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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BB Couture Pastel Bunnies Collection

The newest collection from BB Couture for Spring is called Pastel Bunnies, a selection of six pastel shades. They're all have cutie names and great formulas. Reminds me that the Easter season is right on the horizon and yummy candy starts showing up in stores! I'm a Peeps marshmallow-aholic y'all.

First up is Bunny Bum, which might be the most adorable polish name I've ever heard. It's a soft peachy pinky pale orange creme with super subtle shimmer. This has a pretty good formula, a tad patchy. This is two coats.

Bunny Love is a beautiful cool lavender creme. The formula is pretty perfect and went on like a dream. I adore this one, beautiful color. This is two coats.

This one is called Cotton Tail and it's a fabulous shade of bright pastel green. Another great formula, two coats. I might end up wearing this as my green on St. Patrick's Day!

Snow Bunny is a sticky sweet slightly dusty pale pink. This one was a little patchy but not terrible. I think the name is perfect. I could see a bunny wearing a snowsuit this color and going for a ski run haha. Two coats.

I fell in love with this color as soon as I saw it. Honey Bunny is a milky pale yellow with hidden shimmer. Almost a lemon chiffon type of yellow. This reminds me of one of BB's glitters, Pina Colada, but without the glitter. It's quite thin and a bit patchy but I didn't even care. This is four coats.

And last is Bunny Boo Boo, another darling name haha. It's a pale yet deep pastel violet with shimmer that is a little more perceptible than the rest of the shades have. This formula is top shelf, really buttery. This is two coats.

I know doing pastels for Spring sounds a little predictable, and that may be true, but I have never been a slave to trends or seasonal colors. I just wear what I like! I enjoy all these shades, my favorites would be Honey Bunny and Bunny Love. You can buy BB Couture nail polish at their website or from Overall Beauty for $10.95 each. What do you think of these bunny babies?

Products provided for review.
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