Monday, September 17, 2012

Zoya NYFW Gloss Collection Fall 2012

The Gloss collection is one of three collections from Zoya for Fall. Specifically made to go with/compliment the New York Fashion Week show at Peter Som. This collection has three glossy jelly colors. These can be used alone very sheer or built up to create a juicy jelly look. You can also use them for gradients and for layering, they are especially useful for glitter/jelly sandwiches.

First is Paloma, a rich fuschia berry pink. It's quite bright and delicious looking. This is four coats to make it close to opaque. This applied evenly and is very color saturated.

Next is Frida, a dark warm toned blue teal. This is more sheer than Paloma, but looks even on the nail. I wanted to show the different coverage options by leaving this a bit more sheer. This is two coats.

And rounding out the trio is Katherine, a red toned grape purple. This is a gorgeous color but I found it harder to make it look even on the nail. This is three coats.

These are available on for $8 each or in a trio for $24. What do you think of these? Nice to see something so unique from Zoya. There are two more collections for NYFW from Zoya for Fall so those will be posted here soon. Have a great day!

Products provided for review.


  1. Beautiful. I just picked up Paloma and am excited to try it!

  2. I like the idea behind these polishes but trying to have a deeper, richer, and perhaps vampier jelly kinda defeats the purpose of a jelly since it's meant to be squishy and somewhat sheer. Basically, I just don't think VNL jives with these shades. Regardless, I've seen some really awesome sandwiches with these, so I can't say that I'm not entirely sold on these.

  3. I have Paloma, but I also really like Frida!

  4. These look delicious! I'm loving the look of Paloma


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