Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Nails

Hey folks, hope your Valentine's day was sweet and full of sugar and luuuuuvvv. I'm not big into the holiday, never have been much of a romantic. Plus I'm single haha :P Thought I'd make it a fantastical nail day anyway and I wore this set of falsies from Icing. They remind me of Ke$ha or Gaga. Really impractical and gaudy. I loved them instantly.

These were fun but I had a hard time fitting my nails perfectly as there were only 10 nails total and um I have 10 fingers and guess what not every person's nails are the same size. So that was a little lame, filing almost everyone of the nails. I doubt I'd buy another set from Icing like this, even though they were fun. I wasn't too concerned about showing accurate color like I am most of my swatch photos, so I put some vignette on the edges. Sickening, no?

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