper and show it on its own anyway. This is three coats of Don't Mesh With Me. Not bad to build up application wise, but it'll probably never really be opaque.
China Glaze Don't Mesh With Me

Fresh Prince-ss is a baby pink crème. I found this to be streaky on two coats so I used three. This reminds me of the pink clothes worn in the movie "Clueless", which I've seen about a million times!
China Glaze Fresh Prince-ss

Combat Blue-ts is an insanely luxe looking royal blue matte crème. Mattes can be difficult to apply because they dry so quickly, so I used the three-stroke method when applying this and worked fast to get a smooth result. Opaque in one coat but I used two.
China Glaze Combat Blue-ts

This is Combat Blue-ts with a top coat. Very pretty of course, but I think I prefer it matte for a more unique look. I didn't have any staining with this, but didn't wear it very long. I always wanted combat boots in the 90s but I never got them.
China Glaze Combat Blue-ts

Holo At Ya Girl! is a green gold iridescent microglitter with small blue and green hex glitter in a clear base. I used one coat over Combat Blue-ts. Despite the name, there is nothing holographic about the glitter.
China Glaze Holo At Ya Girl!

And this is Holo At Ya Girl! by itself at three coats. This one is wearable on its own, unlike the other glitter in the collection in my humble opinion, but it's not my favorite look. Since it's so blingy though, even though you can see through to the nail in the photo, in real life it's less apparent.
China Glaze Holo At Ya Girl! // @kelliegonzoblog

Teen Spirit is a deep inky purple with metallic shifty microshimmer. We saw a similar shade a few times last year from some other brands, but this is more purple than those. Nice, easy formula and opaque on two coats. Dries very shiny, but I always recommend a top coat. So glad they put a Nirvana reference in!
China Glaze Teen Spirit

This collection is available at retailers like Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta Beauty now for around $7.50 each. What do you think of these shades? Were you a 90s chick? I am pretty pleased with the colors in this collection, and am impressed with the ease of the formulas! Let me know what you think!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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