Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Broadway Fast French Deceptions Falsies

I am borderline obsessed with oval nails these days. I absolutely love how the shape looks on women. Very feminine and sexy. Now every time I try to shape my nails into a more round or pointed shape, I end up scrutinizing every nanometer of the shape and end up hating it. I don't think they are pretty close up in photos, well the kind of photos I post, so it would be pretty dumb to do that shape permanently.

I have pretty much never seen oval or pointed tips in the glue-on falsies kits in the drugstore, so when I saw these Broadway Fast French Deceptions in K-Mart the other day I squee'd and snatched them up.

They were a little longer than I was comfortable with so I ended up taking them off after a day. SMH. I wanted to be ambitious and keep them on as long as possible but I decided it was a futile effort. Oh well, I liked them for the time I wore them. These were about $9 for 24 nails and nail glue, although I prefer to use the sticky grip pads instead as they cause less damage.

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