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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Glisten & Glow All Dressed Up Duo and Experience The Islands Collection Swatches & Review

Hey folks, I'm back again today with the latest from indie brand Glisten & Glow. They put out two small releases of some great crème shades that I'm happy to share with you today! There's the All Dressed Up duo and the Experience The Islands quartet, six colors everyone should have in their collection! Plus I hear these are great for watermarbling, if that is your pleasure!

Wedding Gown White is a bold white crème. I found this easy to use, not chalky like some stark whites can be. It was right on the edge of being a two coater for me, but I think it looked best at three. Dries shiny!
Glisten & Glow Wedding Gown White

Little Black Dress is a classic black crème. Easy to apply, neither thick or thin. This is two coats. This and the white are the two shades that make up the All Dressed Up duo.
Glisten & Glow Little Black Dress

ATV In Aruba is a fuchsia berry pink crème. This applied like an absolute dream, creamy and opaque and buttery. Two coats here, but it's almost a one coater.
Glisten & Glow ATV In Aruba

Bungee Jump In The Bahamas is a lovely mint crème. I found this one to be a little on the thick side, but I got it on with minimal effort. Two coats.
Glisten & Glow Bungee Jump In The Bahamas

Parasail In Puerto Rico is a coral pink crème. This one had a great consistency, but it looked a tad streaky to me on two coats so I used one more.
Glisten & Glow Parasail In Puerto Rico

Snorkel In St. Thomas is a vibrant turquoise/cyan blue crème. This one was a little thin but applied well. Not quite 100% opaque on two coats, this is three.
Glisten & Glow Snorkel In St. Thomas

You can grab all six right now for $45 and free US shipping on the Glisten & Glow website. The Experience the Islands foursome is $30 and the two All Dressed Up shades go for $15. You could also purchase them individually for $7.50 each. While you're shopping, you could also pick up a bottle of their amazing fast dry top coat, HK Girl, a cult fav!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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