Monday, March 25, 2013

Nfu Oh - #63

Everyone I know that loves polish loves holographic polish. And I am no exception. I ADORE holo lacquers! They were super en vogue a while ago and had a big resurgence with the indie community making their own versions to sell online, even though they've been around for a long time. Remember Sally Hansen's Magical Nail Makeup line? Nfu Oh is one of those brands that has been doing holo polish right forever. They are made out of France and their bottles are so gorgeous, just to die for. They are shaped like a dress, with a corset handle and a skirt glass bottom.

The Nfu Oh polish I have to show you today is #63, a fabulous pale pink with a crazy linear holo. These give off an impressive rainbow flash and apply easily. Some holos have trouble going on the nail unless you use a special base coat, but I didn't have any trouble using this with my regular one. This is two coats in full sunlight, no top coat.

Do you own any Nfu Oh polishes? I need to get more haha, I only have two and they were both presents! (Thanks girl :-*) I believe you can find them on Ebay from time to time, and you can order from FabulouStreet for $12.50. I heard a long time ago they were having credit card issues, but I haven't heard anything negative about the site since then. Anyone order from them recently? Have a great week kittens!

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