February 28, 2012

Broadway Fast French Deceptions Falsies

I am borderline obsessed with oval nails these days. I absolutely love how the shape looks on women. Very feminine and sexy. Now every time I try to shape my nails into a more round or pointed shape, I end up scrutinizing every nanometer of the shape and end up hating it. I don't think they are pretty close up in photos, well the kind of photos I post, so it would be pretty dumb to do that shape permanently.

I have pretty much never seen oval or pointed tips in the glue-on falsies kits in the drugstore, so when I saw these Broadway Fast French Deceptions in K-Mart the other day I squee'd and snatched them up.

They were a little longer than I was comfortable with so I ended up taking them off after a day. SMH. I wanted to be ambitious and keep them on as long as possible but I decided it was a futile effort. Oh well, I liked them for the time I wore them. These were about $9 for 24 nails and nail glue, although I prefer to use the sticky grip pads instead as they cause less damage.


  1. These look really great on you! I like the rounded nail also. I've never been able to do square nails on myself (it always looks so weird to me) so I've grown to accept and love how mine grow. I'm not a fan of fake nails, but these look...WOW beautiful

  2. Those came out nice, it is a shame they became so annoying so quick.

  3. I'm not a fan of oval nails, but these look great on you! :D

  4. Those are so pretty. I've never tried false nails. I'm sure they would annoy me. I had my nails like that two years ago. They really were nice for awhile. Unfortunately they broke and that was the end of them.

  5. These make me want oval nails! They looked great on you!

  6. I love these with the round tip! but I bought the only package in the K-mart on one side of town, then I went to K-mart on other side of town & they only had one box -I bought that & neither store has restocked. Everything I find online & everywhere else has the square tips. I have never liked square fingernails. Anyway, these are thinner and more flexible than others I've tried, so instead of putting them on all my nails, I just put them on the ones that break, then polish all to match. I had my husband trying to guess which nails were real and which ones were fake and he couldn't tell!

  7. These look amazing :) I do love the fast French deception nails in the square....haven't ventured out into the oval shape yet, but will have to try them soon :)


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